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    Thoughts On "Pseudo-Badging"

    There are different ways to interpret badging status. When we had a 2013 Model S, there was no battery size badging yet, so after a year or so there was some recognition of "oh, you're an early adopter!" As Tesla no longer makes a 60 Model S, I would suggest that the OP may want to consider...
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    Is there a Tesla Wave or hand sign?

    The times when I'm lucky enough to be driving a Model S, I'm still usually super conscious of not wanting to risk scratching her for anything. I swear, I'm not stuck up, I just don't want to take my hands off the wheel while driving in suburban traffic (not the best autopilot scenario). But it...
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    Reveal Party advance notice question

    You could comb through old threads for details, but I'm pretty sure we had less than a week's notice for the Model X party. Other people got invites before we got ours, so it's possible we were in a subsequent round of invites [as in, "ok, there's still room in the venue, send out an email to...
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    Drive Electric Week

    I suspect some of this is a factor of volunteer run events - not everyone has a lot of experience with putting this sort of thing together. At a previous event, someone pointed out that there needed to be sufficient signage for people to realize the event was 1) happening, 2) open to the...
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    Supercharger - Lee, MA

    I suspect there's some kind of administrivia involved. When we were en route to Lee, we called in to ask about it because it didn't show up on the supercharger list. The support guy said "it's not officially open, but, um, I can see that someone's actively charging there right now!"
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    National Drive Electric Week - It's not too early to register!

    It's here! Happy NDEW! Definitely check out the NDEW site for events near you. Also check your regional TMC Community forum - a quick review shows most have some regional events posted. There's a thread on New England events here.
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    Drive Electric Week

    Moar Massachusetts Events! Braintree - Braintree High School Saturday, 9/17, 9:00am - 12:00pm 128 Town Street Braintree, MA "Join BELD and Mayor Sullivan to launch Braintree Drives Electric with a town wide ride'n'drive event! BDE highlights the benefits of driving electric vehicles and...
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    Drive Electric Week

    New Massachusetts event Westfield - Westfield Shops Saturday, 9/17, 10:00am - 12:00pm 475 E. Main St Westfield, MA 01085 "Check out Westfield Gas + Electric's fleet cars and EVs from BMW of West Springfield." More info/register here. Nobody's registered yet, but as with the above post, that...
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    Drive Electric Week

    Massachusetts NDEW Events as of 8/30, in calendar order: Walpole - Big Y Sunday, 9/11, 12:00pm - 5:00pm 1111 Providence Highway US1 Walpole, MA 02081-4232 There are two level 2 chargers at the Big Y (I think that deserves encouragement), and as yet, no Teslas registered. More info/register...
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    Very sad... Fatality in a Model S on the 405

    Given the impact absorbed by the Tesla, I wonder if the it also saved the lives of the people in the Honda Civic ahead of it. I know there are a ton of Tesla drivers out there, but I can't help feeling like we're sort of an extended family. That, combined with the death of a child and the...
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    Get an EV to hold me over until M3 arrives?

    If your commute is that short, depending on your budget, you could consider buying a used electric smart. It's a fun car to drive and I've seen used ones on Autotrader for 6-8K. If there has been some loss of range you might be able to negotiate on the price but you should still have plenty of...
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    Drive Electric Week

    FYI: There will be an event at Larz Anderson! Saturday, September 17, from 9:00am - 12:00pm You can sign up here. So far there are 8 vehicles registered, including one Model S and one Model X.
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    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    I'd like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony I'd like to buy each one a car A beautiful EV (It's a Tesla thing)
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    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    Add me to the list of folks who reserved 3/31 and have yet to receive a print. My husband also reserved a Model 3 and got his thank you print long ago; I don't know if there was priority given to current Tesla owners or what. I figure worst case scenario, he'd probably share. But I kinda want...
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    Tesla moments

    I could see that, Hank. The Auburn Mall SC kinda creeps me out in broad daylight.
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    Tesla moments

    Um, yeah, whoever was driving that Model X back from the Berkshires, I swear we weren't stalking you. We noticed the (parked) Model X when we were leaving Tanglewood. On the way home, we stopped at a supercharger and saw what turned out to be the same Model X. When I noticed a family heading...
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    Be honest: is SCing on a long trip annoying?

    We've had issues at some SCs (we don't usually bother with the ones on the Merritt Parkway anymore, which is a shame, because it's prettier than 95) but the only one that was reliably unreliable was the Newark, Delaware SC. We were usually using it during heavy travel times near holidays, so it...
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    Model R? - Top Gear small article

    Here's the rest of the line as interpreted by Carwow. The designs seem to cling far more to existing auto design language (with a few Tesla notes slapped on) than I would expect from the actual products. Plus they need to fix the front fascia, since I imagine the nose cone has been abandoned...
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    Be honest: is SCing on a long trip annoying?

    I think a lot of this depends on where you are, what route you're taking, and how you expect your travel to go. I'm not a road trip person by any means. We took a few trips of about ~450 miles in our Honda CRV. When my road-tripping husband got the Model S, I found the same routes to be far...
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    Be honest: is SCing on a long trip annoying?

    Once when we spent a weekend in a Supercharger-free zone (Berkshires, MA) and the destination chargers seemed to be at the boutique hotels, we went to one of those upscale Inns with a destination charger and a nice restaurant on site. We charged while enjoying a leisurely lunch. It got us...
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    Drive Electric Week

    David29, based on past years, most events don't show up on the calendar this far ahead of time. Check again at the beginning of September. Last year I didn't even start posting about it until the end of August, and even more events popped up the week before NDEW! Here's a map of 2015 events to...
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    Tesla Poetry / Limericks / Haiku

    There once was a man from N.E. Whose Tesla he drove with great glee He said to his wife "It's my last car! For Life!" Then traded it in for a D. The gal (who lives in the Bay State) Admits that the EV is great She plunked down a G to reserve a 3 And now it is her turn to wait.
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    Negative report on California hydrogen fueling infrastructure from auto industry expert

    I'm seriously torn between quoting Casablanca's Captain Renault: "I'm shocked -shocked!- to find that gambling is going on in here!" or Iago from Aladdin:
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    Drive Electric Week

    Hi ErikL! Oh wow, September is coming awfully soon... National Drive Electric Week is September 10-18 this year. I will probably start a separate thread for Massachusetts NDEW events if one doesn't appear on its own soon. As everyone else can probably figure out easily enough, you can type...
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    Is the Supercharging station user experience a "premium" experience?

    Based on my East Coast US experiences (which may not be relevant to the UK) superchargers are set up in a variety of locations: rest stops right along the highway/turnpike, a small detour off the main road, at a service center, or in the far corner of a parking lot of a mall. Sometimes you plug...
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    M3 is a BMW.

    In spite of the "owner of an actual M3" snark, I'm kinda with Ppower. Plus, outside of TMC (and apparently even within it) it has the potential to cause confusion. Is 'Model 3' that hard to type? -signed the person who generally texts in complete sentences, so make of that what you will.
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    Maple Syrup

    Nice. And that is a ridiculously pretty sugar shack. We had a big maple in our backyard, but alas, not of the Sugar variety. I grew up in VT, so it never occurred to me that you could tap trees this far south, but people do (like tga's dad!). Homemade maple candy must have been awesome.
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    Model 3 Door Handles

    I've lost track of the number of times the rear passenger door handle was replaced on our Model S. Three, maybe? The retracting door handles are a cool effect until one fails to properly retract... I'm all for elegant but still mechanical levers, like the Aston Martin door handle pics Brad_NC...
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    If You're Reserving -what car are you coming from?

    This is dangerous. She will slowly get accustomed to the car, then point out that it actually makes more sense for her to be driving the Model 3, and you may slowly discover you are now the regular driver of The Other Car. I give it 6 months from the arrival of the car, tops, for this to...
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    EDIT: Saw the photo of the umbrella in question, which definitely looks to be much higher quality than the version they were handing out at a showroom opening. Now I'm jealous of those goody bags. Dang. :D Further edit: Just found a Tesla-branded microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen...
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Wow, there is a ton of variance. I'm jealous of the mugs and jackets? Some people got jackets?! Our first Model S pick up was way back when in the dark ages, before we'd even had the option for a test drive, and there was no swag to be had. Though another pickup scheduled for the same day had...
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    When & Where? Your Model 3 In-Store Reservation Plans..

    I just realized we'll be on a road trip on the 31st. I mean, I knew that, but we usually stop at the superchargers at Paramus NJ around lunchtime and the implications of doing this on the 31st just hit me. I doubt we'll be able to stay there long enough to make a deposit, but I really hope we...
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    Model 3 is Officially Model Ξ

    Cue long who's-on-first style joke about a Chinese businessman on vacation discussing a certain Tesla in Greece.
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    Why bother to pre-order the new Model 3 (or whatever it is called now)

    Because I have nothing better to do with $1K besides offer an interest-free loan to Tesla. Because I've been drinking Tesla Kool Aid since 2012. Because as much as I love so much about the Model S, she's a wide bodied sedan and I'd be more comfortable in a car that's 20% smaller. Because I've...
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    What is your charging situation for the Model 3?

    Just FYI for the OP, there are plenty of Model S owners in various condo/HOA situations, so even though you'd be getting a Model 3 not a Model S, it might be worth checking the Model S boards to gather intel on this (especially within your region/state as there seems to be some variance in...
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    No key and no internet

    See, this is why you should keep an extra key in a safe spot or perhaps in the care of a trusted spouse.
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    Official invite to Model 3 reveal sent TODAY to 650 Owners

    It's becoming less of an issue as the minutes tick by, but I'm a bit concerned about this spreadsheet business. Apparently some folks are offering things like dinner, beer, rides for guest tickets. My husband has informed me that, should he get lotteried tix, I may have to step up my game...
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    Is the dual charger option useful and worth getting?

    Will any gauntlets work for this procedure? Do you have a pair specifically for SC duels? Would the leather Tesla driving gloves be sufficient for demanding satisfaction?
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    New Forum Design

    Oh, a new layout. Hm. Admittedly, I'm slow to embrace certain changes and easily annoyed by perceived change for the sake of change. However, I also realize that some folks must have put a lot of work into the new site and I'm guessing there were reasons. So I'll play with it a bit to get a...
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    Wanted: Tesla Model S Ride - Connecticut

    Borrowing from another long-ago thread about tunes to play in your car: in the case of a ride exchange, I recommend cranking the following: Skeletons Trans am - YouTube
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    EV living: having to drive an ICE for a day

    [note - I'm not really sure where this goes - I suppose technically, it's not off topic.] How easily we adjust our ideas of "normal"... I had to replace a headlight in my smart ED, so yesterday I drove our old ICE pickup (still useful for hardware store runs, etc). On the way home, the 'low...
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    New York Times: A Car Dealers Won’t Sell: It’s Electric

    For some folks, 80 miles is plenty; for others, 250 miles isn't going to be enough for a daily driver. I realize I'm posting this after the discussion has moved on, but: if you had told me that I needed a car that had over 100 miles of range and that I'd have range anxiety with anything under...
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    URGENT: MA ZEV Commission Considering Eliminate Tax Credit for Tesla TOMORROW

    About that survey I remember taking a MOR-EV survey, and I assume those are the survey results discussed. I don't remember the wording specifically, but I remember thinking the questions were a bit limited in their scope and the data analysis could be problematic. In other words, I don't...
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    Model X Reviews From the Launch

    wdolson, fair points on the Eastern media bias. My comment about Elon hating the East Coast was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there's no font for that. We chose to stay for the test ride because it was important to us and a big part of why we went. There was a bit of a delay getting the test...
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    Model X Reviews From the Launch

    As others have said, the Venture Beat piece was a review of the event, not the car, and frankly I thought it was pretty fair. I've decided that Elon is either not aware of the East Coast, doesn't care, or actively hates it. By the time we got a shuttle back to the offsite parking lot, it was 4am...
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    The Perfect Tesla Raffle

    Interestingly, if you add a link in facebook [because if you aren't gonna win it might as well be a friend, right?] the thumbnail options that pop up do not include the Model S. I'm sure this has something to do with how the images are displayed on the website and how facebook picks 'em up, but...
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    EV-only household

    We're *almost* there. We have a Model S (husband's daily driver) and a Smart EV (mine). We also have an old Ford Ranger that we use for picking up home improvement supplies, carting stuff to the waste center, and other miscellaneous stuff that seems to happen when you own a fixer-upper house...
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    National Drive Electric Week 2015 - New England

    Tesla numbers are moving around a little, and there are even some Roadsters popping up! Or maybe it's one rather busy Roadster owner. It looks like Connecticut could use some love, though. CT events: Saturday, September 12, 11 am - 2 pm, Fairfield Model S count:2 Fairfield NDEW link Saturday...
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    National Drive Electric Week 2015 - New England

    New RI event! Saturday, September 19, Noon to 4:00 pm, Smithfield, RI Model S count: 0 Only 1 LEAF registered so far Smithfield NDEW link
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    Big Party for Tesla owners, fans, environmentalists & legislators / fundraiser

    Hi Pollux, So if we run into a friend of a friend and find out that person's husband's cousin has a Tesla, and we aren't sure said cousin lurks here, what is the best way to inform them of the party? Email the flyer? Pass along your email? Send you a PM with his email? Semaphore seems...

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