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  1. PuckPuck

    EV Offer frunk not unlatching *SOLVED*

    Would you mind sharing the video that EV Offer sent you? I'm at the same point where my 19MS frunk is stuck closed.
  2. PuckPuck

    Holiday update, blue car color change in dash cluster?

    Based on replies from Reddit seems like this is just the new lighting effects they are trying to apply to the car. Also noticed the wheels now aren't the proper ones, so this goes just more onto the big misses in terms of UI (dis)enhancements done with this holiday update.
  3. IMG_8321


  4. PuckPuck

    Holiday update, blue car color change in dash cluster?

    So this one is interesting. WIth the new holiday update, the color of my car in the driving visualizations is much lighter than it was before. If I pull up the car status info screen (tire pressure) that one still uses the original (and darker) deep metallic blue color. This is interesting...
  5. PuckPuck

    Power Frunk on Raven Model S (MARK 3.0 version)

    I did search, and decided to go forward with the Tesla Offer one instead of the Hanshow (sp?) model because of some of the reliability things you mentioned.
  6. PuckPuck

    Power Frunk on Raven Model S (MARK 3.0 version)

    I installed the Tesla Offer (MARK 3.0) Power Frunk on a post-facelift Model S. I found a couple of videos... all on pre-facelift model S. All other videos were also the prior version of this unit (Mark 3.0), which is quite different in terms of power module and wiring harness. Tesla Offer did...
  7. PuckPuck

    Cheetah launch + lowering links

    Since the Cheetah launch mode lowers the front beyond stock low setting, has anyone done a Cheetah launch with lowering links installed and can you share observations? If I have +4 or +6 links installed on the front will I get any rubbing with the stock 21" twin turbine wheels doing a Cheetah...
  8. PuckPuck

    Mirrors unfold behavior changed a few weeks ago

    Installed an update yesterday and this morning my mirrors were folded in properly... :fingers_crossed: this is fixed. PS: I'm Canadian and I know we get some updates and features a few weeks after US.
  9. PuckPuck

    Mirrors unfold behavior changed a few weeks ago

    If you have “always fold at this location” set they should stay folded until you start driving. This still works today in all other situations, except when the car is plugged in and charged. Which is the subject of my post.
  10. PuckPuck

    Mirrors unfold behavior changed a few weeks ago

    So this led me to dig into more on why behind this. A few nights ago I forgot to plug in, and the mirrors were folded. Gave me a hunch. FOr the next 2 days I made sure to plug it in, and mirrors were unfolded the following morning. Last night I made sure to leave it unplugged and mirrors...
  11. PuckPuck

    Mirrors unfold behavior changed a few weeks ago

    I double checked the Easy Entry profile and it has the always fold setting turned on. I reset the car this morning and will see what happens. This more accurately describes what I have been experience for the past several weeks. The issue is when I get in the car after an overnight.
  12. PuckPuck

    Mirrors unfold behavior changed a few weeks ago

    I have my mirrors set to always fold when I get home. Works great. I pull up in my driveway, mirrors fold and garage door opens. When I would leave I walk up to car, doors unlock and mirrors stay folded until I drive away from my home. Several weeks ago, this stopped working as described...
  13. PuckPuck

    Key fob battery low message won’t go away

    I bought my MS September 2019. Key fob low battery came on. I thought it was a little pre-mature but didn’t think much of it. Got a new battery, replaced it in my key fob, but the message is still there. Even after several hours of being parked. Go back to the car, unlock it and same message...
  14. PuckPuck

    I made Heated Fan style windshield washer nozzles

    I'm Canadian and my MS came with the cold package which means heated windshield washer streamers. Keyword here is streamers. Since that's what they do is shoot 2 very directed streams at the windshield, provide little coverage and the only thing I truly thing Tesla screwed up on. So after...
  15. PuckPuck

    Center Console stupidity

    huh?!... you have a pic to describe this? My Model S has a slot just below the screen but it's a well defined depth, and the bottom of it keeps things from sliding. I put a pack of gum there and and a toll card without issues.
  16. PuckPuck

    Adding cup holder to front console

    Up front I would like to add a single cup/bottle holder in the area where you plugin USB drives for sentry cam etc. Anyone put a cup holder in this location, and was there a particular aftermarket model you used to do this?
  17. PuckPuck

    Stop signs and traffic lights

    I see traffic cones. After asking around elsewhere, since I'm also Canadian I may not have it yet because of regulations.
  18. PuckPuck

    Stop signs and traffic lights

    I have a Raven Model S, which I assume includes HW3/AP3. I took delivery of the vehicle in Sept 2019. I'm running software version 2020.41, which should include all the stop signs and stop lights I see pics of online for Autopilot, but I can't find the option to enable that in my car. Are...
  19. PuckPuck

    2020 MS Performance Interior Upgrades?

    Ventilated seats were actually removed sometime in 2019, perhaps part of the Raven refresh. Some rumors have a model 3 style landscape center screen, and model 3 style steering wheel as potential interior changes later in 2020. Perhaps when the Plaid version is released. Model X just got...
  20. PuckPuck

    Microphone and voice recognition not working after install of 2019.40.50.1

    Same way Siri and Google Assistant voice commands work. All the speech to text is processed on a server and sent back to the device to execute.
  21. PuckPuck

    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    Is this one on eBay different than what you can find on TeslaOffer ? Model S Electric Frunk – Tesla Offer
  22. PuckPuck

    Wheel center caps

    Does anyone recommend a place to get an extra set of center caps that have the Tesla logo in them? I bought new winter rims (Rial Lugano Graphite Silver) and wanted to get a set of center caps just for these rims. Ideally I can find some that match the rim, but can opt for another color if it...
  23. PuckPuck

    Noisy wiper

    I have never used RainX before. seen the commercials, etc and I wonder if this would help with the noise or just be a waste of my time and money? Normally I try to stick with OEM wipers. Many manufacturers even sell just inserts for the wipers, which if you do that, and can spend the extra...
  24. PuckPuck

    Noisy wiper

    Like a loud flop. Take the sound a normal wiper makes when it gets to the end of the stroke and starts to return, then amplify it by 20x.
  25. PuckPuck

    What came with your Model S Raven at delivery?

    I got normal floor mats in the car, but nothing for the trunk or frunk. Tow Hook was in the frunk with the portal charger. I got a charge adapter for a 120v household plug. Picked up my Raven Model S Performance early September.
  26. PuckPuck

    Noisy wiper

    I have a new Model S, and can't say I love my wipers on it. I already tried cleaning the blade, but it makes lots of noise when it changes direction. I know a wiper should make some noise when it goes form one direction to the next, but this is substantially louder than all my other vehicles...

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