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  1. BrandX

    Calling all SR+ Owners! Mileage/battery health?

    2019 SR+ 50,490 km (31,400 mi). Current 100% range is 355 km (220.5 mi). According to the Stats application, that is "better than 93% of other similar cars with similar mileage." It probably says that to everybody :)
  2. BrandX

    Wouldn't Miles/Wh Make More Sense?

    One measures consumption, the other efficiency. Living where I do and because I'm old, I've used both miles per gallon and litres per 100 kilometers. I prefer consumption, so watt-hours per kilometer is good for me.
  3. BrandX

    Teslas in Italy, are like unicorns…

    Did you like the way they turn two lane highways into two plus a passing lane right up the middle? That takes a few instances to get used to it.
  4. BrandX

    Canada - FSD rollout

    I'm all set with my safety score of 93 or 94, depending on the day. Phantom Forward Collision Warnings are a killer! Maybe Elon will let me in this time.
  5. BrandX

    Pressing button on mobile charger doesn’t open charge door

    I had this issue as well. Mobile service tech said the handle was faulty, replaced the mobile charger. Good since then.
  6. BrandX

    Canada Rogers Network impacts - no remote access?

    US wireless is a complete mess of corruption and malfeasance, just like Canada's. There's more money involved and US politicians are more open about their corruption, so it may be worse.
  7. BrandX

    Differences between US vs Canadian Model 3

    I thought that import taxes are waived for cars made in USA.
  8. BrandX

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Will decelerating with regen only ding you for hard braking? I thought it would not, but I think it must after my 97 drive today. Anybody know for sure?
  9. BrandX

    Recent trade-in experience with a non-Tesla vehicle?

    Spncr, They will give you a very low offer for your trade. Typically that is the wholesale value of the car. They will not change the offer when you bring in the trade.
  10. BrandX

    Drivers seat found fully reclined this morning

    I wonder if there’s anything else that a 16 year old would be interested in that would be better with the seat reclined.
  11. BrandX

    2021 M3 SR+ heated steering wheel available

    On my 2019 model year SR+, I see that I can buy only the rear seat heaters for $270. No mention of the heated wheel.
  12. BrandX

    Are we like the red-headed step kids with regards to getting software updates?

    2021.40 here. Arrived yesterday.
  13. BrandX

    Is it okay to switch the side mirrors to wide angle?

    If you are tall (like me), you will not be able to adjust the driver’s side mirror far enough outward. I took part in a group buy for convex mirrors without the blue tint from Suma. They’re great. They keep the defrost function, but lose the auto dimming, as noted by yourhero. I can still see...
  14. BrandX

    Charge port not opening

    Try to gently get a finger under the bottom of the charge port door and pry it open. It should pop open after you put a small amount of force into it.
  15. BrandX

    Any cabin cameras working in Canada ?

    I got that version yesterday.
  16. BrandX

    Tesla dashboard -- Tesla api analytics

    Nice work, nauty 👍
  17. BrandX

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Go back to post 44 in this thread for some details.
  18. BrandX

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    To use Spotify in your car if you have premium connectivity, you enter your existing Spotify credentials into the app in the car. You can also use Bluetooth to stream Spotify from your phone without premium.
  19. BrandX

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    I have an SR+, ordered May/June 2019, delivered August 2019. I never had premium connectivity (and with an SR+, I didn't expect it) until it rolled out as a monthly paid subscription. I paid for a couple of months, and then it became free, and it's stayed that way since then. Maybe the language...
  20. BrandX

    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    Almost all EV purchasers will see the rebate as an encouragement to buy. There are very few who will ignore the incentive, they are the ones for whom the rebate is irrelevant. So it's a simple question - do you want to encourage people to buy EVs? If you are going to do that with rebates on the...
  21. BrandX

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I lost 4.2 km (2.6 mi) on my SR+ according to Teslamate.
  22. BrandX

    Front window tinting

    How can any reduction of light transmission not impede night visibility?
  23. BrandX

    Tesla trying to install a used battery in my 3

    I've had a policy that requires OEM parts for repairs, I can't remember if it also specifically noted "new" as well.
  24. BrandX

    Model 3 “running” while parked

    Thank you. I found it!
  25. BrandX

    Model 3 “running” while parked

    You and me both. I can see the Stats widget, but not a Tesla app one.
  26. BrandX

    Cancelled my MS order out of frustration

    Or to put it differently, the OP didn't understand why Tesla wouldn't do what they promised on the website.
  27. BrandX

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Yes it did.
  28. BrandX

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    I've subscribed to premium since it was offered in the spring. My monthly subscription payment date is the 18th. Today is the 19th and there has been no charge on my credit card yet this month.
  29. BrandX

    Does FSD reduce the range?

    FSD does a bad job of easing the braking. It is quite a bit more abrupt on the brakes than a good driver.
  30. BrandX

    Some good news for EV's in Canada!

    Completely agree. How much per job are we paying to keep Ford going? The established automakers are in danger of going broke when the world goes electric - except for the money our governments shovel to them. Tesla expects to be building 20+ million cars within a decade. Which automakers are...
  31. BrandX

    Cost of EV charging in Vancouver

    yeah, I’m always telling the family to turn off the lights, even though we’ve switched over to LEDs.
  32. BrandX

    Cost of EV charging in Vancouver

    You must have a different "conservation rate" than me
  33. BrandX

    Model 3 Performance 1-foot rollout

    Rollout (drag racing) - Wikipedia
  34. BrandX

    All season tires for MX

    Have you considered summer tires like the Michelin PS4S. If you have dedicated winter tires, these would give you better performance and safety than an all season tire.
  35. BrandX

    Good portable air compressor for the Model 3?

    I've been using this one for just over a year. It's worked well for what I've needed it to do, which is add pressure when tires get low. I've never had to fill a tire from empty, but that wouldn't be quick.
  36. BrandX

    Start ICE car with flat battery using M3?

    So they don't tow that far?
  37. BrandX

    Sales agreement

    Here's those two pages from 20190523
  38. BrandX

    Insurance in BC

    I got an email from Belairdirect yesterday telling me that they want to reduce my insurance for three months if I'm driving less. I took them up on the offer, or course.
  39. BrandX

    New owner —Worried

    You can find the impact of different wheels here. https://teslike.com/
  40. BrandX

    Tesla drops Premium Connectivity Package in Australia to A$9.99

    Makes we wish I had a twitter account!
  41. BrandX

    Referral km's

    Yes, mine too. They expire at the end of May, which is longer than promised to begin with (I bought last August). I don't think I'm going to be doing any road trips between now and then, unfortunately.
  42. BrandX

    Referral km's

    Mine are gone too. Purchased end of August 2019.
  43. BrandX

    Put car in neutral while driving instead of wipers

    I routinely turn on the wipers of my wife's X3 when I back out of the driveway and attempt to engage forward drive.
  44. BrandX

    For replika241 and model 3 SR+ michelin primacy mxv4 owner, what bore size and where did you buy?

    Yes, I did get TPMS sensors as well. $240 plus GST.
  45. BrandX

    For replika241 and model 3 SR+ michelin primacy mxv4 owner, what bore size and where did you buy?

    Maybe here Replika - R241 Wheels - Satin Black - 18" x 8.5", 5 x 114.3, 64.1 mm, 40 mm - PMCtire Canada
  46. BrandX

    For replika241 and model 3 SR+ michelin primacy mxv4 owner, what bore size and where did you buy?

    I got these ones a couple of weeks ago. Will be putting them on next week hopefully. Looks like it was a good call to order early - they're sold out of the gunmetal 18s. WheelWiz | Replika R241 Space Grey 18x8.5 +40 5x114.3mm 64.1mm - Space Grey - R241 - Replika - Wheels
  47. BrandX

    HW3 Upgrade

    When the only tool you have in the box is a cone recognizer...
  48. BrandX

    Does anyone actually use Smart Summon?

    I'm sure there are lots of use cases where it makes sense, but none of them apply to me. I turned off the summon standby mode to save battery.

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