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    Name That Sound!

    Instrument cluster cooling fan is my guess.
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    Texas Electrical companies

    (I think this fits here) "The Dallas-based transmission company is proposing the installation of 5,000 megawatts of batteries not just in its service area but across Texas’ entire grid. That is the equivalent of four nuclear power plants on a grid with a capacity of about 81,000 megawatts." My...
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    Refuel 2014

    For mid afternoon autocross, two of the manufacture-plated cars were Tesla drivers back and forth, not sure what best time ended at...but pictures:
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    Should Model S have a solar panel?

    A partial success that Ford is promoting EV research (!), but let's honestly hope they are keeping the real sauce secret or something. I'm surprised the Fisker Karma roof wasn't mentioned just for implementation, it's actually quite complementary visually (not that it was ever electrically...
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    New patent on Geofencing for cars

    This is actually really cool to pair with what seems like their near term plans in the infotainment space. The not-too-far-fetched idea will be when the driver is instead the geofence, things like the car preconditioning as it drives itself to the driver.
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    Stiff turn signal

    One thing you might try with lane change is a half-depress on the turn signal: a momentary half-press will indicate 3-4 times then turn off, or a continuous half-press will continue to indicate until released. Suppose that the effort to fully depress is also there to be firm while performing...
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    REFUEL 2013 - June 30th, 2013

    A few of my favorites from today, a few more on flickr. http://flic.kr/s/aHsjGvERLJ This is my 3rd refuel and it seems to be the place to watch the EV evolution every year. Hoping for SLS electric test drives for 2014? These are from the first session, if I missed you I can dig through the...
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    My 12,500 service

    The whine--does it sound like a truck turbo or something spooling up, and does it respond more to throttle or vehicle speed?
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    Fisker Karma

    ...Holding in the urge to throw the TV so hard because this is the news people seem to remember for years. I believe, and I think the DOE believes, that the chance of any one of these companies succeeding alone was worth the losses of those that failed, i.e. venture capital. The immediate return...
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    Today's lease announcement was anticlimactic

    So then Model S shares market segment with the Leaf, is marketed as a 5-series, reminiscent of a Roadmaster, competes with a 911, reviewed against a Citroen, valued as an S-Class, and financed like a house? Pieces of many different puzzles are falling into place here, and somehow the 40kWh comes...
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    April Fools!: Magic Sky Windows - Testing

    I see what you did there!
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Having pulled the fuses with the window stuck down, the regulator might have needed to re-learn it's range of motion before it will auto drop. I think to do this, close the door and cycle fully up, fully down, and fully up again. Not really sure about your first issue though.
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    Black fingerprints on headliner-How to clean it off?

    Good suggestion to not over wet or use harsh solvents to prevent sagging. For Alcantara: First try to blot clean with water and a clean rag. Also recommended is mild washing detergent, or ethyl alcohol for stains that will not clear with the other 2 methods. For fabric: An upholstery cleaner...
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    roof rack

    Have you tried asking service? I think they have a solution that was tested.
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    Anyone get an alignment?

    In general, proper ride height is a large part of alignment and model s is unique in that area. Ride height must be spot on during alignment, so tesla service have the advantage of making those adjustments if needed. Audi would have similar procedures for their air ride systems, but likely not...
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    Where to buy parts?

    Once you get started, don't forget about what is behind the nose cone (i.e. bumper beam). Is there a difference between signature series and production series nose cone? Seems like there is plenty of space for the units but only in the right place.
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    OMG: digitaltim’s delivery story…

    Looks awesome! Any pics of the back? How will the tint hold up against the door seals?
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    Please Enter Access Code

    Never mind service access and hidden interfaces, maybe there is certain readout information that could be presented in a skinned 'app' in the future; no doubt functions will be added in updates. Certainly non-revealing info like TPMS, coolant temps, battery readout as a percentage would be nice...
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    Three Weeks with Signature Performance (Pros and Cons)

    Plenty of space to hide the license plate bar type behind the the "T" logo in the front.
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    Parts Suppliers For Model S

    Looks like the shield from a Roadster PEM, though a whole PEM would take up most of your desk... Image credit: Car and Driver
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    First experiences with our Model S (Dadaleus' story)

    This was by coincidence actually. SiriusXM was running a campaign with select channels free for the past 2 weeks that ended Sept. 11.
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    Do white LED lights strobe when turn signals are on? Video appears to say "Yes"

    ^This. When the DRL's are on, it looks like one side is dimmed with the turn signal, so going back to the PWM comment, it is not visible by eye. I think other manufactures just turn the one side off until the signal is off.
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    Random Model S sightings

    Hmm. It's not the lighting; this is a the trim piece unfinished before it is metalized.
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    REAL Pictures of Model S

    My opinion with black is that it's all about the chrome: around the windows, under the door, nose cone, rear diffuser, logos. When you go to look at a black S, you end up drawn to looking at the 21" wheels or the DRL's. And the chrome (which is real). And you can really go to town with it and...
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    REAL Pictures of Model S

    Maybe sparkle isn't the right word-I don't think it's intended to be a metallic. The last picture I feel is spot on, now if I can just dig up more pictures of it. From the color pallet at least, Red is really the only color that is offered until blue starts to surface.
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    REAL Pictures of Model S

    It's pretty easy to tell, but the two middle images of Signature Red aren't very color accurate (less magenta) and indeed the paint in person looks more like the top and bottom. In full daylight there is spectacular depth to the red. What's the opinion of Tesla Silver on Model S?
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    Touchscreen practical while driving? Safety issue?

    So to summarize, more buttons on the dash....Aren't they fixing this in RC? :tongue: But on a more relevant note, screens are getting integrated into mission critical vehicles--this is fact. We now know ALL controls needed to function the driving aspects of the S do not involve the touch...
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    Thoughts on Accessability Etc etc.

    As long as the screen in beta goes to production, polarized glasses will not at all effect viewing of either screens, and actually cut any glare pretty well too. I've heard a few others mention they've tried this in the Beta in direct sunlight as well.
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    Model X Side Mirrors

    If google has the weight to legalize driverless cars (Nevada at least) for the sake of technology in ~20+ years , I sure hope there is legal room for something as slight as rear view cameras for the sake of a 5% reduced COD as quickly as they can be adopted. I imagine these laws were more to...
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    Pictures & Video from the Model X Unveiling (02/09/2012)

    The live feed special features are pretty awesome to be honest. "The making of"
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    Pictures & Video from the Model X Unveiling (02/09/2012)

    Does the S have a faux charge port on the passenger side too, or is that the charge port door?
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    Pictures & Video from the Model X Unveiling (02/09/2012)

    Admit it, it's really nice having that leaked image now. The final teaser!

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