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  1. fluxemag

    Model 3 OEM Rear Diffuser

    Selling a rear diffuser from my 2018 Model 3. Local pickup preferred but will ship for actual shipping cost. $80 plus shipping or free pick up
  2. fluxemag


    Hopefully it fixes the keep climate and remote climate failure I've had all winter. That's been super.
  3. fluxemag

    Failed to Turn on Climate

    Brought it in to service, they said it's a software problem and to just wait for the next 1 or 2 updates. Not a great outcome.
  4. fluxemag

    Failed to Turn on Climate

    I checked the climate controls and indeed, Keep Climate is not available due to a system fault. Service has been scheduled. What I've read is it's possibly a faulty temp/humidity sensor in the cabin. The app correctly shows the temperature though, so we'll see.
  5. fluxemag

    Failed to Turn on Climate

    Updated the app, restarted the phone and the car with no luck.
  6. fluxemag

    Failed to Turn on Climate

    I have 2019.40.50.7 (ad132c7b057e) and am no longer able to activate the climate control from the app. The first time I try it turns on and shows the red vents, but only for about 10 seconds before it shuts off. Subsequent attempts to turn it on from the app give me an error: Failed to Turn on...
  7. fluxemag

    POLL: Will you buy?

    It's just so, so bad. I have a Model 3 and had a Model S, and I'm increasingly convinced that FVH was a one trick pony at Tesla. The whole event was painful to watch, and I kept waiting for them to bring out the real one. Well, to be fair I don't know if the whole thing was painful, because I...
  8. fluxemag

    Continental EC DWS06 255/40 R18 tires on RWD M3

    It drives like a completely different car compared to the MXM4 stock tires. No more under steer, great traction in the rain and a lot more confidence in general. I can't really tell if the road noise has changed. I had the same tires on my AWD 4 series and Model S, they're especially good in...
  9. fluxemag

    Continental EC DWS06 255/40 R18 tires on RWD M3

    I bought Continental DWS06 245/45 earlier this month. It actually doesn't look that great to have the rubber sticking out past the rim. Going with a 40 series might stretch them a little, but 255 would look silly. If I had it to do over I would get the factory size 235/45. I can't tell what the...
  10. fluxemag

    Auto Pilot Is Dangerous

    That is clearly broken, I hope they fix it for you.
  11. fluxemag

    Tesla service center no loaner Tesla anymore?

    The valet service was the best! They came all the way out to my work, dropped off a loaded Model S, fixed my car and brought it back clean. No way they could support that with hundreds of thousands of cars on the road.
  12. fluxemag

    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    The number one factor for me would be warranty for a 2013. I had a 40 and it probably had $30k in warranty work in the 3 years I owned it. Like others have said, the battery will probably be in better condition on a 40 and with fewer miles. The upgrade to 60 at the current price is a no-brainer...
  13. fluxemag

    I3 Road Rage.

    Yes, if only guns were added to this situation. What a great idea
  14. fluxemag

    Another tragic fatality with a semi in Florida. This time a Model 3

    I had the "Full Self Driving" trial the last few weeks and I don't trust it over 25mph or stop and go traffic. On a straight 2 lane undivided highway I had it engaged going ~55mph when we came up to a tractor that was half on the road and half on the shoulder. It didn't see the tractor and I...
  15. fluxemag

    Latest Summons (across a busier lot) Video

    That is both very cool and completely unacceptable to use in a crowded lot. I'm sure it will improve with time.
  16. fluxemag

    Model 3 clicking sound near the rear wheel area

    I also have the same clicking noise. When I brought it in they said it was the brake pads moving within the caliper and that it was normal. I remain unconvinced. It doesn't really bother me and I have 3 years warranty left so I'll leave it alone for now.
  17. fluxemag

    BMW i8 same price as Model 3

    Just make sure your parents pay in cash to get you on the USC crew team.
  18. fluxemag

    POLL - LR RWD actual increase in range, or just software BS?

    My tires are also struggling for grip when before the update they did not. I'm always hard on the accelerator so I know that's a new thing. I'm old enough to remember when Tesla claimed the Model S 40 had a 160 mile range, which was more like 120 and displayed as 145.
  19. fluxemag

    Anyone have issues with Backup Camera going black?

    Yes, it seems to come and go depending on the software revision. This latest one appears to be in the "backup cam doesn't work right" camp.
  20. fluxemag

    Lost bass speakers and rear channels I only get a cyclic thump

    Three times in the last month, since I got the new software update, I've had all the rear speakers quit in the middle of a song. Reboot fixes it, so I'm pretty sure it's a software "feature".
  21. fluxemag

    Did we pay more for tax incentive in 2018

    Coming up on a 1 year anniversary of my LR RWD, silver metallic with no other options. If I were to buy the same car, with my second choice color white since SM is no longer available, it would be $5241 cheaper including sales tax of 0.5% in OR. After the decrease in federal tax credit that's...
  22. fluxemag

    Standard Range Model 3 Now Available for $35,000

    I'll admit it, I never thought the $35k car would come to market. I thought they would do something like they did with the S40 and software paywall a mid-range. Glad to be proven wrong for those who waited 3 years.
  23. fluxemag

    Categories of luckiest Tesla owners.

    Model S 40 owners. It was still rare to see a Tesla anywhere in 2013, the Model S design was new, and it was only $57k before the tax credit. Let's not talk about range though...
  24. fluxemag

    Driveway question

    Interesting that Hawaiian Electric adds up to 98% and Maui Electric adds up to 103%. Must be island math :) My Model S used to scrape on my relatively steep driveway but my Model 3 doesn't due to the short nose. I also used to high center scrape in a certain parking garage in the Model S, but...
  25. fluxemag

    My Solution to the Blind Spot Problem

    I use the backup camera all the time for lane changing. I lovingly refer to it as the "cutoff cam" because I can make a lane change without moving my head and with great precision. Like another poster said, it's not as good as in the S because it hogs the screen, but it works very well with the...
  26. fluxemag

    Continental EC DWS06 255/40 R18 tires on RWD M3

    I love those tires, the UTQG is 560 which is top tier given the performance. Had them on my Model S, my BMW and once the OEM ice skates wear out they will go on the Model 3. I might go for the 245/45/ZR18 instead of the factory 235/45/R18, but 255 seems like overkill and detrimental to range...
  27. fluxemag

    Real cost of charging the Model 3?

    I drive about 1000 miles per month in Oregon. At $3/gal and 20mpg on my BMW I was spending $150 a month on gas. My Model 3 is averaging about 260Wh/mi for 260kWh per month at $0.04/kWh on Time of Use. This is $10 per month on electricity, maybe $15 per month with vampire drain. No oil...
  28. fluxemag

    P3D Braking scare in the wet...

    My house is a short distance from the freeway, so in the mornings I end up on the freeway with cold brakes. Then I drive for 10 minutes in heavy rain fairly often. When I get to the off-ramp I've got cold, wet brakes that hardly work at all when first pressed. This has been the case on my...
  29. fluxemag

    Realistic sale price 2017 Model 3? 17k miles

    The lowest priced Model 3 in the country on Autotrader is $46k. I think Tesla has given you a floor so maybe try Carmax while you list it private party.
  30. fluxemag

    Help w sticker shock over adding amp to detatched garage

    I ran the wire from the panel to the corner of the house closest the detached garage and put a NEMA 14-50 outdoor box/outlet there. Then I run the UMC cable under the garage door and it barely makes it.
  31. fluxemag

    Traction Control

    I have had my RWD long range 3 since March and I’ve had some pretty unnerving losses of traction in the last month. No error messages on the display and the tires have plenty of tread left. It feels like I have zero traction control. I’ve gotten into a slide in the rain, I’ve had the back end...
  32. fluxemag

    Model 3 in Winter. Who's gonna tell the truth?

    Frameless windows are pretty common, certainly not unique to Tesla. Not sure how to respond to the "autonomy" blurb or how any of this relates to building cars. Electric cars have benefits and drawbacks in cold weather.
  33. fluxemag

    Rotating tires on Model3

    It's not the amount of friction, it's the application in a two-wheel drive system with regen. http://large.stanford.edu/courses/2017/ph240/leis-pretto1/docs/US7647997.pdf
  34. fluxemag

    Rotating tires on Model3

    Also note that regenerative braking means you're using friction from the tires for braking in addition to acceleration, increasing wear on the tires. For RWD that means you'll go through rear tires faster, but won't need to change brakes as often.
  35. fluxemag

    Anyone else getting Fobs with late number VIN?

    Model 3 Key Fob
  36. fluxemag

    Anyone else getting Fobs with late number VIN?

    The whole door handle, phone key, key card situation is laughable. How do you screw up door handles and entry/exit functionality on a car? Every single time I take someone new in my car I have to explain how to use the door handles, both inside and out, and they still have a low success rate...
  37. fluxemag

    Auto Windshield Wipers Not So Automatic

    Just started to use the wipers again the last few weeks and the auto function works very poorly. I don't remember having a problem with it last Spring, so maybe it's a recent software change. It doesn't handle road spray well, and I've been using the turn stalk and messing with the settings on...
  38. fluxemag

    Does anyone else have zero interest in EAP?

    I used it during the trial, but by the end of the trial I pretty much had stopped using it altogether. If I had stop and go traffic in my commute that would be a different story. Adaptive CC would be great as a stand alone feature.
  39. fluxemag

    Model S Impressions After 3

    I had a Model S for several years before getting my 3. When I had an S loaner again I couldn't believe how big it felt, how low the roof was, how big the steering wheel was and how dated the interior looked. The tall roof of the 3 is part of why I think it looks a little goofy, but it sure is...
  40. fluxemag

    Signature Black Wall Connector

    Brand new 24’ signature black wall connector from the referral program. $500 plus shipping. Free pick up in Portland OR.
  41. fluxemag

    Signature Black Wall Connector

    Lowering price to $550
  42. fluxemag

    LR RWD owners - would you have ordered MR?

    With the color price increases and silver metallic gone, the MR would have only saved me $3k. At that price it's a bit of a toss up for me, I would probably have stuck with the LR for the acceleration though. Delivery in 6-10 weeks is also putting a lot of faith in Tesla to deliver before Jan 1st.
  43. fluxemag

    Signature Black Wall Connector

    Adding image
  44. fluxemag

    Signature Black Wall Connector

    Brand new 24’ signature black wall connector, in hand. $600 plus shipping or free pick up in Portland.
  45. fluxemag

    Lexus has seen the future ... and ... I have no words

    I have a Model 3 and a CT200h. The Lexus is hilarious to look at inside when I move it out of the driveway periodically. I mean, even the Model S could use an update.
  46. fluxemag

    Squirrel time!

    My RWD Model S was good in in the rain and terrible in snow, but I had DWS or Cinturato tires on it to help in rain. My AWD BMW with DWS tires was an absolute savage in rain or snow. I had no worries at all. I bought the RWD Model 3 and these 18" Michelin MXM4 tires are awful. My benchmark...
  47. fluxemag

    Anybody else caught up in the AutoAnything.com Maxpider floor mat debacle?

    I also paid $200 on Amazon, sold through a third party (Garber Auto). Ordered 9/16, delivery scheduled for Friday. The price is now $227 and it says 3 to 5 weeks though.
  48. fluxemag

    Aero wheels

    I took them off and use them only on the occasional road trip. They'll be great for using snow chains and not scratching the underlying wheels. Anyway, they're a nice option to have. I use an eyeglass screwdriver to pop off the center caps.
  49. fluxemag

    From 340xi to Tesla dual motor Model 3 - mini comparo.

    I came from a Model S40 to a 428xi Gran Coupe to a Model 3 LR, I agree with almost all of the OP's points. It's so nice not to have turbo lag, to have no drama passing ability and extreme efficiency. The Model 3 isn't a great looking car and the interior doesn't have the quality feel of the...

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