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    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    My LR X ordered 6/21 was scheduled for January, then March, and just yesterday, July!!!!! Meanwhile, by 2018 X75D lease ran out Oct 1, 2021, was extended 6 months, will now run our 3/31/22 and Tesla says don't worry about it, we will just keep extending the lease. Not sure I believe them. Could...
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    Ordered Plaid before inevitable? price increase

    I bit and ordered a replacement for my October 1 lease expiring 2018 X75D, right after I saw the S increase. Sure enough, Tesla increased the X by 5,000. Red with black interior. When I ordered, it said Jan/Feb delivery. I hope it happens, but if I was a betting man, I would say March 31, the...
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    Supercharger - Crystal River, FL

    Great new SC. Went by yesterday at 3 pm to find 2 Model S and my Model X. Wawa had great options and it is immediately adjacent to a TacoBell. Everything you need
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    What is this new icon?

    Just to confirm, Sentry mode is ON when I see the "o" and not the 'red' o in the center (off)?
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    Upgraded Software to 40.50.1 - Voice command not working

    Very buggy. When I say "Turn on rear camera", I get 'Command not recognized'. When I say "rear camera on", it works and the Rear Camera displays as intended. I received a long text message from Wine Library about a new 'offer' and I was impressed with the clarity and correctness of the verbal...
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    Upgraded Software to 40.50.1 - Voice command not working

    This is a pretty good list of commands that SHOULD work. My X will recognize some, but produce the wrong result. I guess still a work in progress.... Voice Commands in Tesla's 2019.40.50.1 New Software Update (List)
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    Will it fit?

    My garage is 239 inches so I have 7 inches to play with. I would not want to accidentally hit the cinder block wall. That would be expensive damage. At the end of the day, I would probably park it at an angle. Too much can go expensively wrong...... I wish there was a shorter option now.
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    Who has ordered?

    I ordered a RWD and Dual Motor AWD. Will see what the final EPA mileage is, but living in flat, warm Florida, if I can't get 250 miles for 39,900, its a bargain I can' pass up. The problem is the length. I have a garage I just measured at 239 inches. The car is 231.7. It will be tough to get in...
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    Tesla Cybertruck Orders Hit 146K in Two Days

    I ordered two also (RWD/AWD) and will pick one closer to delivery. I would guess that a significant number of buyers did this (maybe 25-30K ?)
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    [POLL] For Cybertruck Res Holders ONLY, what type of buyer are you?

    I like big vehicles where I can sit relatively high. I have a X75 that will be off lease the end of 2021. I may need something in the interim till the car is available. I ordered both the RWD and DWD and will decide when closer which one to buy. As I live in Florida, cold weather mileage loss in...
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    Cybertruck and superchargers

    I thought the truck is 231.7 inches. If a 20 ft garage is 240 inches, that leaves 8 inches, close but doable.
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    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    Biggest plus for me is the ability to get 120/220 out. I live in Florida and when a hurricane knocks out power for days sometimes, having 75-100Kw sitting in the garage with no way to utilize that power is frustrating. I ordered the RWD model.
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    Bluetooth pairing issue

    Names are "John's Note 8" and "Jane's Note 8 The car apparently "sees" the phone, since It sees mine and immediately connects when I press connect. While it 'sees' Janes, ssince it is listed on the left side of the screen, it just cranks when I press on Janes and will not present the connect...
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    Bluetooth pairing issue

    All of a sudden, my wife's Note 8 will not see the Model X. I have the same phone (Note 8) and it pairs and stays paired. When I try to pair her's, the car see's 'wife's Note 8' but the phone does not see the Tesla, unlike my phone where it sees the Tesla in the phone's Bluetooth menu. Any...
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    New Sofrware 2019.32.11

    I have a Sept 2018 X75. V10 came down last night, but I don't have a 'come to me' button, only the 'go to target' one. Does anyone else have this issue and is there a fix?
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    V10 for non FSD

    I have EAP and it is coming down as I speak. Very excited. I am on the west coast of Florida.
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    Navigate On Autopilot: automatic lane change results

    The latest iteration is a step back. NOA now tries to make me go to toll lanes, despite earlier versions and AP correctly sending thru the 'pass' lanes. Yesterday, it swerved so hard to the left, I had to grab and tug the wheel heavily to regain control. My wife is now not willing to use NOA...
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    I'm at 315 in mostly flat Florida with a few hills. 1 year X75 with 11,000 miles on it
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    Multiple 2019.28...updates, all seem the same.

    My wh/mi seemed to decrease also after it went up a lot about a month ago. (275 ish vs 301 ish). At least its going in the right direction.
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    X: What's your 90%?

    8/18 build 75D. 9,000 miles. My 90% that I charge to started at 208 and it is still 208 today.
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    Tampa Tire Repair Shop

    Thanks. I ll contact them for future use. Since I have (another) gouge in one of my rear tires (I'll blame my wife, since she doesn't read these :)). Meanwhile, I have ordered a replacement from Tirerack.com and will visit the Tesla SC next week. THe Continental tires I have on the X don't seem...
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    Tampa Tire Repair Shop

    I am up in citrus County and would prefer to have a wheel replaced locally as it is about 140 mile RT to the Tesla SC. (I paid 150 for a Tesla approved company to come and replace my blown out tire with a new wheel as I was more than 50 miles from Tampa. I now have a gouge out of one of my rear...
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    Model Y Deposit to Lock In FSD Pricing

    Agreed. When anyone brings up BR, I have always said that Apple or Google or ???? would buy it at the right price. It just depends what that price is.
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    Model Y Deposit to Lock In FSD Pricing

    "FREE" only if you are 100% sure Tesla will survive. I suspect the 2500 deposit will NOT survive a bankruptcy filing.
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    Software Update 2019.8.x

    After no updates for months, I got 8.3 several days ago and 8.5 today. The auto lane changes without confirmation should be a big feature. But I'll wait for more reports from people that have used it before I try it, to see if it has reduced the number of changes suggested where confirmation is...
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    Tesla confirms HW3 computer in production, FSD demo on April 22nd [Rescheduled]

    How does one know if my Tesla has HW 2.5 or HW 3?
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    New model X and S line up! Cheaper model X!

    It's still very confusing to adequately compare my 75D LEASED in September. It included PUP, Cream Interior, Midnight Silver Metallic paint and EAP. From my online account, it says the amount I financed was 97,200. I assume my real cost was this plus my 2500 down payment or a total of 99,700. I...
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    Blog Tesla to Reduce Production of Model S, Model X

    I saw an article yesterday where people laid off were interviewed. In a long interview, was the comment by one individual that "absolutely no one is working on an S or X refresh".
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    Lost Internet access

    Update: After no internet access for 2-3 weeks, the problem all of a sudden fixed itself. Now all I can do is watch it and if it recurs, call Tesla.
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    Lost Internet access

    I have lost the ability to get internet access, even where I have 4 bars of signal on LTE on the road or a 56 mbs wifi signal in my garage. Has anyone else experienced this and how can I correct it. I have rebooted multiple times. It seems like this happened around the time I got V9.
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    Model X v9 update...

    I never could get V9 until I upgraded my wifi to a google mesh system. Now, with a wifi point in the garage, I get 65mb at the car, compared to the 5mb I had previously. Now I get all updates pretty much as soon as the are released. I suspect Tesla prioritizes those accounts that its system...
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    Move to Florida? I LIVE in Florida. 1600 miles on a new X75D and I am at 326 wh/mi. A pretty good mix of 75 mph and 35-45 miles per hour driving. I'm satisfied with this.
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    X75D full charge miles

    I have a new X75D with about 1500 miles on it. When I charge it to 80%, I get 205-206 miles, which seems about right. When I charge to 100% (a couple of times) I get only 232 miles, thinking I should get closer to 245-250. So, should I talk to Tesla or is the 232 within spec?
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    Car defaults to Low suspension

    Thanks for the reply. I was concerned about premature tire wear reported with the lower settings.
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    Car defaults to Low suspension

    I have a new (1000 mile) X that always defaults to Low suspension rather than Standard whenever I get into it after it has been in park. Is there a way to force Standard as the default? Thanks
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    Nav screen will only show grid lines

    For future reference, this appears to have solved the problem. I am not in a great area for cellular data (2-3 bars), but when we went out for dinner to a more populated area, the missing satellite map tiles were there. Thanks for the comment.
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    Nav screen will only show grid lines

    I am a new X owner. I think I may have pushed something that locks out the overhead view on the nav screen (satellite view). I can only get the grid view. When I push the 'small earth circle' on the NAV screen, nothing happens and it stays on the grid view. How can I get the overhead satellite...
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    V9.0 in September?

    My new X75 is one week old. When I bought the car home, it prompted me to download the latest software (36.2). I am still running this and have not gotten anything about 9.0. Does Tesla not send such downloads to new owners (~500 miles) until a certain number of miles are driven or am I just...
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    How much will the battery drain?

    Thanks. I do remember seeing it several times. I HAVE studied the manual, but it is somewhat overwhelming. That, in addition to Tesla's constant updating means suggestions/observations gleaned from searching forums and google tend to be old and outdated if they were posted only a month of so...
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    How much will the battery drain?

    How do you do a 'full power off"?
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    How much will the battery drain?

    I understand your concern. So far, I have not noticed any glitches. Everything works fine, including summon, etc. Only issues, so far, are some of the rubber moldings around the base of the falcon wing doors are loose, but I'll put that on a punch list if other things pop up in the next month...
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    How much will the battery drain?

    I actually meant for my upcoming 10 day trip where I will leave the car at an airport.
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    How much will the battery drain?

    As a new X75 owner (3 days), can I then assume that the only things I can do is set to OFF, Cabin Overheat Protection and Smart Preconditioning? Anything else to reduce drain?

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