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  1. vescrig

    2017 Model S Phone Dock

    I think you are referring to this https://shop.tesla.com/es_es/product/base-de-telefono-de-conexion-rapida-para-el-model_s_x Doesn’t seem to be available in US online Shop. I had that one for iPhone and changed for the new wireless cradle.
  2. vescrig

    Has Anybody Installed An LED Light Bar In Their Lower Grille??

    This guy has lots of videos about Tesla.
  3. vescrig

    Quick Question: Model S OBDII port?

  4. vescrig

    UK Tesla thinks it's in the Nederlands.

    Hello, It happens also in my car. It is due to the data provider, which is KPN for European Teslas.
  5. vescrig

    USB Device Malfunction

    Same problem here with 2018 MS and MCU2 and Tesla USB. The only USB device working flawlessly since day one is SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB - USB 3.1
  6. vescrig

    Problems with dashcam

    Try to unplug & plug USB drive.
  7. vescrig

    Both screens went out …

    That is right. With MCU2 the instrument cluster is just a remote screen from MCU, so if it crashes both screens go out until MCU2 reboots.
  8. vescrig

    Boosting LTE Signal in the UK

    You can try using a Femtocell, but you need to have the same provider that Tesla in UK and pay a monthly fee.
  9. vescrig

    Security doesn't work with Sentry Mode?

    I’m not sure because I never read the manual :(, but reading the text I would say it’s the other way round, Security must be on when Sentry mode is on. It makes more sense.
  10. vescrig

    Right scroll wheel no longer has recent calls

    You have to press right scroll wheel first and select Recent calls. There are more choices. It always stays in the last selection until you change it.
  11. vescrig

    Anyone else having trouble with TuneIn radio stations?

    I contacted via the App last Friday, and they called me this morning, not bad, and asked some questions, about the USD drive I use for the dashcam and how often I reset trip meters. I have read several times that trip meters use a lot of memory as every single trip is recorded.
  12. vescrig

    Anyone else having trouble with TuneIn radio stations?

    Hello, Same problem here and also upgraded to FSD recently. Screen very unresponsive and TuneIn hardly useful. I think it is related to 2020.32 and the new TuneIn version. This morning I have contacted SC and been told they were going to connect to the car remotely. They haven’t contacted me...
  13. vescrig

    Is this normal?

    I think it has been solved in 2020.36.11.
  14. vescrig

    Auto lane change on FSD

    Full auto lane change only works in USA, in Europe is not allowed by law. You need to confirm lane changes even when in NoA.
  15. vescrig

    AP1: Spotify Sluggish: Software or Early MCU1 failure?

    Hello, Same problem here after 2020.36.3.1 update. I hope software related.
  16. vescrig

    Side View Mirrors Auto Fold - Strange Behavior

    It happens to me sometimes. Must be software related. My car is set to auto lock..
  17. vescrig

    Center Console stupidity

    Very bad design and really frustrating. It happened to me several times. Find here the solution. Is it worth it - Lost Credit Card in centre console
  18. vescrig

    Instrument cluster start up

    It also happens to my car. I think is normal.
  19. vescrig

    Creaking headliner

    Hello, Same problem here, but haven’t been able to find the source.
  20. vescrig

    Autopilot Error - Following Car in Adjacent Lane

    Hello, I’m having the same problem with my MS for quite a while. I have come to the conclusion that only happens in certain roads with two or more lanes, so I think it’s an issue with the maps. Here in Europe passing cars on the left lane is not allowed, and my car behaves that way, but in...
  21. vescrig

    AP locking onto cars in the other lane and slowing down to their speed

    Yes, fully positive. It happens in both lanes. I understand that's the right behavior when I'm in the right lane, but when I'm in the left one, passing another vehicle, at some point AP decides that is "traffic" and shows it in bright white, adjusting the speed to the vehicle at the right.
  22. vescrig

    AP locking onto cars in the other lane and slowing down to their speed

    It happens the same to me. Very annoying and even dangerous when you have other car following you.
  23. vescrig

    Glitchy Audio - all audio sources

    I have been able to hear your audio from Google drive after you shared it with me, but my problem is different. Mine is more like dropped packages of data when listening to Spotify, but doesn't happen with FM radio.
  24. vescrig

    Glitchy Audio - all audio sources

    Mine is MCU1.
  25. vescrig

    Glitchy Audio - all audio sources

    I’m also having those issues, 2018 Model S. Try unplugging your dash-cam memory usb if you have one. If that solves your problem, contact SC and good luck. I’m still waiting for a fix.
  26. vescrig

    Rear camera, GPS and music stopped working when plugging in SDcard

    Hello. I have a similar issue in my 2018 Model S HW 2.5. When I plug a memory stick the car starts to work in a slow mode I could say. Maps, music and even Airbag light comes on and off. SC told me to try different memory sticks with no luck until now. Ranger couldn´t fix it. If I unplug the...
  27. vescrig

    Autopilot issues after last update

    Hello, Model S with 2019.20.4.2 For the first issue I would suggest a quick tap on the indicator and the car will change line by itself when able. For the other issues I regret to say that I think I have all of them since 2019 updates, and I can say that I cannot trust AP anymore, till the...
  28. vescrig

    Strange behaviours of frozen info on both displays

    Hello, I was having lots of issues since I installed 2019.12 and later with 2019.16 in my 2018 Model S. Last week I removed the dash cam stick and things have improved a lot, although I have already set an appointment with my Service Center. Kind regards.
  29. vescrig

    "Summon Function

    It happens because you are covering your phone proximity sensor, usually placed at the top of the phone close to the speaker. Just move your hand away.
  30. vescrig

    Wall connector not charging

    Hello, I had the same issue a while ago. After several tests it happened to be a problem with the wiring in the piece that plugs into the car. I took the wall connector to SC and got a new one for free. Good luck.
  31. vescrig

    Rear cup holder removal

    Would be great to know, same problem here since day one.
  32. vescrig

    This is not a rant , this is a friendly note to future Norwegian Tesla owners.

    Hello, I have just took delivery of my new Model S P100D and I couldn’t explain my feelings better. Coming from a Porsche Cayenne quality and finish in Tesla is not comparable, even with a Cayenne 5 years old now. And customer support is a joke. After several phone calls and 1.500 km on the...
  33. vescrig

    Model S: Cruise control and AP not available

    I have already contacted my Tesla SC and I am waiting for news from them. Meanwhile I´ll keep on trying. Thank you.
  34. vescrig

    Model S: Cruise control and AP not available

    It has been driven for about 500 miles. In the first 50 miles when I tried to engage AP, I got a "Calibrating cameras" message, but now only "Auto-steer not available". I see the lines and the sensors around the car, but I have never seen the cars in front of me. I'm thinking it could be a...
  35. vescrig

    Model S: Cruise control and AP not available

    Hello, I collected my inventory Model S last week and have never been able to use cruise control or AP. When I try to engage I always get “Cruise control not available” since day one. Same thing with AP. I contacted Tesla and everything seems to be ok, and enhance auto pilot active. Any...
  36. vescrig

    Model S: Cream vs. Black

    And what about white and black? That’s my choice with Deep Blue Metallic.

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