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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Fall Colors
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    I'm a little confused. When do I need a CCS adaptor and when would I use the J adaptor.
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    The secret Frunk opener thing

    Cannot open Frunk using this method unless 12V is dead!
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    No Complaints

    I have had my Tesla MY for almost two years. Been to SC twice. First time after delivery for very minor stuff...second time for tire rotation. Will never go back to ICE. The biggest problem is service experience has not kept up with sales.
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    Apple Watch

    Thanks but this won't fit Apple watch
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    Apple Watch

    Anybody know of Apple Watch band with NFC which can replace Tesla card as key? I saw it online but now can’t find the site.
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    Mobile Charger no longer included

    Rediculous..Next the Tesla card will be an extra.
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    Modern Spare for Model Y

    If no rear passengers, I store Modernspare behind passenger seat
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    Non-repairable flat

    Live in the country. No local store. Tirerack had tire in stock. Received it 3 days after ordering.
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    Non-repairable flat

    Modern Spare is stored in rear behind the passenger seat on long trips, otherwise in the cargo area.
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    Non-repairable flat

    OEM tire replacement from Tire Rack was $298 with tax and shipping. Installed by a local tire shop.
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    Non-repairable flat

    Got a flat at the start of 300-mile trip. A chunk of metal pierced the tire at the junction of tread and sidewall. I used Modern Spare to limp home and it saved my butt. Highly recommended.
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    100% battery

    Inadvertently charged to 100% and now can’t drive for 3 days. What is the best way to get charge down using remote app?
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    Glass Roof Shade That Doesn't Sag?

    Two options
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    Anyone upgrade to a lithium battery? Worried about being stranded.

    Don't forget that you will not be able to open car, trunk, or frunk with a dead 12V battery so you're LI jump starter battery will be useless if stored there. You will need access to a 12V source not stored in the vehicle. Some have attached an A23 battery to the jumper harness in the front bumper
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    Blocked pillar camera alerts

    It seems to be related to a combination of moisture and sun hitting the moisture causing glare which blocks the camera....very poor design!
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    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Does anybody know if blind spot visualization will work if repeater camera turn indicator is disconnected?
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    Tesla Mudflaps for front. What are you all using for the back?

    IMO rear mud flaps serve no real purpose.
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    Side Cameras and Purple Light

    What if Tesla decides that blind spot visualization is not compatible with original repeater cameras and therefore option is removed from older MYs in future software. After all, I don't have boombox option in my June MY unless I pay to have PWS installed. We have to be aware that not all...
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    Car drives different since holiday update. You guys notice anything?

    My MY is much faster after the upgrade. The tooth fairy confirmed it when I took her for a ride!
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    Body Shop Corrections

    Classic example of converting a minor defect into a major headache. I had a small paint defect on edge of hood. Tesla said they would fix it and blend it to rest of hood. I decided to use touch up and defect is gone. Can't be detected. Sometimes the search for perfection just leads to...
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    Model Y heat failure soft recall?

    Same here. Got dramatic improvement in A/C after sensors changed.
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    Model Y Windshield Wait

    Tesla approved body shop is another option
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    Model Y Build Quality Improving?

    I agree...FSD is pie in the sky and definitely not worth $10000 IMHA. FSD engaged takes more effort and stress and just driving the car!
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    Theater apps and Karaoke missing

    Had the same problem....did a soft reboot and all came back
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    Inconsistent air conditioning A/C performance with new Model Y

    I thought that the A/C was kind of weak in my MY (June 2020 build) but figured that it was not as good in an EV. Had the sensors changed during a routine tire rotation and it made a HUGE difference.
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    Brand new Y! Must have accessories ?

    I used the double sided tape used to attach EZ Pass transponder and placed it on the upper windshield Looks perfect
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    Emergency door latch handle excessive use

    I just don't get it. Frameless windows have been around since the 1950s without the complications we have with the Tesla windows. Has anybody had to "recalibrate" their windows on any previous car? Come on Elon, the technology is great but my last Honda had more luxury features than my Tesla MY.
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    Just got updated to 2021.5.25.6
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    No update since 2021.4.18.2.....Anybody else??
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    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    Have used Chemical Guys Snow Foam and hand washed. Tesla is a year old and trim looks like new. Never had any discoloration
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    How do you delete "Onboard" footage?

    Is there a way to delete all dashcam clips and sentry mode clips at once or do all clips have to be deleted individually with the trash can icon?
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    Tesla service, what a joke!! Extremely frustrated.

    Just had some work done (Replace a/c/heat sensors, seat belt recall, alignment and rotation) at Tesla SC, Latham, NY. Great service. Had Tesla M3 loaner and got to try out FSD. No problems...highly recommended.
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    Searching for hotels with destination chargers

    Just finished a 4000-mile trip. Destination chargers are very hit or miss. Don't count on them. I used Superchargers only and it was a breeze. Never had a problem with availability or location.
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    Model Y Mud Flap Saga

    I don't see how the rear mudflaps add any protection nor is it needed. I elected to only install the front flaps and Tesla PPF to rear doors. From what I've read, the two choices for a broken weld on rear bolts are a) remove wheel well liner and grip nut with vise-grip and unscrew nut or b)...
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    Curb rash

    Gemini wheels curb rash easy repair. Remove wheel covers. Using 150 grit sandpaper, gently sand areas damaged. Voila! Almost completely invisible. Hard to see damage unless you run your fingers over the wheel.
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    Cracked Windshield and Roof

    If you are unhappy with your local SC, Tesla authorized body shop quite capable to replace the glass and any body work. Usually will work directly with your insurance.
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    Model Y 6400 mile road trip

    Wh/mi meaningless unless I kept track of speed, elevation, temperature and phase of the moon. Just enjoy the trip and don't obsess!!
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    Model Y 6400 mile road trip

    Just completed 3800-mile trip MA to TX and back 2020 MY long range. Planned trip with ABRP but then used navigation with next charger as destination. Never had any wait or problem with Superchargers. Car was flawless...used AP extensively. Had Modern Spare on board.
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    Range calculation

    Does anyone know how range is calculated by a vehicle on a long trip? When the screen shows 17% remaining at the next supercharger, does this take into account speed, elevation, weight load, etc. I know that these factors can be set when using ABRP but am unsure if I have to expect a lower...
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    Finally did my Y road trip. It was incredible!

    Just completed 1800 mile trip. Scroll wheel worked 99% of time. Twice I had to torque wheel as scroll wheel did not respond. One episode of phantom braking occurred where vehicle only slowed slightly.
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    Love my model Y but...

    Ok..approaching my one year of ownership and I love my model Y. But, let's get real. The technology is great but what's missing is available in every other car in this price range...ie: Grab handle over the rear door...simple Bird's eye view for easy parking...maybe less curb rash?? Rear...
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    Curb rash

    Curb rash Gemini wheel....any suggestions for repair?
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    Multi Coat Red Picture Thread

    Study in red and white!
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    Lexus RX 350 to Model Y

    I have a Lexus RX 350 and a Model Y. Two entirely different animals. The Lexus is a smooth luxury car. The Model Y is a totally different experience. Yes, the ride is rougher but the handling and acceleration and the "fun" factor as well as no more gas stations make it my first choice. No...
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    Does the Model Y need this grill?

    Another happy camper...just installed...perfect fit
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    Planning for the future: 12V battery dies

    If the 12V goes dead and you can gain access to vehicle using external 12V battery, is the vehicle drivable after disconnecting the external battery?
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    Model Y Mud Flap Saga

    There is a new YouTube on how to remove the bolts...very informative!

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