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    Since Holiday update old text messages come in all at once

    Since the update, messages that have already been read on phone prior to entering the car, display on the Tesla screen all at once. Some of them hours old.
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    Since Holiday update Text messages are delayed up to an hour.

    Since the update my text messages come in late or messages from the last few hours come in all at once when I enter the car. These are messages I have already read on my phone prior to entering the car.
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    Hertz Places $4.2 Billion Order with Tesla

    I am curious. Will charging be an issue for those renting a car? Maybe not an issue at all. Where do most people renting a car stay and for how many days? I am sure there will be a fair amount in hotels.
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    Valet Mode

    Good question. You should post it on your own thread do the original poster gets his question answered.
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    Mud Flaps

    As of Thursday March 4 at 7:20pm EST, the mud flaps for MY are in stock. So is paint protection film
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    Does Sentry mode full replace dashcam?

    This is from the manual Save Clips on Honk: If on, you can save video recordings to a USB flash drive or other storage device using Dashcam by honking the horn on the steering wheel. You must insert a properly formatted USB flash drive or other storage device in one of your vehicle's front USB...
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    Winter Tires?

    Where is everyone getting the tires changed? Are you taking it to a normal shop? Are you using Tesla mobile service? I had a guy here in Montreal say that Tesla will come to my house and change them and store them for $85. Was he blowing smoke up my ass?
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    MY with new console spotted today

    Does geography have anything to do with the appearance of the new features in the wild or is purely by VIN? I mean, the fact that someone in California got the new console, should I be hopeful that in Montreal it will be the same?
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    Has Tesla changed the glossy center console in the 2021 Model Y?

    If it is the same center console that this guy bought on his own, it will fit. UPDATE: Tesla Mobile Service Fixes Bricked Model Y
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    How are insurance companies at handling claims?

    I have only made one insurance claim in my life and it was a long time ago. So, it all is a bit foggy for me. I always thought I had to go to the shop they suggest or if I want to go somewhere else, they won't pay over the price of their shop.
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    How are insurance companies at handling claims?

    I understand Aviva handles Tesla's insurance and I imagine they are used to handling claims. I am curious about a normal insurance company like TD. Normally they would want to do the repair in their affiliated shop. Do these shops know how to work on a Tesla? Does Tesla do repairs? I just don't...
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    Best Insurance Rates for Model 3?

    That is great to hear. I started to worry when I was reading the GTA prices people were quoting above.
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    Questions from potential first time buyer

    Thanks @toneman82. That is helpful. I have a followup on winter related stuff for those in cold climates. We get many nights of freezing rain. How well does the Y defrost windshield? Often with my ICE I have to use my car starter 10 minutes before I want to leave just to open the doors and get in.
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    Questions from potential first time buyer

    Thanks, that guy Andy makes good videos. Super informative without being too "fan boy".
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    Questions from potential first time buyer

    I hadn't heard about that. Is it announced? When? I am planning on purchasing in Feb/March That is good to know. I completely understand why Tesla doesn't want to let other software inside their system. I just hate to give up on all of the cohesion of my existing phone integration.
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    Questions from potential first time buyer

    Wow! Thank you guys for the fast a thoughtful answers. As silly as it sounds, the most concerning is the Waze. We have so much road construction in our city that knowing which streets are closed or are backed up is extremely valuable. I will look into a phone holder option to run waze off...
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    Questions from potential first time buyer

    I have a few questions for Model Y owners. For seasonal tire changes, do I have to go to Tesla Service center? Or are most garages comfortable with Tesla? Since the car doesn't come with spare tire, is there a jack? If not, is a normal jack suitable? Any special instructions for towing? Can...

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