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    Model-Y Comprehensive Insurance Recommendation

    I found a 100% variance for my 3 on shopping around. It was obvious some companies actuaries truly hate Tesla. In NSW GIO/Suncorp and Comminsure gave the best quotes for my demographic and circumstance. I had an at fault claim with GIO which pushed the renewal up but I stayed with them anyway...
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    Blue Jeans Stain Cleaner

    He did state it was a blue stain🤣🤣🤣
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    Best Way to Get Rid of the Old Non Tesla Car

    I would give option #2 a try. Used car market should be red hot at the moment for a fuel efficient SUV. Hopefully you don’t get too many time wasters but it’s a sellers market so you don’t need to deal with anyone you don’t like.
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    Tesla Model 3 - 12V Low Voltage Battery

    That attitude is totally repugnant with Australia right in the crosshairs of destructive climate change. I do hope the dinosaurs eventually become extinct. Good luck sourcing your battery, and hope you can get something soon
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    You'll find plenty of friendly support on these forums for that decision. I think it's a good one too. I bought an M3 with a view to getting a Y in the future. This was in early 2021. The M3 has turned out just fine for my use case, although I think the SUV form factor still would have been...
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    Repair/Parts wait times in Australia

    Yep a family friend Mercedes got window smashed by vandals in Canberra somewhere. Car now off the road for estimated 6 months awaiting parts. And this is from 100 year old established legacy auto........
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    Recommended Tesla Powerwall + Solar installers?

    If you want LFP now, get a Sonnen battery. I've had mine since late 2019 and recently had it expanded from 10 to 16kw which is the maximum. The Sonnen gets the job done but has no wifi, so required an Ethernet cable to be run. The powerline adapters were totally useless and needed constant power...
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    Tesla Used Market Watch

    Maybe they tried to install their special cheat software and it wouldn't work
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    Charging is tripping circuit breaker

    The plot thickens, that is your earth leakage protection device that is tripping. It’s also a 63 amp circuit breaker. Your sparky should be able to advise which of the two is making it trip. It may also be faulty, but he should be able to assess it for you.
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    For Sale - 2022 Model 3 in Brisbane. Delivery 18/03/2022.

    This was a good move. A "friend of a friend" got rear ended in some Toyota thingy and found their write-off payout fell far short of the price of any reasonable replacement car. Also a huge wait time for the new one.
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    Starlink in Oz

    Heavy rain here in Sydney yesterday caused extended dropouts during the entire day. Unusual events but I had to fallback to my NBN so I could keep working. Yes I have NBN and Starlink being a fulltime remote worker post COVID
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    LG home battery

    I have the 16kW Sonnen unit, its based on LifePo4 Sony cells. The installer initially wanted to sell me an LG and install it in the garage which is under all the bedrooms. You can imagine what my response was, hence the Sonnen is outside in an IP rated cabinet.
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    I think I need a Model Y

    Agreed. I bought my M3 knowing this. It's the only thing I really don't care for with the car. Plan is to get a MY sometime down the track.
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    Giga Shanghai expansion

    I understand this point of view and believe it will be a significant roadblock to the uptake of the new EV brands coming out of China. It's also a very difficult thing to achieve as all vehicles are only finally assembled in one country with global materials. Also, where do you stop? Does it...
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    There's an option on the LCD screen to select more aggressive update frequency - I can't remember the exact wording. Not sure if it works as advertised either, however mine is set and I seem to get reasonably frequent updates, although I'm still on 2021 software at the moment.It updated last...
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    Starlink in Oz

    I’m posting this reply via my Starlink. I’m in the same situation as you. The starlink connection is mostly OK but does drop out from time to time too, especially during heavy rain.
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    App won't display status of car

    This happens a lot to me. Never used to but seems some software update broke it. When it happens I need to go down to the garage and wake the car up by opening a door. Then the connection is quick. Seems stuck in some deep sleep mode.
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    I hope you all love your shiny new cars as much as I do. My M3LR is like a BMW M3 without all the issues. Seriously even if I won the lottery I'd probably just stick with the model 3, but that's just me. Had mine since March 2021 from China. Zero fit, finish and quality issues.
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    NSW’s plans for EVs to 2025 and net-zero emissions by 2050

    I sincerely hope your prediction on case numbers is pessimistic, although I suspect it may just be realistic. I am writing this from a Sydney hospital bed (no not virus related). There is no way they can cope with any extra load. As far as I can observe, everything has been “right sized” or “...
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    Inspection process before delivery Melbourne Australia

    Nothing on my car is way off, a few very minor issues with alignment but that’s about it. Most people wouldn’t notice them. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. By the time you see your car will have been paid for, and registered so will become a warranty issue.
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    Inspection process before delivery Melbourne Australia

    Good luck with this! FWIW my Chinese assembled M3LR that I got in March is just fine. It’s not a Lexus but it’s as good as most cars on the road. At least you got the advantage of huge price reduction that I missed out on.
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    What does the LR Acceleration Boost cost in Australia?

    Indeed it will. I sold my dinosaur 6L SS Ute for M3LR. The Tesla feels a metric *sugar* tonne faster even though the numbers on paper seem closer. I have not purchased the acceleration boost. It’s there in the app, you can do it anytime you’re in the mood. I feel that I’m perilously close to...
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    Some good news… and not so good news

    Agreed about this good/bad news. It's a good reminder why we need to do our small part - for our kids and future generations. History will not remember us kindly. We might be able to add the EU to this list, only their stretch goal is 2030. I saw that there is proposed legislation up for...
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    NSW insurance

    I went with GIO in NSW for my M3LR back in March. Premiums vary hugely between all the insurers. Glass coverage is a must
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    Tesla Branded Front Glass Roof Sun Shade On 2021 Doesn’t Fit?

    I received my Tesla branded ones today, and they are perfect for my 2021 car
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Nice one, thanks. Mats and pet protection ordered! There's some great stuff on that site, sadly some out of stock, but the mats were in stock.
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Awesome tips on the accessories there, thanks for that! I haven't decided to install a dedicated power solution yet. At the moment I'm just using a 15A GPO with the appropriate pigtail on the supplied travel charger. I have 3 phase at home already so that is a definite option if desired. Was...
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    Northern Sydney Showroom and Service Centre - Chatswood

    I had stars in my eyes and didn't really get a good look around the outside! If I had to guess at this time, I'd say no though. It's become a very busy little area down there.
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    Northern Sydney Showroom and Service Centre - Chatswood

    Fully open now, I collected my car this morning. They are super busy with deliveries.
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I have my car now. Collected it this morning from Chatswood. To say I’m impressed is an under statement. Updated the software and waiting to go for a drive. I’m confined to home for a little while due to knee surgery but am looking forward to another drive longer than 10 minutes 😂
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Wow thanks for that. I'm impressed with what she achieved. My car guy buddies are really not that happy with my choice of vehicle, saying that things like this are no longer possible, and that I should stick with traditional products from legacy car makers blah blah blah. I get the feeling that...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Guys, I'm super excited. My M3LR is booked in for delivery next Wednesday. Yee ha!!!
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    Northern Sydney Showroom and Service Centre - Chatswood

    Ooh, my pickup is going to be here in March! Just waiting for a firm date.........
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    Can anyone recommend a good tyre inflator?

    Didn't know this existed, thanks! I will pick one up from Bunnings. I already have many batteries/tools for this system.
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Ah very interesting to learn about those differences, many thanks....
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Interesting. My M3LR is probably onboard given the estimates of a delivery date from Tesla. So if I get a China sourced vehicle versus a US one, am I concerned, happy or neither? I'm new to all this stuff............
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    New M3LR Owner (well almost!)

    Thanks to everyone for helping the newbie. This is definitely another option to consider. I’m not going to be doing too many kilometres normally so I should be able to top off easily on single phase 15a. If this turns out to be unsuitable or annoying slow I can get this socket installed without...
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    New M3LR Owner (well almost!)

    Thanks for the input on the wall chargers guys. I have 15kW of solar and 10kW house battery so would be keen to get the most value out of that. Initially I thought I would just limit the charge current to stay within the capabilities of the inverter in the house battery. I will definitely look...
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    New M3LR Owner (well almost!)

    Thanks everybody for the replies so far. The insurance with GIO is by far the best quote I've had, just over $1k depending on features selected. I'm sure I would have eventually tried GIO but you saved me a bunch of time stuffing around online. As for home charger, the Tesla wall charger is...
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    New M3LR Owner (well almost!)

    Good Morning All, My M3LR is in transit and should be delivered around the first week of March. I took advantage of the insane used car pricing and sold my old dinosaur 2014 Commodore SSV Ute for 80% of what I paid for it. Crazy stuff, as it almost paid for half of the Tesla. Just starting to...

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