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    Front end work

    2018 model X 100D. Had a small squeaking noise and thought I would have it checked out. $2,000 later I have an estimate. Is this right? Required? Car has 96k miles. Can’t believe this bill. Besides not getting any communication from service. They keep updating my estimates but never replying to...
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    At Home Wall Connector - Broken Handle

    Hey all- ran over my handle the other day and the handle is cracked. I tried charging it and it worked then pulled the handle out today and the plastic casing that covers the metal prongs remained in the charging port and the handle pulled out (metal prongs exposed). Any solution versus having...
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    Looking for One Front 22” Onyx Black Wheel for X

    I have a crack in my right front wheel of my 2019 model x. I have the 22” staggered black onyx rims. Does anyone have a single to sell or front?
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    Tesla Model X 22 In Onyx wheels

    Willing to ship?
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    Brand new 22" Onxy Turbines - SF Bay Area

    So these fit the Tesla model X? Are these the onyx black 22?
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    2017 Model X Part Out

    parts still available?
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    Cracked Rear Part & Small Dent

    Hi All! I have a crack along the panel that sits right above the wheel as seen in the picture. This piece just pops on and off very easily. Is it possible to get this part ordered without having to go through the headache of setting up service? Seems straight forward to do it myself. Any...
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    FOUR active software updates currently - why?

    How do you determine which AP your vehicle has?
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    Autopilot /Auto Steer

    Understood, although it seems strange to me that we go from something that was working very well to something that presents some dangerous situations. I’m not sure I fully understand updates that would reverse progress, unless these issues I am facing and assume others are to are part of...
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    Autopilot /Auto Steer

    I have noticed in my last update that autopilot has more drastic braking than prior releases. I’m on 2019.8.5. There is a hill I go over on my way home everyday and the car slams its brakes on. In addition I’ve noticed that using it on the highway there are consistently instances where the car...
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    How can I tell if I have FSD?

    I saw somewhere you can use the remote s app. Click the logo at top. Then go down to copy vehicle data. You should have option codes in there. APPB is for enhanced and APF2 is for FSD. As someone mentioned above the only issue with this is if they made a mistake they could change this but this...
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Now how do I actually confirm When the vehicle actually physically receives this?
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    I was in the same boat as most as far as timing of purchase and offerings. Overall I ended up with Long Range and Enhanced. I was told I would be getting FSD for free with in 30 days of Purchase. That did not happen. It was still showing on the website when I logged in. So I sent support a...
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    Satin guard wrap vs xpel wrap

    Is satin guard the actual name of the company that makes the film? Trying to find someone that is an installer for them in my area. Not having much luck.
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    Model X: Winter Tires and new Wheels for sale

    These were in an X? Willing to ship?
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    Driver Door Opened further when Brake Applied

    Today when I hit the brake, the driver door went the opposite way instead of closing. It hit the car next to me as a result. Has this happened to anyone?
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Also, lots of little things wrong during pickup. Paint issues, console scratches, carpet alignment, etc. make sure you all do a thorough run though. Oh and the front hood is not shutting right even confirmed with sales manager upon delivery. Notes it could take up to 30 days for it to activate...
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    Timing of Production

    Took ownership today. My vehicle ended up as long range and included FSD even though this was not part of my original order.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Just took ownership this morning. I can confirm it’s long range. Badged as 100D and came with FSD even though I did not pay for that.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Pickup Tuesday. Call corporate. Bypass DS. My experience (which only represents my specific DS) is that DS knows very little and the corporate folks can answer most in minutes. They did in fact confirm this for me. Overall, I will let You know for sure Tuesday.
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    Model X production times

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Nothing more annoying. Would love any communication from my DS. Even a “hey got your email and will be in touch”. What I’ve asked of mine I have waited days, more than a week without any contact. Same info recurved within 5 min through corporate. Data was there...
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    Model X production times

    Feel your I feel your pain in the DS experience. I’ve found my most productive and informative communication has always been through the corporate customer service line. For reference, I ordered mine on 2/4. Will pickup next week on 3/12. My was custom and had to be produced.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    I’ve noted prior that my DS was able to move my first deposit to my second order. The only note here is I did have to restart my timeline and add a second 2500 deposit essentially making my total deposit 5k. With that said, I pick up my car Tuesday next week. I’ve confirmed they upgraded me...
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    Dashcam Aftermarket vs. built In

    is there a point to investing in an aftermarket dash cam with the talks of Tesla increasing that capability? Model X being delivered next week and I was going to purchase the blackvue but wanted to see if it’s worth it.
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    Vehicle Pickup Checklist

    I’ve been through the bigger thread above, but I’m wondering if anyone had a smaller, more critical pieces document outlining the big things to look for during your scheduled pickup? I have my pickup next week and want to be sure I catch the big things then. I see things like seals as one of...
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Actually just confirmed all of this with a call to corporate right now. They had to deep dive the paperwork because she was seeing multiple things on various pages and documents. But overall confirmed long range.
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    In transit timeline

    Actually just called corporate and got all the paperwork I needed plus my actual delivery date and time for the delivery meeting. All in a 5 min call. 3/12/2019. Can’t wait!
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    In transit timeline

    My DS has been horrendous in all communication. How did you get your MVPA?
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    20" MX Slipstreams w/ tires

    Willing to ship?
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    In transit timeline

    whats the typical turnaround time to actual pickup vehicle once your status changes to production being done and it being in transit? Also, when should I see the purchase agreement? I need this in order to get a payment going through my corporation.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    What documents are you seeing this? Just saw my vehicle is now out of production and in transit. The landing page says long range but my actual document still shows performance when I click view specs
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    Stinks there is no consistency. Mine transferred my first deposit to my second. I had to make another deposit on secondxtoo for a total of 5k down.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    My was updated on landing page to “long range” and “performance” in spec sheet.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    I already cancelled once due to pricing change. They took my first deposit and applied to second order. Plus I had to put down another 2500. At least I get more points on my credit card.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    And how do you get in touch so quickly?? My DS takes days sometimes weeks before a reply to my emails.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    I already paid for FSD in my order so I dont have much to ask for I guess,
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    270 mile option is no longer an option even. That lasted all of a month or less. I had an X ordered prior to that announcement. They actually let me cancel prior order and start a new order with the 270 mi option. They applied my original deposit against the new car (plus I had to make...
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    I am in the same boat as you. My sticker was 104500, now I can get the long range for only 3k more versus 8k more prior. Annoying.
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    Ordered MX

    I actually just posted a thread recently with a very similar experience. I’m all my car buying history I’ve never felt so much like a number versus a person. Very unprofessional in that they don’t even respond with a “got your message, looking into it”. Whether it be the DS or Ses manager, I had...
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    Timing of Production

    Totally get that. Then just commicnate that. Why learn from a forum? With that said the local mall store had more info. They confirmed that production is complete tomorrow. As string they are estimating delivery in a couple of weeks. All stuff that would be nice if the specialist could...
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    Timing of Production

    So I was at the mall just now. Decided to swing by the Tesla store to see if they had any info. The gentleman asked for my email and sales guy. Came back out in 5 min. Said the car was done being built 2/25. Shipping this coming week. Expect two weeks to delivery. Just wish that I had that info...
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    Timing of Production

    I had my model X confirmed on Feb 4th. Anyone know when I should be seeing a production date or a delivery date? When I ordered it originally it said late Feb. my specialist early on said early March to mid March. The website still says going to production but no date. I sent a couple emails to...
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    Show off your aftermarket Model X wheels...

    Hey there. What is the finish on this cars exteriir? What material and what color? Thanks!
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    Wall Charger Install Questions

    Truly appreciate everyone’s help. This forum is awesome and helps alleviate a lot of mistakes and headaches. Thank you all again.
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    Wall Charger Install Questions

    I fee so confused still. So many opinions. Overall this will be my only Tesla. It’s the brand new model x and I will take delivery in March. It sounded like things may have changed w/ the newest models. I ordered the black wall connector/charger from Tesla ($500). Overall based on the above...

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