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    2013 Model S 85 37k miles. Brown $48.5k. One Owner.

    Bump. new price 48k starting. Also extended service agreement available at cost. Details in dropbox.
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    2013 Model S 85 37k miles. Brown $48.5k. One Owner.

    The following dropbox link contains pictures and documents that should answer MOST of the questions. Dropbox - Model S I am looking to sale my Brown 2013 Model S85. I am the original owner. Vehicle Spec in drop box. I am traveling for work internationally for the next three months and...
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    Bought new S 75D yesterday after tesla yesterday firesale overnight -$7500

    The last time TESLA pushed deals like this on the Model S, the new design was introduced a week or so after the Q close... I suspect we will see AP 2.0 after the Q close as well...
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    AC died today

    Here is the stupid Q -- did you do a full power-cycle on the car? I had this happen on mine 3x in the first 100 miles... then never again... Each time a full power-cycle cleared it... we agreed if it did it again, that the service center would peek... but Greta (my wife named her, I swear)...
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    Manufacturing Oppy- 2nd Row Under Seat Storage...

    We love our X, and with the extra room under the 2nd row we love it even more... While school was in session our 6 year old would stow his backpack under the seat... but with school out, we find that there is an accumulation of kids stuff just rolling around the 2nd row. We tried a basket...
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    2nd Row Issues

    We've used these in both our S and X -- with two kiddos in booster seats in the X, we've never had an issue while using these.. I wish these covers were about 2 inches narrower.. thankfully with the FWD its not a big deal to buckle the kids in...
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    Model X June Deliveries

    Sorry to hear about the delivery experience... I've had my S for nearly three years and both Rockville and Tyco have been awesome -- Our X was pretty much flawless on the outside... we are officially reporting the 2x vision at night though. How are you adding the aftermarket sounds ? My...
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    When does the Honeymoon end ?

    They honeymoon w/ Tesla never ends...
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    Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air

    Funny... we saw the SAME exact thing on our new X --- having owned our S for nearly three years with this never happening I was surprised... even more surprised when a full power reset solved the problem 2x -- really felt like a bug /vs/ system failure.
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    NTHSA Rating

    Can someone fix the thread title to NHTSA
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    NTHSA Rating

    Anyone else wondering where the official test results are?
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    Things you didn't know about your Model X

    ROFL. If adding parking sensors to my "Classic S" was a 3-4k job... I would hate to see AP2.0 cost on the X
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    Musk had enough of the Falcon Wing Doors yet?

    So far we love the doors on the X. Our kids are 3 and 6 -- so we are still ensuring buckle up most of the time before driving. Today, my wife had 4 kids in our 6 seater all 3-4 years old. The other mom loved the doors and access to the 3rd row -- although her husband just called me in mock...
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    Model X June Deliveries

    Picked up our Red X at Tyco on the 16th @ 3pm. Fully wrapped (including edges) in Suntek by 11PM. Perfect fit and finish. Took it on a 500+ mile road trip -- AC compressor cut out 2x on the first part of the trip -- hard reset to reboot. Hasn't cut out since... SC is going to check it out...
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    Model X June Deliveries

    Just started the switch today on our expected delivery "mid-june" this is a crazy offer. Also, it appears that Telsa has timed production to basically maximize deliveries from East to West -- with most of the mid-late June east coast X's in transit and it appears they are ramping up West-Coast...
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    Production delay

    From my DS via email last night.
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    Model X Insurance

    Erie Insurance
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    Production delay

    VIN 06101 originally early May delivery -- now late may/early June. Pretty much fully loaded Red 90D. Starting to feel like there might be a full stop on the manufacturing line to get some stuff sorted out. Having watched the early S rollout and owning an earlier Model S I am very...
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    Model X Insurance

    My full YEAR Erie quote is $842.00 (with VIN)
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    Crunch! Falcon Wing Doors fail to sense obstacle

    I think its time to flood contacts at Tesla with this to get them to enhance this system. this type of set up in a parking garage is WAY WAY to common for the system not to handle. I had assumed that there were height sensors on the part of the door the was actually "highest" during a opening...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    My 2013 MS is assessed at 66,960 (I would double check with the county yet again.) I am also still pushing the county on that value as it is an INCREASE from last year. I didn't expect to have to go thru this again this year.. but here we are. Tesla values the trade in on my car at around...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    I am working with Fairfax county on this issue as well. They switched sources this year to NADA Average Retail Value. The new administrator seems to be a decent guy. I think the issue is that NADA data is a mess of S, P and P+ cars for 2013, not to mention the significant difference in...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    My tax bill showed up --- and my 2013 S85 went UP from 65k to 66960. Fairfax county claims to use NADA Clean Trade Guide... which last year did NOT value the 2013 model S, but this year it does (2013 Tesla Motors Model S Sedan 4D Electric Prices, Values & Model S Sedan 4D Electric Price Specs...
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    New dashboard model x icon in 2.4.239?

    Oh well... guess we can close this thread.
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    New dashboard model x icon in 2.4.239?

    Is the "suv" icon new on the dash? Or is my model x fever spiking?
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    Stuck in snow? Turn off traction control to get traction.

    +1 snow mode. Got stuck in that sudden whiteout last week. Watched a x5 do a 360 in front of me. I was really happy with traction control that night.
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    See post #45 with details I received back from the county. Fairfax County property tax appeal - Page 5
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    Elon Musk deletes twitter posts about P85D/85D efficiency increases

    See new Blog with updates and clarifications: Driving Range for the Model S Family | Blog | Tesla Motors
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    New Blog: Driving Range for Model S Family....

    Driving Range for the Model S Family | Blog | Tesla Motors
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    Bad news from the county. One bright spot -- at least the "incorrect" base price reflects the 7500 tax credit. Its does not appear that county is going to move on its stance that there are different Tesla Base models... think Elon will put in a call :-) fryfrye --- I appreciate that...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    Just an update. I pinged the county again Tuesday -- I was told they are "still" investigating. Anyone know what we do if this doesn't get sorted? Is there a legal process we might have to use?
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    A short update. I pinged the county on if I should expect a new tax bill -- their response was: "The Director (Mr. Greenlief) explained that he is still looking at the Tesla issue and any such reports at this time are incorrect. Our office has not been told to tell anyone that new tax bills...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    I think this may because of me... I've been interacting with the county for the past two weeks. There is massive confusion. I've had to send my purchase agreement to them to show the base price of the car and the way that Tesla adds the options for battery etc. I've sent them the evidence...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    Received the following this AM: Research on the $7,500, indicates that it is a government tax credit, not a reduction to the MSRP. Although the “net effect” might make it seem that way, Tesla and other electric vehicle buyers do not get a $7,500 discount at time of purchase. They pay the full...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    Great Catch!
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    Received the following reply: Thank you for your email. The method to value automobiles is prescribed under Virginia Code Section 58.1-3503(a)(3). In accord with Virginia law, the values of automobiles for assessment purposes must be from a recognized pricing guide applied uniformly and as of...
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    I actually asked -- but have not heard back. But strangely enough, if you use Tesla's own deprecation model on the residual buyback, it gets pretty darn close to the figure that the county used... keeping in mind that it is the value from Jan 1 -- I will post an update if I hear back.
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    Fairfax County property tax appeal

    My 2013 was assessed at $65,160 not sure I have a leg to stand on for a very well equipped S85...
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    Signature Red car parked at Port Canaveral, owner on the 6/22-26 Disney cruise?

    I'd love to find a place to charge while on a Disney Cruise...
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    Cruise Control improvements

    THIS! Coming out of cruise control can be tricky at high speeds... I sort of have the idea of accelerator then disengage set, but its the slight brake tap to just slow a little that still gets me... and the +/-1 is still to touchy.
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Yes, you need a card or call the 800 number to have it unlocked. Hopefully they update the signs... suggest you email them on the Volt/Prius topic... its going to be a big deal.
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    DC to Homestead in Hot Springs, VA in an 85?

    I don't know about charging onsite... if your at the owners club there are garages with 110v outlets... but at the main building, I am not certain. There is a TON of elevation change on the way to Hot Springs, not certain what the % up/down is but its quite a bit of up down -- and...
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Yeah, I saw that last week as well... Also It feels like we are eventually going to need a policy for pure EV (TESLA, LEAF, etc) /vs/ Volt, and other plug-in hybrids. Contact info for MWAA EV program is : [email protected] He is open for comments.
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    900 mile Supercharger road trip from Northern VA to Orlando

    Did you happen to do Disney while there? I'd love to drive for our next cruise / disney stay --- but I need to find a destination charge point/parking to make it 100% a go.
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    NRG eVgo

    Some good news from eVgo: A response back on Twitter related to this thread: NRG eVgo ‏@nrgevgo13 Jan @fryfrye Have some great news: we’re now launching the Flex plan. No monthly fee. DC fast charging: $4.95 per session plus $0.20 per minute. AND NRG eVgo ‏@nrgevgo13 Jan @fryfrye...
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    Maryland Superchargers

    Anyone know if it's opening this weekend?
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Just got an email from MWAA that they are investigating options to expand charging options in the parking garages. I mentioned the need for 120v outlets and they indicated they were leaning in that direction. Suggest filling out the comment form : Contact Us to provide your opinions. Yes...

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