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    What is the difference between Tow Hitch ($1000) and Tow Package ($1300) on Model Y

    the side benefit of doing it after, is that you get to keep the 'non-hitch' aluminum bumper that gets replaced with the hitch version.
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    Tesla Blind Spot Monitor

    This is a typical response of people who don't realise how they drive. If you are a good driver you have a pretty good awareness of the cars 100m in front of you and 100m behind you. With experience you know how fast each car is most likely to go, and what their next behaviors will be. This...
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    Tesla Blind Spot Monitor

    just set your mirrors so you don't have a blind spot. How To Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots
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    EV6 GT gets track mode out of the box and yet the Y still doesn't....

    when will you ever need it, really? are you truly going to track your Model Y or EV6? it's mostly for dick waving competition.
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    Ford says no more dealer markup...

    they don't do them as markup. They do them as 'dealer installed features' such as Scotchguard on seats, nitrogen filled tires, plastic door protectors, and pinstripes for $2,000 -$3,000 that you can't get off. They'll throw in mats for another $1,000.
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    Tow hitch bike rack for model y

    Yes. you need to have the hitch receptacle. If you do buy it, make sure you keep your old bumper.
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    Accepted Delivery of MYP 22' this weekend. Your thoughts on the fit and finish?

    sorry dude, I'm not a fanboi. I could care less. I've bought enough cars in my day, to know that this is an OCD behavior. Yes it's not perfect, but unless you are buying an early 90's Lexus, nothing is. Every manufacturer has their issues, Tesla's are just more publicized because more people...
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    Accepted Delivery of MYP 22' this weekend. Your thoughts on the fit and finish?

    did you pay as much attention to any other car you bought?
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    Just sold my Model Y - Parting thoughts

    just did a 2 day trip Central NJ - Poughkeepsie, NY - Providence RI and back in my MYLR. (4people in the car) Wouldn't lie that I didn't have range anxiety on the way there. Charged fully @home. The routing to the first supercharger (between Poughkeepsie and Providence in Meriden was a bit...
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    Tow hitch bike rack for model y

    i got Trimax RoadMax tray for 4 bikes. used it few times on the ModelY. I don't really have heavy bikes so the whole 160lbs issue is not relevant.
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    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Have 2 EVs (MY + i3). May consider MINI electric or Kona Electric for a teenager. Not into switching cars every 2-3 years for the latest and greatest.
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    Preconditioning for fast charging, worth it?

    Here's an example. past weekend we were low so searched for superchargers. One turned out to be around the corner from where i was (didn't know the area well) @ WaWa. Didn't get a chance to 'precondition'. 250kW supercharger maxed out at 72kW. Lef it after a few minutes to go to a far away...
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    Can I ignore messages about scheduling my delivery?

    of course you can ignore messages about scheduling your delivery. Perfectly ok. Just like it will be OK for tesla to cancel your order.
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    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    Listen, everyone is raising prices for their cars. At least Tesla is not charging $1800 market adjustment appearance package (side pinstripes, door guards and some ScotchGuard on the seats) fee for an Ioniq 5 as many dealers in central jersey do. (and most have 5+ Ioniq 5's on the lot). Is MY...
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    How do the car know what is home?

    you should set your home when you are in the garage, on your home wifi. 200-400m for the 'home'location is too far. Homelink closes within 10-15m, mirrors unfold similarly within about 30m. The car knows home location pretty well. GPS is accurate to about with 1m. Unless you are in a...
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    2022 Model Y Took delivery today

    it's seat belts. annoying as hell, but it's seatbelts.
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    Wall box brand chargers, any experiences?.

    it looks like an older version of Juicebox. eMotorWerks Juicebox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station 40A | eBay
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    Wall box brand chargers, any experiences?.

    have juicebox (had an older version in the other house). It works well for 2 electric cars (positioned it between my MY & i3). you can get it with 20 or 25' cables.
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    2022 Model Y Initial Impressions

    Don't understand the blind spot warning complaints. 1. there is visualization (big red car, if you are color blind it may be an issue) on the screen when the car is in your blind spot and you have your turn signal on. 2. set your mirrors correctly. there should not be a blind spot (ever)...
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    Model Y now unaffordable for most of us

    I believe you can't say 'good bye' to the company that you never were a customer of. However, I agree with you that the price is high. When I got my Model Y about 18 months ago, I paid about $13k less than what it is now (8k price difference, 5k NJ rebate). I do not think i would have gotten...
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    MYP Red Calipers No Longer Available?

    they won't take out red calipers. Those reduce stopping distance by 25 ft.... they may put on yellow though. those reduce another 3.5 ft from stopping distance.
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    Home charging advice

    You could also get a ccs juice box or similar and use Tesla provided ccs adapter. That way if you want to use the full power of 14-50 while getting the added benefit of having a common charging infrastructure that could be added selling point for rental/sales.
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    Bad news for those who delayed until 1/1

    actually they do. there are a lot of laws being passed by both parties. It's usually big, convoluted bills that do this. The country was founded on the premise 'do no harm.' The idea was to complicate the government so much that only common, consensus laws get passed. Anything that's...
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    Common everyone. This is purely dependent on your config. If your config is common enough for your area (delivery center or centers if you are in dense enough area), there will probably be a chance you will be delayed as there are enough takers for the same car. If your config is somewhat...
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    I think someone said it already. If you have a common config (hardware, not FSd) that a Tesla center has a line of a dozen (or more) people who are waiting, I’m sure that center wouldn’t have a problem doing a little local switch. However, if your configuration is not common and the delivery...
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    USB device malfunction

    Your sentry usb stick may be full. First take it out, plug it back in. If it doesn’t solve the issue, Take it out, delete some of the older videos. That should solve it. The usb was relocated to glovebox from center cinsole fire newer y’. So that’s why the message is center cinsole.
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    Model Y, no blind spot warning?

    didn't read all 5 pages, but you really should not have a blind spot in your mirrors if you set them up right.
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    former BMW owners

    Have had BMWs for past 20 years (328, x3, X1(s), X4, currently i3). Also have Model Y. The driving dynamic of Tesla is similar to BMW. Interiors of BMW's are more 'luxurious' for whatever that means, but I have no issues with Tesla. There is a difference driving between EV and ICE, but the...
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    Model Y SR factory installed hitch bike rack recommendations

    anyone has had experience with the tri-max tray? https://www.amazon.com/Road-Max-RMBR4-4-Bike-Carrier/dp/B010SX2UNI? It's light so should be able to deal with the weight of the 4 bikes.

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