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    Aptera's relationship with Tesla?

    I think it means they would love Supercharger access but so far Tesla haven't agreed or even given them an answer I've been watching Aptera pretty closely, they are open about their plans and they answer almost every technical question people ask them, but they also admit that they still have...
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    Aptera's relationship with Tesla?

    Hang on a minute, for a start people got their deposit money back, Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony were pushed out of Aptera and thats when the problems started, it wasn't Steve or Chris who crushed the cars with a forklift Steve and Chris won't let the same thing happen again, no idiots from...
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    Aptera's relationship with Tesla?

    Rendered images or even prototypes don't mean much, Aptera like anyone with an interest in EVs are Tesla fans Musk has always said he is open to others using the Supercharger network but of course it all depends on the terms If you have 1000 miles of range then IMO you need less chargers than...
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    Aptera's relationship with Tesla?

    They won't have supercharger access, and actually they don't really need it, almost any charger is a supercharger for Aptera Aptera is NOT vaporware, they will deliver cars by the end of the year
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    The Aptera isn't some kind of rolling death trap, there is a good video on YouTube of jay Leno driving the original Aptera, its stable and safe at highway speeds, the new version will be better in almost every way, for example it should have a lower centre of gravity due to the hub motors. I get...
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    They know the Watts per mile, so its pretty easy for them work out the range they might get from their biggest battery, as for the solar, well that all depends on where you live, for me its not really worth it
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    Maybe, but IMO Aptera isn't really a start up, its a re-start, they had it all figured out 10 years ago, they were ready to start production but unfortunately Steve Fambro, Chris Anthony and others were pushed out, they had a decade to rethink the car but it looks to me that the new Aptera is...
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    The middle wheel may cause trouble in the snow I don't see cross winds causing a problem, there are videos of the original Aptera driving at freeway speeds and it was fine, the new car is even better IMO I seriously doubt the Aptera will be able to use the supercharger network, Musk has said...
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    The new Aptera looks almost the same as the original But its a far better car now, all wheel drive and solar power + the ability to charge faster than any other EV
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    Nikola Motors Semi Trucks

    Propaganda is one thing, but cold hard facts are another I have suspected for a long time that Nikola had no working prototype of their fuel cell truck, but its far worse than that, they have NOTHING The whole thing is fake, they have no fuel cell technology, no battery technology, ho...
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    U.S. Patent Office Rules In Favor Of Nikola In Lawsuit Against Tesla Semi

    Nikola: How to Parlay An Ocean of Lies Into a Partnership With the Largest Auto OEM in America Interesting reading for all you Nikola fans
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    Nikola Motors Semi Trucks

    Nikola: How to Parlay An Ocean of Lies Into a Partnership With the Largest Auto OEM in America It doesn't look good for Trevor
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    Nikola Motors Semi Trucks

    Nothing adds up with Nikola, the deeper you dig into Milton's claims the worse it looks The people shorting Tesla should take a look at Nikola, easy money
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    Aptera was started by Fambro AFAIK And I think he is involved now too
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    Johammer J1

    I like the Johammer but they got the look wrong IMO, this is the biggest problem with too many EVs Something like that looks far better IMO
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    Nikola Motors Semi Trucks

    they claim they the work on the Truck is finished but I am yet to find any video on youtube of the Truck driving in any way, with or with our a load They also claim they will produce there Hydrogen using Solar power, does anyone know how many acres of PV you need to produce enough Hydrogen to...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    I hope the Bolt sells well, but there is one thing I don't understand, why is their motor so complex looking, its similar to the Leaf, its like they want people to think its an ICE, if Tesla can have a trunk and a frunk why can't all other EV do the same, it can't be that hard
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    Teslas in Movies & TV

    A video from 2010 with the Top Gear reviewer of the Model X talking about EVs I think he gets it now, it only took him 6 years
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    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    its not the 100K price that makes the Model S a safe ride, its the design, low battery in the floor, no large engine in the front of the car, it should be easy enough to make the Model 3 almost as safe as the Model S Good or clever design need not cost a lot of money - - - Updated - - - How...
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    Elon's Mars goal a mistake?

    If spaceX can deliver 100 ton payloads to Mars then any problem you can think of is easy enough to solve IMO
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    Elon's Mars goal a mistake?

    Like the ISS they would have a large amount of food, water and supplies on Mars before the first people arrive and they always have a reserve to fall back on if a resupply fails This is a lot harder to do, but it is possible IMO I don't think he is just raising awareness he is 100% behind...
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    Elon's Mars goal a mistake?

    I think spaceX will reach Mars but I doubt it will be the colony that Musk wants, it will be a research base full of scientists, like the base in Antarctica And I agree they they will spend most of their time underground which will provide plenty of shielding from radiation, the nice thing...
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    BMW i3

    I wish they asked him more about that, when he said best its not clear if he means price, power, chemistry, or the way they produce the battery also he seems to agree with most people here that BMW really got the look of the car wrong, for such a well engineered car its a real shame about the...
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    BMW i3

    I looked back in the thread to see if this video was posted, I don't think it was very interesting IMO good insight into the direction BMW are going in and the technology they have developed its a long interview but well worth a watch
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    New Roadster in 2019ish? (With Maximum Plaid)

    but at this point for Tesla its not really new technology, at this stage we can assume that they are getting better at the process of designing and building new cars
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    Thoughts on Model 3 Design

    the new function of the long nose is to take the impact of a crash, so it may be around for a while yet
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    Electric Motorcycles

    I like this bike, 2 wheel drive
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    Who's Really Behind the Ashley Madison Hack?

    it looks like an inside job by a pissed off woman hell hath no fury..... http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/john-mcafee-ashley-madison-database-stolen-by-lone-female-who-worked-avid-life-media-1516833
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    Swincar E-Spider

    http://www.swincar.fr interesting idea
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    BBC Autos: Top Gear on Ludicrous Mode

    Clarkson must have been in a Model S by now, James May owns a BMW I3 so we know he has an interest in electrics, even if his review of the Honda FCX Clarity is one of the most foolish car reviews ever also since Tesla ended up having to go to court because of Clarkson and his lies, I bet...
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    New Roadster in 2019ish? (With Maximum Plaid)

    I don't mean on sale I'm just wondering when we get to see the prototype
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    Apple: Rumors of EV to Challenge Tesla or Buying Tesla

    Do you really believe that Apple are as good now as they were when Jobs was the leader
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    New Roadster in 2019ish? (With Maximum Plaid)

    all future cars from tesla will have battery packs in the floor I wonder what the price will be and when will we get to see the car, 2018 maybe ?
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    Tulip Concept EV

    Hi Ognyan I like your design, I think it looks great, do you have any information on range and speed also your website says last generation Li-on battery, do you mean latest generation
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    NextGen Roadster in 2018?

    Musk said a long time back that the next roadster would be a 4 seater its easier for Tesla to build a 4 seat Roadster than it is for Porsche the skateboard platform frees up so much space, its just the best way to build cars
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    Geoff Ralston on the electric car

    he drives a model S thats why he knows BEVs are the future most people have never been in let alone got a test drive of a model S the model 3 is the car that will change everything, thats the tipping point IMO
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    Discrimination at Car Dealers - Another reason for the Tesla Model

    the best thing to do with stuff like this is ignore it it for social justice warriors by social justice warriors
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    Model 3 reservations -- How does Tesla handle reservations?

    there is huge demand, most people who want a model S can't afford one, so they will all go for the model 3
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    Tesla article in the oil industry trade publication "Alberta Oil"

    good article, but I don't really think we need a big breakthrough in battery tech to really change the car industry, a drop in cost will be the real killer if Tesla can keep dropping the cost, then a 60kWh pack and supercharging is enough to destroy the oil industry and OPEC by 2020 the...
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    Model 3 reservations -- How does Tesla handle reservations?

    I would bet more than 500K reservations before the first delivery they won't be able to build the model 3 fast enough
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    A rather extensive analysis and design exercise

    because Musk has said it needs to be a solid 200 mile range, not just 200 miles in perfect conditions the roadster has a 53kWh pack but that was very small volume, so it think 60kWh will end up being the smallest pack in a mass market car, the bigger pack also helps with supercharging the...
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    A rather extensive analysis and design exercise

    60kWh is the logical choice from a range and charging point of view the more interesting question is what will the largest battery in a model 3
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    A rather extensive analysis and design exercise

    very good article but I think they have got the battery sizes wrong I don't think 44kWh will give a 220 mile range, and I doubt they will design a pack with foot wells
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    Tesla 1 Billion Miles video | Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

    it took about 3 years to clock up 1 billion miles so how long before 2 billion is reached ? less than 18 months
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    Nissan Leaf

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    BMW i3

    it looks better in black than any other colour IMO
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    Chevrolet Bolt: 55 Pre-Production Cars Made And Exceeding 200 Mile Range Target

    we can be sure that Tesla have done far more than early pen and paper designs, I bet they have built and battery tested packs by now, I bet they know what size motors they will use, they will give us a look at the car early next year and we already know that they were working on clay models a...
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    Comments on a former employee and burnout

    I think there was plenty of luck involved in both spaceX and Tesla, there have been plenty of other people who wanted to build electric cars and reuseable rockets but they failed for different reasons, and Musk himself came very close to failure too, also with the number of launches they plan on...
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    VW XL1

    I think it looks great I wish they mass produced it with normal materials, the MPG would drop but so would the price

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