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    12-volt battery: Proactive fix (Replacement)

    I was on 12 volt battery number 4 when Tesla took my car back. There is no DIY that I was able to find. No one would touch the car,
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    Tesla Lemon Model S owner Rebuttal to Tesla's Blog Post

    I am not keen about replying to Tesla's anonymous post. If I don't reply, I assumed to be wrong. If I do reply, I will be attacked by many of Tesla's fans who will never let the facts get in the way. I do know that my issues with my Tesla and how Tesla is treating me are not unique. There are...
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    Tesla Lemon Model S owner Rebuttal to Tesla's Blog Post

    Read: Lemon Law Attorney Rebuttal to Tesla's Blog Post I thought this link makes for an interesting read. It is a concise comment. http://thelawaccordingtovincemegna.blogspot.com
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    Hotel charging in Green Bay, WI?

    Call and ask if they have a 120 volt outlet you can use. 3 miles per hour (about 1 kWh). 75 miles per day. But with 200 miles to nearest SC, I would take a ICE, unless I was in GB for at least 3 days. Get PlugShare and you will find a few level 2 chargers. Like I said, take an ICE.
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    Muddy Brown when

    My battery appears to get a muddy color to it when the charge drops to around 50 miles.
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    Weird door handle problem

    What do you mean by won't unlock What do you mean by won't unlock? Handles won't present? Or when you pull on the handles, the car won't open?
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    Cold battery means not so super supercharge

    I have used a 120v outlet for months. It works quite well even in subzero weather. I have parked at friend's home, plugged into 120v and gone to bed. Next day, I have 1 kWh or 3 miles per hour. Battery is semi warm. Much easier than going to a SC with a cold battery. - - - Updated - - - It...
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    Storage recommendations and battery charging while away

    I would worry. My UMC failed while I was gone and if I had not checked I would have come home to a bricked battery.
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    Dead Calm

    Lemon technically is a nonconforming car. You do not have to have the same problem multiple times.
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    New front fender bolts today

    TSB and some new front fender bolts installed today by the Ranger. here are the pics
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    Should we picket dealerships?

    It would hurt all the folks who work at the dealer, so it is a "stupid" idea.
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    UMC got fried- anyone else experience this?

    My UMC failed when I was on vacation and TM sent me a new one. My neighbor came over and swapped the cables.
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    Carbon Tax

    Only the rich have the money to "trade". The poor never will. The rich get richer and the poor stay poor. Also, I would never suggest that money would be transferred from the poor to the rich. The poor have no money to be transfered, that is why they are poor.
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    Carbon Tax

    If you haven't been following the debate surrounding capping and trading emissions, you're missing out. Not only does it have implications for how our nation — and the world — produces energy; it has the potential to offer a myriad of opportunities for well-informed investors. According to a...
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    Carbon Tax

    rich will get richer and the poor will get screwed. Two major market-based options exist, and politicians around the world have largely settled on carbon trading. Understanding the reality of a "great" idea is the first step. Carbon emission trading Carbon emission trading - Wikipedia, the...
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    Carbon Tax

    Oh yeah, bring it on! More money to be made in the market!!!! The rich will get richer and the poor get left behind. I love the idea of a carbon tax!!!!!
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    methane, a potent greenhouse gas, Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, around 20 times more effective per molecule than carbon dioxide. An increased release from the ocean into the atmosphere could further intensify the greenhouse effect. Climate change and methane hydrates World Ocean Review...
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    Chicago to Lansing - charging options

    Just plug into a 120V outlet. You get 3 miles per hour of >70 miles per day. Also, the Angola, IN SC is only 90 miles one way from Lansing, MI. Do you know that? Also, have you even bothered to look on plugshare? There are dozens of J1772 chargers. please, do your due diligence before you...
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Great Lakes ice cover surges, most in 20 years!!! Great Lakes ice cover plunges and surges, with record still in sight The amount of the Great Lakes basin covered with ice topped 90% this week, the most in at least 20 years, according to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in...
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    Chicago to Lansing - charging options

    There are 2 SC in IN., what is your concern?
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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    Looks very busy! 3 cars!!!! No ICE and no snow.
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    Leaving it on the charger: wasted watts

    Just plug the MS in whatever plug you have and don't worry about it. :-)
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    2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, Seattle Area

    Clean trade in $2,800
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Mother Jones: Study Shows Global Warming May Cause More Rape Mother Jones: Study Shows Global Warming May Cause More Rape The phenomenon of global warming has been used to explain many things, but now Mother Jones is quoting a study saying it might cause more rapes of women.
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate????? A co-founder of Greenpeace told lawmakers there is no evidence man is contributing to climate change, and said he left the group when it became more interested in politics than the environment. Greenpeace co-founder: No...
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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    It is a brutal uphill drive as you discovered. My son lives in Rochester, MN.
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    Aurora Supercharger added

    What is the distinction between "private" charging at this SC and any other SC?
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    firearms storage

    Best approach is to ignore the haters who might not want to give a serious answer. Just don't reply to their posts and they will go away. Your question is legitimate. Ignore those who are "intolerant" of those with whom they don't agree. Just my opinion.
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    firearms storage

    Perfect spot for a Glock 26!
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    Well, I made it to Niagara Falls......Barely.

    You are my hero!!!! You go where no Tesla has gone before!
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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    Darn, there are hundreds of spots to the N and C employees to park, but they use the SC???
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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    Excellent point. - - - Updated - - - I agree. Not a big deal. But for a person who does "know" the area, it is a pain. Getting to the HP SC is a nut roll for anyone who does not know the area.
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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    Not at all. Running out of juice is never a good thing. If you are driving up 94 and don't want a side trip to HP, then it all makes sense.
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    Supercharger - Cheyenne, WY

    Agreed. California design?
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    we’re in for a period of global cooling s a war on for your mind! Here’s another anomaly. For the first times in decades, Lake Superior, the largest body of fresh water in the world, is predicted to freeze over this winter. A sheet of ice will form over the surface of the...
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    More charging coming to the Vegas strip...

    All it ever was designed to do.
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    More charging coming to the Vegas strip...

    If you need an hour to charge a Model S, the only place you can do it is SC. A J1772 will take a 12-14 hours
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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    Nice update! Have fun in Mexico!
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Scientists have found other indications of global cooling. In 1974, Time Magazine blamed the cold polar vortex on global cooling. Scientists have found other indications of global cooling.
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Another Ice Age? – TIME Another Ice Age? - TIME
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    Tech Rides Are Focus of Hostility in Bay Area

    and even worse, freedom of speech
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    Battery Care & Maintenance

    You use it exactly as it was designed to be used.
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    Supercharger - Cheyenne, WY

    Someone will hit one in time.
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    Supercharger - Cheyenne, WY

    Do you get snow at this spot? If you do, do you need to use snowplows? I see no way to plow the areas around the SC at this location.
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    Model S Faster then a new Corvette.

    Z06 will be a rocking ICE car.And the Z06 will have cylinder deactivation, a first of a car with a supercharger.
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    Model S Faster then a new Corvette.

    0-60 mph is fun, but dive into a corner at 140 mph and the Corvette will beat any model S. Do it 20 times in a row and the MS will simply not be able to stay on the track as the MS brakes will be too hot. And the MS motor/inverter will overheat after one lap. The C7 can do 1/4 mile runs all day...
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    Blackvue DR550HD Camera Issues

    That is what I found with my Blackvue.

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