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    Is it rude to ask?

    It’s unreasonable to expect someone to move their car mid meal, but between courses or once they have finished is fine. Personally when she came out to take a photo of the car I would have shouted over and asked her if she would be long, seeing how the car was already at 95% charge. Tell her...
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    Model 3 Windscreen chipped on edge

    Anyone ever used Clearplex? Clearplex - Reep Bristol
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    Is your best friend a 3 pin plug?

    I plan to install a 32A commando socket at both sets grandparents houses. The kids love the Tesla, and the grandparents love seeing their grandchildren, does mean I’ll have no excuses for not visiting them often
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    New Model 3 Key Fob

    Isn’t that what the key card is for? A backup in case your phone dies or is lost? Or do you leave the house without your key card?
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    Supercharger Woes...

    If all the other stalls are taken, model 3 owners will just have to wait their turn, first come first served and all that. Plus the model S and Xs are the premium models that cost twice as much, why should they move mid charge? I wouldn’t move until my charge is complete.
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    Model 3 De-chrome / chrome delete advice

    As long as it’s been fitted properly, then jet washing will be fine. Don’t get the jet washer too close to the wrap or the paint work, as if there are any lifts or chips in the paint work, the force of the jet washer will lift the wrap and or the paint work.
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    Apple Music

    Hi, Can any of the lucky M3 owners let me know what the sound quality is like when listening to Apple Music over Bluetooth. I can’t the bothered to transfer music to a USB drive, as I like to change up my music selection often, the ideal solution would be to connect an iPod, but failing that...
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    Model 3 collection - Paint issues / scratches / stone chips etc.. You have 100 miles to report.

    When you collect your car, if you don’t feel you have been given enough time to fully look round the car for defects, instead of driving all the way home, just drive round the corner park up and fully check the car over. Take pictures, videos. I would then drive the car straight back to them...
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    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    I like these matts for the boot (trunk), they cover the entire boot and also folds to allow access to the lower section.
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    Sentry Mode - disk filling up fast!

    Try this to help search through the unless clips.
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    360 degree camera

    Here you go:
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    Paint Protection Film - Worth It?

    PPF isn't for everyone. For some people the car is just a tool to get them from A to B, it doesn't matter if it is clean on the inside or outside, they may clean it on special occasions. For others it's their prime and joy, and they clean it and keep it spotless. Some people are concerned...
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    Tesla model 3 performance - Test drive results

    I think a lot of these concerns re the P+ must be coming from guys who are currently driving around in slower family type cars and rightly so, you are concerned with the 20" wheels, low profile tyres and the harsher suspension. The price of the P+ is such that a lot of people would have said...
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    Tesla model 3 performance - Test drive results

    My thoughts exactly, I can't think of a single time I have driven a car in silence and listened to the road / outside noise. When I test drove the model X, I was more interested in the quality of the premium sound system, than the tyre noise. Remember with EVs you will hear more outside noise...
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    External Wrap?

    There’s a couple of places you could try, done model S & Xs, so are used to working on Tesla’s. check out their YouTube vids. https://khazcustoms.co.uk/ Yiannimize Instead of wrapping have you thought about PPF? You can get it done in gloss, satin or matt which will protect the paintwork...
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    UK Rental.

    I recently used Home | 3F EV - UK's Foremost Tesla Rental Company to hired a 6 seater X. or you can try EVision Electric Car Hire - Luxury Electric Vehicles
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    Model 3 now eligible for OLEV charge point install

    I like the look of this charger Premium Electric Car Charging Points for Home or Business | Andersen I guess it depends on if your car and charger is in a closed garage where no one will see it or if it will be outside and seen, in which case it has to at least look good. A lot of the chargers...
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    Supercharger Idle fees

    Thank you.
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    Supercharger Idle fees

    I pick up a model X in a couple of weeks, quick question re idle fees at the Superchargers (sorry if this has already been covered). I know if you over stay at a super charger I will be charged, but how is it worked out? Does it only start once the battery is full? Or from what is recommend as...
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    UK Hire

    Hi, I’m looking to hire a Tesla for a few days and was wondering if any of you have used any of these companies or if you have any recommendations? Electric Car Hire, Rental and Tesla Chauffeur Service in London – EV Go Home | 3F EV - UK's Foremost Tesla Rental Company EVision Electric Car...
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    Windscreen replacement...

    Shouldn’t the recalibration be all part of the replacement windscreen service? I just had my windscreen on my Mercedes E350 replaced through my insurance via Auto Windscreens, they came out and replaced the screen, then made an appointment for me with Mercedes to recalibrate the camera with no...
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    Newbie pre purchase Model S question.

    Valid points guys - thanks. The only reason I was thinking a used MS with free supercharging was that I would love to do a 3 week European road trip (been watching too many You Tube videos), taking in Euro Disney, Monaco, over to Barcelona, then on to Malaga via Valencia and back home via...
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    Newbie pre purchase Model S question.

    Actually thinking about it, it’s a very easy decision: get a MS now with free supercharging, enjoy it for a few years then when’s it’s time to change cars look at what EVs are available at that time. Unlike ICE cars, the evolution of EVs will be a lot quicker, so who knows what the landscape...
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    Newbie pre purchase Model S question.

    I’ve driven an X and a couple of S’s and like the way both drive. I decided a while ago on my next car to downsize the E350, I was going to get an C class Merc, then I got into the Tesla thing. The MS is as large if not larger than the E350 (but I do like everything about it) but the M3 may just...
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    Newbie pre purchase Model S question.

    I’m hoping to pop out and see the M3 this weekend.
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    Newbie pre purchase Model S question.

    Thanks for all the reply guys. After watching tons on YouTube videos from Tesla owners (both positive and negative) I know I will be very happy with a Tesla. My only decision now is do I spend £50k / £60k on a used MS or get a brand new M3 for the same money? I must say I do like the the fact...
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    Newbie pre purchase Model S question.

    Thanks for all the replies and advice guys - all taken on board. iPod integration would have been nice, but as long as the DAB radio works i think I'll be able to put up with any little imperfections.;) Just need to find the right car now.
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    Newbie pre purchase Model S question.

    Hi, So I’m thinking about purchasing a used Model S P85D, but have 2 main concerns (range fear or charging isn’t one of them) Build Quality: Having previously owned Porsche’s, BMWs and Mercedes, I’m currently driving a Mercedes E350. My first concern is the build quality. If I was spending £60...

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