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    Tesla mobile service replaced 12V lead acid battery

    Why $0 ?Is the 12V battery under warranty and for how long?
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    Sentry Mode (yes or no)

    Yes, I think so, the less videos the car downloads the lower the energy consumption
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    Sentry Mode (yes or no)

    Don't forget the new sentry mode option, the Camera-Based detection that can eliminate saving non important events
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    2023 Model 3 without USS and proximity functionality [park assist / summon not available]

    "Perhaps they are just going to assume the objects don’t move after they go out of view?" There is no other option and on one condition that we do not deal with cats and dogs and babies
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    Car Won't Lock When I Walk Away

    "It won't do it if you unlocked with the card on the pillar" Are you sure about that, I can't check right now because my Tesla is in service center
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    Let's not forget that Tesla is constantly collecting data from each car and will fix all these inconveniences
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    Auto high beams still comically bad

    How can I change the language of the Android Tesla app? I have default English language
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    Rear doors speakers - where to begin?

    What about Tesla service?
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    How can I install flashing/strobing brake lights ?

    I understand, for example we also haven't had the Sentry Mode for a long time because of all kinds of rules
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    How can I install flashing/strobing brake lights ?

    Tesla update 2022.36.4 "If you are driving over 50 km/h (31 mph) and brake forcefully, the brake lights will now flash quickly to warn other drivers that your car is rapidly slowing down. If your car stops completely, the hazard warning lights will flash until you press the accelerator or...
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    Did you notice that I also own a Tesla an I love it ? :) In my opinion something like automatic turn signals should be in the first model of Tesla because it is a self-evident thing in every vehicle
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    And look how we admire and fascinate the obvious things we've had in internal combustion cars for a long time
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    Young Driver Restrictions

    "While Speed Limit Mode is enabled, the acceleration setting (Controls > Pedals & Steering > Acceleration) automatically sets to Chill."
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    Leaving car at a shop. Tips?

    Please read to the end: "However, if a Bluetooth-paired device or a known Wi-Fi network is within range, Model 3 connects to it."
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    Leaving car at a shop. Tips?

    Who said that the bluetooth is disabled ?
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    Leaving car at a shop. Tips?

    From the manual: Valet Mode When Model 3 is in Valet mode, the following restrictions apply: Speed is limited to 113 km/h. Maximum acceleration and power are limited. Front trunk and glovebox are locked. Home and Work locations are not available in the navigation system. Voice commands are...
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    Air drag & Tire drag?

    So try a different mode, sport or standard depending on what you have there and see if that helps :)
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    Air drag & Tire drag?

    And of course you are not in chill mode
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    Getting a bit cheesed off with software glitches

    Most of our friends here think that you own the best car in the world despite all the bugs and your disappointment and inconvenience. It's very hard to be Tesla fan. Friends, he ask how to solve his issue !
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    Seat destroyed by dog

    You should say seat eaten by dog 😅 😂🤣
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    3-pin charging with extension lead.

    It switches automatically but you can limit the input more
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Delayed Charging?

    Poor thing, so long you had to suffer
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    Apple Carplay with a WIFI Box

    Here a good review
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    Battery health test

    Look here and here
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    3 months unplugged & unused - minimal battery loss!

    On the net there are so many debates and discussions and recommendations on this topic and what you say disproves all the skeptics. Thanks for sharing
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    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    I use it as well as sunshades for the roof every summer
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    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    I use it and also roof sunshield during every summer
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    Why do so many Tesla owners back in to park?

    And that is the only reason
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    Sentry Mode while on holiday

    The new 2022.36.6 update show how much juice the car lose in park include sentry mode. You need to do some math :)
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    Vendor FullShade - The First Retractable Roof Sunshade for Tesla Mode 3 and Model Y

    And on Aliexpress it's exist for long time and maybe cheaper
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    Tesla Making Unapproved Changes

    Tesla says "We may update or modify the software contained in your Vehicle from time to time, and we may do this remotely without notifying you or seeking your consent"
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    Suspension + Rough Road Question?

    Sorry, but you will suffer very uncomfortable drive especially if you have 19" or 20" wheels :(
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    Any success stories using Romance mode?

    Because she/he was afraid from the internal camera ! . Disable it ! HaHaHa
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    [uk impact] Tesla Vision - Removal of UltraSonic Sensors

    Prayers will not help. They will disable ultrasonic sensors in all car with these sensors already installed
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    is it normal to take 10mins for car to initialise from start !

    Did you tried to call the Scarecrow (Tesla service )
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    is it normal to take 10mins for car to initialise from start !

    He wrote "thanks, i've tried the reboot but next day same issue !" That means he got out and back in again :)
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    The good and the bad. I have just done 25,000 miles over the past two years in a Model 3.

    What bothers me the most is the suspension and uncomfortable driving on bumpy roads
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    Not able to access YouTube TV through the YouTube app

    Google services ? Can someone send a picture?
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    Cabin Overheat Protection v. Off Peak Charge

    You can set the overheat protection on NO A/C
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    Radar getting turned off on Model 3/Y with 2022.20.9

    I'm on 2022.20.8, does that means I'm still on radar ?
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    M3 Frunk

    I don't remember when I opened it last time :)
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    Water Under Car

    May be the heat pump was activated, its work like A/C
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    green light chime volume too low

    You are lucky :) I don't have this option at all although the 2022.20.8 update :(
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    Green traffic light chime now available without FSD

    I think I have, my Tesla is model 3 SR 2021 mic The "Additional vehicle information " says " Autopilot Computer: Full self-driving computer"
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    Green traffic light chime now available without FSD

    I have the same update 2022.20.8 but there is no Green Traffic Light Chime option in the Autopilot menu ?
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    Try the 2022.20.5 update for Israel "This feature only applies to Israel. Sentry Mode has been added with some minor modifications to support local laws (no sound when the alarm sounds). If you already have Sentry Mode, it will continue to be available as it was before." 😅
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    Seriously. What is your max amount you'd pay for EAP?

    In my country the RWD M3 19 inch white interior costs more than 71K US$. Why should I pay more dollars for silly options as the EAP ?!
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    Rumor I'm starting: Next update to include twitter app

    A park with many seats and trees 😂🤣😅
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    New member here, wanted to correct a typo but couldn't figure how...

    I think there is no such option :(
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    [Repair] Just bumped into someone in the car park…

    When you finish please show us the final effect :)

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