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    Chicago owners, your opinions please

    Hi, Have a P85. Drive it with summer tires and 21 rims in summer and switch to a good set of winter tires and 19 inch rims in winter. I drive in Chicagio and SE Michigan (which get more snow). No problems in winter. Traction control is great. I grew up in winter climates so I know how to drive...
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    Chicago to Crystal Lake, MI

    Hi, I was just up to Crystal Mountain Resort for a quick ski. I stayed there overnight and used the charging facilities. The skiing was good and the resort has great food and is charming. There is a place to eat near the chargers. I skied (downhill and cross country)-- but it is an all season...
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    St Joe, MI Supercharger

    Hi,About a month or so ago one of the stalls wasn't working. I moved the car over and the next stall worked. Called Tesla and they said they would tell the supercharger group. Seems ok now.
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    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Hi Sam, It is Jess. You are correct. As I stated in my email, the Amps and volts were taken from memory several days after my first use of the supercharger over a year ago. My memory was faulty and after a year of using it more knowledgeable. Your numbers are correct.
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    May 16 - Tesla Owners rally in St. Joseph, MI

    Hi, I travel a lot for work but will try and come. I have a place about 4 miles from the St. Joe supercharger. If I am in town can offer 30 amp charging. If I can get my garage remodel redone in time I may be able offer more. So far I have survived on one plug (dryer line) and the supercharger.
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    Tesla owner near Fort Wayne wanting to help make my wedding awesome?

    Pete, Recently spent some unexpected time on charger at a hospital complex in Ft. Wayne when I miscalculated my range on a trip to south west ohio to visit family near Troy. I am in the Chicago area but visit family in ohio. If you don't find a closer Tesla reach out to me again. We might be...
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    Michigan Tesla Owners

    Hi Michigan folk, I was at the Highlandpark Tesla service center to use the supercharger. While there I met the gentleman who stated he was the future manager of the Detroit Tesla store. He was very pleasant and noted Tesla was working hard to get the store done. I think the Detroit store...
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    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Hi, My VIN is ~2500 and the car (P85) was delivered in 2012. So, it is a fairly early car. It was from memory rating at just under 400 volts and just under 300 amps. I started charging with about 90 rated miles on the battery pack. Does that help? I haven't been back yet to the...
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    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I just tried the supercharger today. Very cool. I was coming from Chicago so I didn't drive on the bridge over the highway to get to the supercharger. I looked at it as I turned onto Niles Rd. It is narrow. Not sure there is a sidewalk so walking over it to get to the gas station or the apple...
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    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Across from the gas station (if you are referring to the gas station on the other side of the highway) is Nye's apple barn. It has all sorts of local fruit, lots of jams and pickles, cider and some baked goods. They have some big colorful structures in the front lawn. It sort of looks like...
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    Michigan Tesla Owners

    I am so happy about this supercharger! It just a few miles from my farm house! It is not in Benton Harbor, but the St. Joe area. It is close to Benton Harbor. Very easy to get on and off the highway.
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    POLL: Did you pay cash, finance or lease?

    Texex91, +1! I paid cash. All of it very hard earned.
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    Is it just me or does everyone want to race a tesla..

    Yep...it is almost a BMW that wants to race. They seem to not be so keen on having a woman waiving at them in her rear view mirror while they can't keep up. One guy tried for three stop lights looking very frustrated.
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    Is the Model S a "Man Magnet" for Women

    Tesla S is a Man Magnet. Some men seem quite surprised that a woman is driving the car.
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    Poll: How Many Tesla Owners Are Women?

    I am female owner of a p85 and I am fairly obsessed with my car. I was not particularily interested in cars before. I will also note that I work at the global headquarters of a large multinational located in the midwest. There are now three Tesla (all Model s) at work. All are owned by women. I...
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    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Hi, I live in chicago but I am in the process of buying a house in south west michigan to use a few days a week as my work just went to flex location. It is an older house and it will need new electric wiring. Can you get the incentive in Michigan for the wiring for the Nema 14-50 if you are...
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    Black fingerprints on headliner-How to clean it off?

    My car had a flat tire last night and I had it towed to Tesla after it was stored by the tow company overnight. I now have a black greasy set of prints near the roof lights on the tan headliner in the front seat. I assume it was from the tow guy. Does any one have any ideas on how to remove...
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    Special Event with Elon in NYC on Nov 12?

    The suspense is killing me.
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    Performance vs. Non-Performance & an extra $10K

    Hi, I drove the non-performance in the get amped tour. I got the "It is time to build your Model S email" last week and visited my nearby Tesla Store out here in the midwest which I had not been to in a month or two. They had cars to test drive. I drove the performance. I never ever...
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    Performance vs. Non-Performance & an extra $10K

    Hi, I am new to this site and I am also debating between the performance vs. standard. The posts are really helping. Many thanks. I have to make a final decision in the next week or so. P5801.

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