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  1. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor $97K Porsche Exclusive paint color wrap on my new Plaid Tesla

    We appreciate this feedback. This film is a bit crazy for sure, but this also keeps it more limited and it's pretty unlikely your neighbor will have the same :) Enjoy your weekend!
  2. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 dressed in STEK DYNOpurple Protective Styling Film

    I don't think it needs to be further discussed that Tesla's are in need of paint protection film when new as this 29 page thread goes into a lot of details. We are not in the business of just making Tesla's look amazing, but also protecting your investment for the long term. Metropolitan...
  3. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model S dressed in STEK DYNOgray Protective Styling Film

    Tesla offers only 5 paint color choices, and all of them need to be protected. The Paint Protection Film game has been completely transformed by STEK and their lineup of Protective Styling Films. We had the opportunity to transform this new Tesla Model S Plaid with STEK DYNOgray, a European...
  4. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor $97K Porsche Exclusive paint color wrap on my new Plaid Tesla

    OK I'm happy to reply with open public pricing but it's important to explain that our shop does not do $7k PPF wraps. A full clear PPF wrap with STEK DYNOshield in our shop for any model Tesla is $9K plus the cost of replacement badges. The only reason we are able to install a Tesla wrap for...
  5. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor $97K Porsche Exclusive paint color wrap on my new Plaid Tesla

    If you're in the market to order a new Porsche, there are a handful of colors that are "included" meaning these colors are offered at no additional charge. If you want their most exclusive color Porsche Python Green Chromaflair it has a pretty steep upcharge. $97k additional to be exact. Read...
  6. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model Y and Coronavirus Update

    Please read our blog on the new Model Y as they are coming in HOT!! Due to the Coronavirus situation, we are providing all of our Model Y paint protection film customers with a FREE antimicrobial screen protector, a FREE antimicrobial treatment of your Model Y interior, and 10% off a Full Body...
  7. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor New Car Delivery Inspections

    Did you know that we perform a free new car delivery inspection for our clients? Here is a blog that I wrote, I hope it's helpful for everyone: New Car Delivery Inspection! Regards, John Kleven Metropolitan Detail 425.233.6068
  8. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    With over 300 full body Tesla wraps under our belts plus the hundreds of front ends, ceramic coatings, window tints etc. we definitely have a lot of experience working on the Tesla brand of vehicles. I am also a proud owner of a Model 3 Performance that I purchased in September of 2018 and now...
  9. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection Blog

    With over 300 full body Tesla wraps under our belts plus the hundreds of front ends, ceramic coatings, window tints etc. we definitely have a lot of experience working on the Tesla brand of vehicles. I am also a proud owner of a Model 3 Performance that I purchased in September of 2018 and now...
  10. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Glassparency for your Tesla

    We love hydrophobic glass coatings, they dramatically improve your visibility in the worst conditions, rain, snow, ice. The problem with applying on Tesla cars has been that other products have caused the wipers to chatter which can be more than aggravating. Having a couple of Teslas in our...
  11. Metropolitan Detail

    Western WA model 3 window tint? Seattle, Bellevue, etc.

    We would love to help you out at Metropolitan Detail with your window tinting needs. We offer a very high quality installation and even have our own Model 3 back window to create the template and heat shrink the film that will be installed on your car to avoid any cracking issues with the back...
  12. Metropolitan Detail

    Is this tint quote as bonkers as I think?

    It's reasonable for a good job. OC Detailing is one of the best in the industry so you'll get what you pay for and more. A good clear bra isn't cheap and a cheap clear bra isn't good.
  13. Metropolitan Detail

    Rockers look sandblasted

    This is pretty typical. Dual Motor cars in particular have a lot of torque and tend to throw up a lot of debris during acceleration. PPF is your friend with such soft and rock damage prone paint.
  14. Metropolitan Detail

    Question regarding default Tint Percentages

    Yes correct, sorry for not being clear. The factory VLT is 81% on the side windows meaning that 81% of the light will transmit through.
  15. Metropolitan Detail

    To wrap or not to wrap?

    Wrap it for your own peace of mind. You'll feel much more confident and comfortable driving your car when it's protected. STEK DYNOshield is the best film in our opinion because it combines both the technology of self healing paint protection film and a ceramic coating in one product.
  16. Metropolitan Detail

    Factory window tint?

    Yes the factory VLT on side windows on Model 3 is 81%
  17. Metropolitan Detail

    Question regarding default Tint Percentages

    The factory side tint on a Model 3 is 81% as tested per my meter. I can't test the windshield or back window as it won't slide over those panels. When we apply STEK ACTION 35% tint it will read 25% after installed over factory tint. In Washington state the tint law is 24% allowed so it's...
  18. Metropolitan Detail

    Chameleon paint/wrap?

    If you want real world protection of a self healing clear bra, ceramic coating and chameleon effect in one check out STEK DYNOprism: Way better protection than vinyl and transforms any color with crazy pearl and metal flake effect.
  19. Metropolitan Detail

    PPF (matte) opinions

    On a matte PPF it can likely be pulled up, remove the debris and re-install.
  20. Metropolitan Detail

    PPF (matte) opinions

    Wow, that doesn't look good. For $5K, the patterns that don't fit well may be par for the course, but the bubbles and squiggly lines need to be fixed.
  21. Metropolitan Detail

    Tint and clear wrap review

    Detail Maniac is very well known for their high quality work.
  22. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Scrape Armor for Tesla Model 3

    Hi Chris, the cost varies from car to car, the Model 3 is $795.
  23. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Scrape Armor for Tesla Model 3

    Unlike the Model S and X, the Model 3 does not have a adjustable height rising suspension. This makes the front bumper susceptible to damage. Scrape Armor is a TekLite polymer that is incredibly strong and rigid and also warrantied for life against wear. We have seen enough damaged bumpers...
  24. Metropolitan Detail

    90 days before PPF?

    We wrap fresh paint almost immediately as most films "breathe" allowing solvents to escape from the fresh paint. The dillema is that the paint shop is carrying the warranty on the work they did, if paint peels during the installation due to poor prep work it may cause an issue. If you have...
  25. Metropolitan Detail

    XPEL Stealth or Ultimate Plus for Deep Blue Metallic?

    You might consider STEK DYNOshield or DYNOmatt, the same benefits, but also has a nano coating infused into the film for extra durability and easier maintenance. www.stek-usa.com We use in our shop and love it.
  26. Metropolitan Detail

    Touchless car wash near Redmond/Bellevue?

    We are not a touchless, but we do high quality hand washes at Metropolitan Detail Express in Redmond Town Center. Simply schedule online at www.metropolitandetailexpress.com If we did you paint protection film wrap, mention this to the attendant on duty and they will apply a free maintenance...
  27. Metropolitan Detail

    Has anyone measured the Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) on M3 windows pre-tint?

    The factory glass is 81% VLT. When we apply 35% STEK ACTION tint the final VLT is 25% FYI.
  28. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Model 3 Center Console Protection Options

    The center console on the Model 3 is a very easy to scratch and smudge piano black finish, for this reason we have created a template to wrap the 4 panels in self healing DYNOmatt, a matte finish film, DYNOcarbon, a carbon fiber weave finish. These are paint protection film, not vinyl so they...
  29. Metropolitan Detail

    Wrapping, Coating, etc - investment or waste?

    Do you put a case or a wrap on your cell phone? Obviously a cell phone is a lot cheaper than a car but some iphones are over 1k and they get a lot wear and tear hanging around in your pocket but not as much as driving 70 mph. A lot of us keep our phones a year but our cars for multiple. If...
  30. Metropolitan Detail

    Can anyone recommend a good PPF installer in the Portland Metro area ?

    Check out www.immaculateessence.com great quality work.
  31. Metropolitan Detail

    Time from delivery scheduling to VIN?

    I ordered my M3P on September 9th, today is the 16th and I haven't gotten my vin yet but they have scheduled my delivery for September 28th. It will be interesting to see if they make this timeline, pretty darn fast. 19 days from order to delivery is pretty amazing.
  32. Metropolitan Detail

    How to get rid of water spots/etches

    Water spots start as a mineral deposit. Sometimes they can be cleaned off with white vinegar and a microfiber towel or CarPro SPOTLESS works even better, but works best on a CQuartz coated finish. If it doesn't come off with any of these solutions it will likely need paint correction by a...
  33. Metropolitan Detail

    Radar Detector

    The latest tech in a portable unit is the Uniden R3. I have one and think it's a much better unit than the Passport unit, has better range for sure.
  34. Metropolitan Detail

    Suntek, laser jammer & Blackvue installers in WA state

    We install STEK paint protection film, it is infused with a nano coating making it the glossiest, most hydrophobic and easy to maintain film on the market available. For radar/laser and dashcams we have had good luck with Systems Unlimited here in Bellevue. Regards, John Kleven
  35. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    tblisscoug, we don't send out wheels for powdercoating but have seen pretty good results from the team at Mukilteo Powdercoating. Something to keep in mind however when powdercoating is that if you accidentally curb damage a wheel, in order for the wheel to be repaired via powdercoating again...
  36. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    You’re absolutely right about that. We have already wrapped 5 Model 3’s and have another coming in on Monday and a few more on th calendar. I think due to the cost and labor involved the percentage of full body wrap clients will be less, however we all know that these cars have soft paint and...
  37. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    A full body wrap on a Model 3 is $9K plus the cost of new Tesla badges on the front and the rear and they cost around $30 each. We do not offer a quick turn around installation using computer cut patterns, we work extremely hard to minimize seams and provide the very highest quality...
  38. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    The best time to protect your new car is when it's BRAND NEW. The very best way to protect your car is wrapping it in self healing, hydrophobic and extremely glossy STEK DYNOshield. DYNOshield is infused with a nano coating during the manufacturing process making it the easiest to maintain...
  39. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Drive a Model S while protecting your new Tesla

    Having wrapped hundreds of Teslas, we figured what better way to support the brand than buying one for our Tesla clients to drive while we work on their cars. Included in all of our paint protection film wraps is "Free Film Wax for Life", this means with the purchase of a hand wash we will...
  40. Metropolitan Detail

    Tint/Wrap/Electronics Recommendations Seattle area

    Here at Metropolitan Detail we have fully wrapped over 200 Teslas and several hundred more front end wraps, tints, ceramic coatings etc. under our belts. We use the most high tech film on the market STEK DYNOshield, a self healing, hydrophobic and extremely glossy paint protection film, and...
  41. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Be the FIRST

    We are looking to install a full body wrap of STEK DYNOshield, DYNOmatt, DYNOprism or DYNOcarbon on one of the first Tesla Model 3 cars in the area. We will be using this car to help create proper templates and documentation of our process. We have over 200 full body wraps of just Teslas...
  42. Metropolitan Detail

    10k for STek full body?

    Hi everyone, John here from Metropolitan Detail. I wanted to first introduce myself to the OP and those who have replied. We install STEK DYNOshield, DYNOmatt and DYNOprism. For 10K, this must have been DYNOmatt, this is the only matte finish paint protection film on the market that is...
  43. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor High Tech Protection for a High Tech Car - STEK DYNOshield

    Technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever before and STEK is ahead of the curve when it comes to paint protection film for your new car. We recently wrapped this beautiful Tesla Model S in STEK DYNOshield, this film is not like others on the market as it has a great clarity, extremely...
  44. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model S - Full body transformation and protection

    Thanks goneskiian for your reply. We are so glad that you have enjoyed our services. MikeBur it can be applied over any color paint, but it adds this prism effect. It is most visible on black, but definitely adds a great effect on other colors. Once we have it applied to other colors of...
  45. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model S - Full body transformation and protection

    STEK DYNOprism is a revolution in paint protection films. STEK is a manufacturer of PPF, unlike a lot of companies in the industry that don't actually manufacture their own films, this allows them to create and innovate newer and better films. DYNOprism is their Fashion Film on the market...
  46. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor STEK DYNOmatt Attitude adjustment on Model S

    We completed a full body wrap in STEK DYNOmatt paint protection film. This innovative clear bra material not only protects the paint from rock chips, creates a beautiful matte finish and also is infused with STEK HYDROphobe high tech nano coating making it the easiest to clean and maintain film...
  47. Metropolitan Detail

    Xpel after 2 months of delivery on Pearl White

    I think you will definitely be very happy with the STEK film. It is infused with a nano coating that not only creates a very slick and easy to clean surface, but it does also seals the film making contamination easy to clean thus preventing yellowing. Regards, John Kleven
  48. Metropolitan Detail

    Body shop recommendations for Seattle area?

    Queen City Auto Rebuild 425.883.3300 They also service Porsche and Ferrari. Best quality!

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