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    Need to vent about my 2022 MYP service

    I would not lemon law it, with the prices the way they are right now, I would get it fixed, order a new one and get rid of the problem one, I am sure you will get more than what you paid for or at least what you paid for it. If you lemon law, tesla is not obligated to pay more than what you...
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    Hyundai vs. Tesla | Why Hyundai Poses the Biggest EV Threat

    I also own Polestar 2, while I just love the driving experience, solidness and the build quality of polestar, charging time is what sucks on polestar and ruins the experience and that is the reason I mostly use that for city driving and take it for long drives only when it is absolutely...
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    Hyundai vs. Tesla | Why Hyundai Poses the Biggest EV Threat

    Think again, one of my friends own a Hyundai Ioniq 5 and recently I drove it which did not impress me as good as Tesla but boy the charging is whole another level. It truly only takes 18 minutes from 0-80%, we can brag all day about Tesla Superchargers and superior network but there is no way...
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    Polestar 2?

    Hmm. On the other hand, Google Infotainment is exactly what I like the most about Polestar.. I can not speak for Volvo but Polestar infotainment is fantastic. you have all the traditional things ( stalk control, shifter, and DRIVER DISPALY which is very cool and informative) and the center...
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    Polestar 2?

    I traded my Model Y for a Polestar 2. Not because I want d to get rid of model y but I was getting way more than what I paid for it. We decided to go all electric and ordered a second model y but decided that two same cars would be boring so was looking for other EV's and for me, Polestar 2 has...
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    Tesla Y Contenders shopping list?

    I traded in 2021 Tesla Model Y after 6 months and 7k Miles. In the 7K miles, there is a long trip from Houston, TX to Indianapolis, IN. I traded in Model Y not because I did not liked it but just because I was getting way more than I paid for it and we were looking to get a second electric car...
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    Intel chip time again...

    I am very well aware that a more powerful chip will be released after AMD, I am content with it and It is my decision at that point to either a buy new car or live with the car I currently own. But, I don't want to accept an older version when I know that there is a better version and some...
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    Intel chip time again...

    I would 100% reject the car too. Being in IT, I do know how this going to affect in the future with the constant software updates that Tesla releases. Now, if they do NOT want customers to reject the orders, all they have to do is promise a free computer whenever the next one happens. Coz when...
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    4680 Batteries from Giga Texas

    Nope, they have already jammed all the batteries they could in 3 and Y, there is no more space left for any batteries in 3 and Y unless they do any design changes. Next logical thing to increase range is the structural battery which is what they are going to do and that WILL increase the range...
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    Resale values plummeted

    I traded in my 2021 MY 7 seats White exterior and Blk interior with 7.5k miles for 62k and bought Polestar 2. I paid $51990 back in March when it was at the lowest price. I am waiting on a new one, hopefully from Texas that I reserved for $56990 in October.
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    4680 Batteries from Giga Texas

    I disagree. Elon multiple times mentioned that Range improvement is their number one priority and Tesla knows that there are lot of people holding out in buying EV's because of the range. Now, they might not bring 3 and Y to more than 400 right away but, 375 miles for a Model Y is something...
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    Price Increase

    Well, I hate typing. So, I am not going to keep on arguing here. Neither am I going to deny you. I don't have a PHD in anything and not going to argue with some who has one on the topic. But, I will ask you one question, did you do your analysis on Elizabeth Holmes before her fraud was made...
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    Price Increase

    Lol. I know this would butt hurt so many people. Enron and Theranos did not start the company with the whole idea of fraud. Elizabeth Holmes still thinks that if she had more time, she would have accomplished what she started. It is just just that investors were skeptical and they ran out of...
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    Price Increase

    FSD as a whole package is BS. Everyone buying FSD now is like pouring money in to it's R&D. In the useful life of the car, (10 to 15 years) from now, I highly doubt there will be a full self driving car. With the way they are pricing FSD and marketing it. If Tesla ever goes down, it will be...
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    Valet Damaged our Brand New MYP

    Sorry this happened to you. I would be pissed as well. But, on the other hand, it looks like this is a glass only damage, the dent you pointed out in the pics does not IMHO looks like a frame damage. I think it is just a metal panel over the frame I believe.
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    Tesla Offer Power Frunk Malfunction

    I second it, while Tesla Offer has been good so far with their quality and customer service, with Tesla's near constant over the air updates, one will never know when it will start malfunctioning. There might be reason Tesla skipped this feature when they released the car. Moreover, there are...
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    Blog Tesla Plans to Sell Energy to Texans

    Tesla is Now officially an Energy Provider in Texas. https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-energy-texas-provider/ I am hoping with the entry of Tesla, Texas to have better net metering plans. Right now, all the available plans are horrible and may even be like penalizing people who want to go solar...
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    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    I do not wan to drag this forever.. I already mentioned that it is statistically safer, you just repeated it but did not answer the other part about Tesla being sued and also as I asked what would your response be if you are one of those "5' cases I hypothetically mentioned. Evaluating...
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    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    Nearly causing an accident when I was using it is a good enough reason for me personally to question it and don't trust it with my life, I don't need data to back my experience with it. When I can not trust AP to function as it is designed to function, how can I trust FSD and how can any company...
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    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    It is not "my" Subaru anymore as I traded it for "MY" Tesla Model Y. "which is orders of magnitude more complex" really does not matter here. I am all up for more complex things to accomplish greater things as Tesla is trying to do. Risk taking is definitely needed for progression but not...
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    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    ^This. I recently did a trip from Houston to Indianapolis. I had multiple Phantom braking events and one event almost caused a rear ending incident. I was very careful after that and I started disengaging AP from time to time when I felt it is not safe. I had a Subaru Crosstrek which had the...
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    Quote Check

    Thank you for the response. Yes. "clipping" is what if any I am concerned with at this point, I have asked them to downgrade my panels with better pricing, they said that they can give me 340 panels but price was not going to go down more than 800 dollars. I thought that I would keep 380 for...
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    Quote Check

    Thanks. This is a brand new house with 150 A main breaker panel. I asked them about the panel requirements and was told that I should be fine. I will discuss this further with them when I receive the final design details. I know that there is a 120% rule for solar backfeed but, what confuses me...
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    Quote Check

    Can anybody comment on this quote please. This is not Tesla quote obviously, I would have loved Tesla do this project however, when researching, the lack of micro onventors and concealment of the conduit is what made me stay away from Tesla. Alos, I want to be involved in this process and...
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    Plain white model Y

    I actually think the opposite, the white is what I thought makes it look bigger than the rest of the colors. Blue is my fav but for some reason whenever I looked a blue model y, it made the car look too small. However, for X and S, I would have absolutely chosen Blue.
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    Finally got the "Big New Update"

    Nope, the big update everyone is waiting for is 2021.24.xx.x
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    Finally got the "Big New Update"

    Yes. That is what I meant. Here is a video explaining that. Also, I don't think you have to "forget" your home wifi, as you drive away from your home wifi range, your car should automatically connect to your hotspot I am guessing.. right??
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    Finally got the "Big New Update"

    I don't know about the iphone but, for android, you can use tasker app to automatically connect the car to your phone hotspot whenever your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth. For iphone, may be something like shortcuts??
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    Show Your Cabin Temp

    Hello, I live in Houston, TX. I am debating on tinting the Roof or Not. I also tinted the front two windows. Trying to figure out if it makes any difference between Pano Roof Tint and the rear windows as well. Could you please post the screenshot of your Cabin temp and it helps if you can give...
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    Vendor Floor Mats

    Order no: 1816 This is for a 7 seater. I see on your website that the first and second rows are available for immediate shipping, may I know why are these not being shipped and my order is still a pre order? As I understand, the third row is not delivered to anyone and is still in...
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    MYLR real world mileage?

    so what is your point? As stated earlier, for Majority of consumers it does not matter as long as it can travel the CLAIMED Range.. in Tesla's case, IT IS NEVER TRUE, please refer to the video I posted above.
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    MYLR real world mileage?

    This is the best video and explanation I have seen regarding Tesla's. Just honest and the good and the bad explaining perfectly. Yes, Tesla's are amazing but definitely needs improvement in the marketing department.
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    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    Oh boy, I am still dreaming of that day to come true!! I ABSOLUTELY hate the dealership model and would be the first to celebrate if ALL the dealerships are closed and cars are serviced exclusively by car makers!!
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    MYLR real world mileage?

    Statistically, Standard Range would satisfy the NEEDS of 90 to 95% people in the US. I dont know the exact numbers but, most people wont drive more than 70 or 80 miles everyday (according to the research), then why buy the Long Range and why manufacture it? the point is NOT about any ones need...
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    AC weak in the MY?

    For everyone complaining that the AC is not working in hot summer, they need to get their vehicles checked. Heat pump when sized correctly should work very very effectively since it just moves the heat from the car to outside and as a result should not make much of a difference what the temp is...
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    MYLR real world mileage?

    well, vast majority of us are NOT experiencing what you are experiencing. if yours's is NORMAL, I am yet to see a test with similar results as yours. The bottom line and the take away I am expecting from my post is this, Tesla needs to change their stupid tactics and give more battery ( or...
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    MYLR real world mileage?

    Yes, Tesla BOOSTS their EPA numbers by using 5 step testing processes while every other manufacturer use 2 step testing for their EPA numbers. If there is anything that I don't like about my MY, that is the advertised range vs the actual range. Now, there are people here that say there is...
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    The weird front

    It is NOT a vertical wall. It is CONCAVE. As soon as air hits it, the air dissipates to the top and bottom..
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    2021 Y LR headlights

    Just ask him?? you will get an accurate answer than anyone here can tell you.
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    Houston Delivery

    I did on June 21. But, mine was ordered in March, I put it on Hold since I was buying a House, released the hold on June 10 and I received the Car on June 21. MY LR 7 Seater. I also think that White Exterior and Black interior contributed to such quick delivery as well as the end of quarter.
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    Vendor TEMAI Model Y accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products!

    I would like to try the Model Y Gravity Phone Mount
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    How does Tesla sense and alert vehicles in their blind spots?

    you guys realize that these are all first world problems right... Everybody wants all these automated features and then when Tesla is making changes in that direction (yoke steering wheel, no door handles in CT, No gear shifter in refreshed model S and X), then they start complaining that the...
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    Who has a MY order on hold expecting to take delivery in Q3 and is now considering waiting for a Austin MY?

    Initially, they might not increase the range. Since the demand is too high, they will want to produce more cars to satisfy the demand. But, whether Tesla like's it or not demand will drop very soon as more cars come in to the market and I am sure they will increase the range at that point...
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    Who has a MY order on hold expecting to take delivery in Q3 and is now considering waiting for a Austin MY?

    Sorry to burst your bubble. Resale values for Tesla's are very high but NOT for the FSD prices though, Model y price now is $4000 more than what you reserved for which will offset the loss you might encounter with FSD a bit and you might get what you paid for the whole car. Profit?? I don't...
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    Registration in Texas - Registration Packet

    Took the delivery on June 21, love the car and it is a blast to drive. The only thing I hate about this whole process is the registration. Granted it is not entirely Tesla fault but, at the same time, it is just annoying that they really don't give a damn about anyone's situation. I repeatedly...
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    No offense to anybody but, all of this is making the whole minimalist design interior philosophy pointless. if you guys so badly want to use phones (Carplay and Android Auto), what is the problem in just mounting your phone and using Siri/Google assistant in accomplishing what you guys want. I...
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    Can I lock my car without the screen or phone?

    does that mean that the voice prompts would not work if you don't have premium connectivity??? That is not good at all..
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    Mini Cooper 2Door SE

    We took our MY delivery last month. Right now I have 8yr old Audi Q5 that I want to get rid of at some point..will be getting the second electric when that happens. Original thought was to get rid of Q5 and get Tesla but, our Subaru Crosstrek was offered literally what I paid for minus like 5...
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    Windshield wipers running on high when engaging auto pilot

    I don't think it is a bug, with Vision only Autopilot, I guess "Wiper's ON" when "Autopilot ON" is by design. They changed the design of the wipers as well, they now put more water and supposedly clean the windshield better since crystal clear windshield is very important for the camera's to see...
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    Texas Delivery Process

    Hello everyone, My Anxiety is kicking in.. My Tesla account says delivery scheduled on 21 June and it is a home delivery in Houston, TX. But, upon reading some forums, looks like in Texas, this means that I can pay the car in full ( Loan and down payment ) on 21 June and then Tesla will arrange...

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