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  1. Prowler

    About that "yoke" steering wheel

    This is like going from Windows 7 to Windows 8. People did not get used to it , so they switch bake to Classic widows style look and user friendly functions.
  2. Prowler

    Base vs Founders

    He was talking about a 2020 edition not the 2025 edition. "Is the Spacex package included on founders series? Fingers crossed for my founders 2020 roadster to include it!"
  3. Prowler

    Blog Musk Thinks SpaceX Can Send Humans to Mars by 2026

    I think maybe the Moon by 2026 but not Mars. Mars maybe 2030.
  4. Prowler

    Did I invest too much?

    Yep but you are saving interest by paying cash. So it's like investing in stocks but just a sure thing of a payback. Tesla stocks doing good today but you never know what's in the future. You know interest will be there and how much will be there, if you borrow money. So buying with cash is a...
  5. Prowler

    Did I invest too much?

    In October of this year I bought a fully loaded 2016 P100DL for $71k from Tesla. Loaded with FSD but MCU 1. Came with 4 year warranty. I am happy with the purchase. Sounds like you got about as good as deal as I did. I got the premium connectivity but no free super charging or an MCU 2. If I...
  6. Prowler

    Model S Performance

    Buy a used Performance from Tesla now and then upgrade to plaid when it comes out. This is what I just did. Saved $40,000+ and the car is just as good as new. Low miles, 4 yr warranty. When the plaid come out , I will have $40,000 more dollars to buy it
  7. Prowler

    End of Year Surprise

    For me. I just bought a used one and the 4 year warranty was what got me to buy. If they had only 1 year like they do this month, I don't think I would have bought. $80,000+ for a car with 1 year warranty, would be a no go.
  8. Prowler

    MCU1 updates on hold/ended?

    MCU1 with AP3 and just got 2020.40.9.2 today: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PAD69JTLnrenUEEJ7
  9. Prowler

    MCU 1 gets new update

    Finally today, thanksgiving, I have something to be thankful for. Got a new update on my MCU 1 model S. Went from 36.11 to 40.9.2 . Has anyone else got this yet? https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mmf4MnQWwUBcpraK7
  10. 2020.40.9.2


    Update 2020.40.9.2
  11. Prowler

    Trade-In Estimate

    The car did not depreciate that much. You can not compare depreciation to what you bought it for retail, to what u can sell it for whole sale. Apples to oranges.
  12. Prowler

    POLL: When will "Quantum Leap" FSD be released to the HW3 fleet?

    I think Q4 2021. I hope it happens sooner of course. But we know it will take at least a few months of testing in beta and then it might need a couple more months to fix bugs. So I figured Q4 2021 was a pretty safe bet. Also safer for the entire public for it to be tested thoroughly. I hope...
  13. Prowler

    Repair Cost

    Get a can of white spray paint and do the best you can.
  14. Prowler

    Does Tesla have Black Friday Sales?

    How long has the MCU 2 been out? Is it almost time for MCU 3 and HW 4. Hate to get MCU 2 then a few months later a better one comes out.
  15. Prowler

    Does Tesla have Black Friday Sales?

    When u got the MCU 2 did they also upgrade the dashboard to the newest one. I have a 2016 and would also like the new dash.
  16. Prowler

    Does Tesla have Black Friday Sales?

    Does Tesla ever do Black Friday sales, where maybe we get something on sale , like the MCU 2 upgrade for cheaper ?
  17. Prowler

    2017-2020 P100D differences

    I just bought a 2016 P100D for $70k from Tesla.. More than happy with saving the $40k compared to a new one. Not enough difference to make up $40k. Had 30k miles, Ludicrous+, FSD with HW-3, premium connectivity , Sun Roof, 4 year warranty. Car is just like new. I have MCU 1 but I also have FM...
  18. Prowler

    Fair price for Model 3 Performance FSD with only 4,716 miles and many extras ?

    On the Tesla site you can get a used 2020 FSD with 5,000 or so miles on it for about $55k. No free super charging but unless u travel a lot , dont need. Most charging at home.
  19. Prowler

    FS: Sealed Gen2 Matte Black HPWC Wall Charger 24 ft

    How do I pay you for this. I dont know how to PM you. Is this new in box or used ?
  20. Prowler

    After seeing the FSD videos, do you think it will work well on MCU1 cars?

    I'm thinking MCU is just the screen and HW 3 runs and drives the car. MCU 1 just wont be able to 'see' the same things MCU 2 'sees' but the HW 3 will continue to drive the car the same, regardless on what screen you have.
  21. Prowler

    Gen 2 HPWC (Wall Connector)

    Will you do $500 shipped ?
  22. Prowler

    Full Self Driving "Capability"

    I'm thinking if u just bought it from Tesla then it should have HW3 in it already if it is FSD. this month I just bought a model S from Tesla and got HW3 but only has MCU-1. Check your software and see what updates it's on. Mine was not up to date. Also you must set up FSD in the menus. Once...
  23. Prowler

    Trade-In Estimate

  24. Prowler

    Destination Charge

    I am thinking of getting new car for wife but not sure new or pre-owed new. I can get one with 3200 miles on it for $5,000 cheaper than new but it has a $2,000 destination charge but I dont see were new ones have that. Can anyone tell me if new cars have a destination charge added to them.? That...
  25. Prowler

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    How do u clear the nav list ?
  26. Prowler

    Gen 2 HPWC (Wall Connector)

    How long of charge cable ?
  27. Prowler

    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    what is the tow limit of the model 3 ?
  28. Prowler

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    I have the FSD./MCU1.and it seems to work ok to me. Never had MCU 2 so can't compare. Screen is a little slow while recording but not worth $2500 and tax. When next year it will be time to trade in for the Plaid MS. Then u can get all the newest bells and whistles.
  29. Prowler

    Blog Tesla Software Update Improves Speed Limit Sign Detection

    I have a MS with FSD/MCU1 and can see the speed limit sign in the dash when the speed limit changes. I don't know if it reading the sign or gets that info from the GPS maps. I notice it takes a while sometimes for it to change to the new speed limit. When it comes to taking a curve in the road...
  30. Prowler

    Supported USB File Types

    MP3 is good. Can you play MP3 on MCU-1 ?
  31. Prowler

    Tesla Gen 2 Charger Bundle

    We'll I am confused then according to the link you sent for this item it said : Max power output of 1.3kW Charging speeds between 2-3 miles of range per hour So this would not give 24 miles per charge. So maybe you sent me wrong link to item for sale. ?
  32. Prowler

    Tesla Gen 2 Charger Bundle

    So 6 or 11 or so amps of charging ?
  33. Prowler

    Tesla Gen 2 Charger Bundle

    How long it the cord ?
  34. Prowler

    MCU2 upgrade possible after FSD upgrade?

    So HW 3 will work on MCU 1 ? Why would you want MCU 2 and lose FM radio ?
  35. Prowler

    Base vs Founders

    Should go with a chrome wrap, not a chrome delete.
  36. Prowler

    Processing time for wire deposit?

    It took mine 2 days to show.
  37. Prowler

    Who needs a roadster when you have model s plaid?

    If the Plaid is as fast as the roadster and cheaper, I'll go with the plaid. I have a need for speed. Gotta keep up with the 1,000 hp cars out there today.
  38. Prowler

    What is *Actually* Involved in the Upgrade from Insane to Ludicrous?

    Do all P100d come with ludicrous mode. Looking on their sale web site all P100d have Ludicrous.
  39. Prowler

    MCU2 Benefits

    NO AM / FM radio :(
  40. Prowler

    Tire pressure warning

    Thank you for info.
  41. Prowler

    19" vs 21" wheels & tires

    Thank You for info.

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