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    Holee molee, VANCOUVER!

    There was a time when we would count the number of EVs per car trip. We stopped doing that some years ago. On a recent bus trip between Tel Aviv and Haifa I counted over 40 Tesla
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    MAD at Tesla - Will have to bring them to court.

    I'm sorry that you were suckered by someone who sold you a rebuilt car. But I'm glad that Tesla is protecting other owners and their own supercharging stations by not feeding supercharger levels of energy into previously wrecked vehicles. It certainly sounds like they were trying to...
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    Best charger setup for Canadian winters (can't park in garage)

    #1 but with an EVSE like the Tesla and run it under the door. Better protected, reusable and who knows, you might make space in your garage to fit the Tesla. We did...
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    Supercharging in Western NY vs Ontario?

    It depends on how far out of the way you want to go to save a couple bucks... (at best)
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    2018 M3 LR Range and Warranty

    That's about 90% of the original range, which is slightly lower than I would have expected. But on the other hand the temperatures are lower, and you are driving at 30 km/h over the limit. So, meh?
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    Gifting TSLA shares to family members / minor children - Canadian Edition

    You could ask the CRA or an accountant, but to the best of my knowledge, either a change of ownership or a death of the owner within Canadian tax law is considered to be a disposition of assets and is thus a taxable event. The capital gains on the disposition would be based on the adjusted...
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    Eastern Ontario Whatsapp Group

    Meh, Facebook. 'nuff said
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    Charging at 12amps

    Worst case is that you push the draw above the 80% nominal but below the trip level of the breaker. This would cause overheating and potentially lead to your house burning down. The electrical code is there for a reason...
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    Ontario putting $91-Million toward electric vehicle chargers at rest stops, parks

    Like the last one, I'd bet this budget will line the pockets of someones friends...
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    14-50R in Canada

    Try an electrical supply business like Nedco | Wholesale Electrical Supply Distributor for Commercial and Residential Electricians
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    WTB - Gen 2 Tesla Wall charger

    I'm personally comfortable with the software based configuration. I do agree that there is a lot of value in the extremely simple hardware switch selection when you are wiring it up. The breaker, branch wire gauge and the device all have to match for safety reasons. Giving some ignorant...
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    WTB - Gen 2 Tesla Wall charger

    Check the manual for the gen 3 again, source circuit configuration is part of the commissioning process. https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/support/charging/Gen3_WallConnector_Installation_Manual.pdf
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    work from home - battery degredation?

    Our M3 has gone from 450km per week pre COVID to groceries and parents. Battery is fine, no obvious degradation. With the price of gas, you‘d be … unwise …. To get an ICE.
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    Can sr+ reach from Barries to Huntsville Arrow head provincial park in -30c ?

    Try A Better Routeplanner with your car configured and -22F / -30C set as the temperature. It suggests if you start at 100% you'll arrive with 42%. Could be a good test? 🤔
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    Model 3 LR cracked glass, defective?

    We had roof glass damage on delivery in 2018 and Tesla did replace the panel free of charge. However, we did get a star crack from a rock in the front windshield. I’ve filled it with the hope that we’ll get a few more seasons before it gets bad enough to require a replacement. The problem...
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    What's the diff between Streaming and Spotify

    Tesla streaming is/was Slacker. There are a few threads about it on the forum that you can find if you use the search box, or google.
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    M3 Windshield Replacement GTA

    I'd be interested in third parties too. There's definitely money in it. $1400 from Tesla. 🤯 I patched our starburst cracks using a $20 resin kit.
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    Tesla charger question(s)

    There were/are short adapter extensions for the portable charger that Tesla sells on their store. Unfortunately they do tend to be out of stock pretty regularly. The wall charger has a manual...
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    The jack pads are on Amazon for about $30-35 right now. We quiet like our TuxMat | The Ultimate Car Mat With Max Coverage
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    sentry live mode not available in Canada

    We don't have that version of the software yet? Or it might be like the summon mode; local regulations.
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    Anyone remember the Model 3 LR specs prior to recent update?

    The original 2018 LR M3 was 510 km. 12% in three years isn't anything to sneer at ...
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    Gifting my M3 to my spouse and buying a second to get second tax write off , anyone done it?

    We received the old 8500 rebate for our Smart and the 14k rebate for our M3. No issues. Both cars in my name. No idea about the corporate side. Talk to your account rather than a random collection of dogs on the inter webs. ;->
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    Experience with charging on 120V outlet in winter

    The first 6 months (Mar-Aug) we had our Smart (17 kW battery) we charged on 120V in an attached garage. Overnight. My wife was doing 33 km round trips and this was fine. But the LR has a big battery so worst case you could zip over to the SC and top up. Don't leave the car on sentry mode ;)...
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    Upgrade from SR (354km) to SR+

    Does anyone actually own a "Standard Range" Model 3?
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    LR M3 Suspension problems

    We had a rattle early on with our LR and they fixed it under warranty. Make an appointment and have them look at it.
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    Bell Home hub 4000 and 2021 Model 3

    WIFI (radio) is attenuated by a variety of materials including concrete, metal cladding (like under older floor tile installs), antenna orientation. Actually seeing the SSID is not a good proxy for signal strength.
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    Ontario home charger

    There's definitely lots of threads with stuff like this in them. I can't speak to current costs (pardon the pun), as we had our charger installed 7 years ago. You'll need a dedicated circuit for a 14-50 receptacle, or 6-50 or similar. We have a 40A circuit in a 100A panel with a J1772 EVSE...
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    toronto to montreal in model 3 standard range+. which supercharger station to use to get to Montreal fastest ?

    We've always had good success with Belleville. Lots of chargers, walk over to starbucks and back will fill the car. Washrooms in the mall. Cornwall. have a look at A Better Routeplanner
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    12V Battery life in Ontario, Canada, colder areas

    Toronto - June 2018, still fine.
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    Adding a charger to my 100 amp panel

    We've been using a 240V 40A circuit to charge both our Model 3 and Smart. It'd been working fine for seven years.
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    No more TOU electricity in ON! Charge whenever you want

    We always used the car to start charging after 7pm. So we always charge at lowest TOU. Much cheaper.
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    No more TOU electricity in ON! Charge whenever you want

    You switch back to TOU if you were on it before, unless you opt out.
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    Ontario electricity billing change: TOU or tier for EV charging?

    While we only tend to use 650-850 max per month, including charging, it still looks to me like TOU is cheaper if you do most of your EV charging overnight. The car can be set to charge at particular times, so there is little of an inconvenience. When I ran the numbers for us it was on the...
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    No more TOU electricity in ON! Charge whenever you want

    Like others, our main usage is very much off peak, at least 75% now, and it was more when work involved the daily commute. Even now TOU is cheaper, with the possible exception of summer AC. I see a solar installation in our future... TOU favours the EV owner who uses their vehicle.
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    0-60 times

    Yah, it's because of the cold. Or it could be that unlike the other 6.7 billion people on the planet, the US continues to use a confusing medieval measuring system that is even today defined in terms of the metric system. "1 Mile is 1,760 yards, and standardised as exactly 1,609.344 metres...
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    Help needed planning route! (Rural Manitoba)

    Assuming its about 285km from Portage La Prairie to your destination, that seems possible if you drive modestly. Recently, with our LR on highway we did ~225km starting from 90% (~450km) and leaving 100km range in the battery at the supercharger. I wasn't driving cautiously :) With Aeros and...
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    No CSA sticker on wall connector

    The device is certified. cULus - E351001 UL and CSA test to a harmonized standard. https://www.emerson.com/documents/automation/white-paper-difference-between-ccsaus-certified-culus-listed-there-none-appleton-en-4959952.pdf If you are still concerned, have the electrician install a 14-50...
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    Quebec - charger recommendation

    We have an older Flo unit that has been solid for five years. Plus it's local QC company. The Clipper Creek units have a very good reputation.
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    Smelly AC

    Can't say I've noticed that, but maybe replace the air filters and spray the air intake with some AC cleaning spray? Mazda always did that for us when they serviced our old car. I'm sure Tesla would do the same.
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    Silly question

    There are a set of 10 Tesla chargers in the Metro Hall underground parking (NOT Roy Thompson Hall, next door). If that's near where you need to be, it will be "free" with parking, and quick. We've used it lots of times.
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    Am I being overly cautious?

    The old provincial program had an automatic claw back of the rebate if you sold your car within a year. This is to protect taxpayer money from buyers gaming the system.kl
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    Need advice from experienced owners

    Value in snow: 90% Snow Tires, 10% AWD. That said, our 3 LR RWD was just fine in the winter for 120km round trips. With snow tires
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    NIAGARA/HALDIMAND - Electrician required

    We've used standard J1772 chargers with the adapter for over six years. Our first Eaton unit (discontinued) is now at my folks place and we currently use an early version of the Flo commercial chargers. Both have worked fine on 40A circuits (28-30A to the Tesla). The Gen3 Tesla unit looks...
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    $200 Registration Fee in Ontario - What does this get me?

    They are just passing along the government fees. And yes, unfortunately, if it isn't just past your birthday you get hosed.
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    Pricing changes / new budget incentives?

    Federally it seems unlikely, as it would only feed the hysteria.
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    is 2020.12 software update available for Canadian model 3?

    Releases are frequently done in staggered releases and generally require a solid WIFI connection. There are a whole bunch of other variables: Model Version of computer(s) Purchased packages (e.g. FSD) Random things that only Tesla knows Whether you have "Advanced" releases selected in the...
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    Underground Overnight Parking

    WiFi is definitely preferred. Even in the garage of our detached home the car will generally only download the update over wifi. While it has used 3G in the past, I'm pretty sure they try to avoid it.
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    Wall charger price

    While I'm always pro "buy quality", I just want to add that in 6 years our 6-50 (no neutral) garage receptacle has been unplugged/plugged no more than 10 times. Three of those were for ESA inspections.
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    First Time Model 3 Purchase in BC - Some Questions

    1. That extra $10k turns into more because you would lose the federal rebate. [longer range, better acceleration, somewhat better road holding, better sound system, better internet connectivity, rear heated seats] 2. I *think* you can do it any time up to the point you do the order 3. NSM...

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