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  1. DR TSLA

    Autopark - Perpendicular Park

    After reading the posts in this thread, I realized the reason I was not getting the "P" to show up for perpendicular parking was that one has to go significantly past the space before the "P" appears. I was able to use it this morning and it worked flawlessly! Thanks for the help
  2. DR TSLA

    Autopark - Perpendicular Park

    Every time I have tried auto park for perpendicular spaces between 2 cars I can't get the "P" to show on the touchscreen I noticed the video above shows a Model X, perhaps perpendicular parking works better than on my Model S? It works great for parallel parking, however.
  3. DR TSLA

    7.1 Summon Demo Video and Comments

    Yes, I have the new HomeLink auto open and close activated, and that works when I approach my garage and when I leave. As far as I know, it does not automatically open the garage door when I'm in the garage and backing out. I noticed that it got right to the garage door, and I panicked and hit...
  4. DR TSLA

    7.1 Summon Demo Video and Comments

    I got 7.1 today and activated summon. When I started it in my garage with garage door closed Niko started backing out but didn't open the garage door so I stopped it before it hit. I manually opened the garage door restarted summon and it backed out fine. What did you did differently so that the...
  5. DR TSLA

    Heavy rains in Missouri. Free shower from my pano roof.

    Boy is that true!!! My current S85 doesn't have the pano roof but I just ordered my new P85D with one...
  6. DR TSLA

    P85D Pano or not, red or titanium?

    Thanks to everyone for your input! Thanks to everyone who gave their input, I really appreciate it! I think I've decided on my configuration (maybe): MC Red (again) because as Bonlaw points out, it makes the car "pop" and really makes the beautiful lines of the car stand out No pano...
  7. DR TSLA

    Looking for community input on Model S Options

    Here is my 2 cents: I'm in a similar situation, as I currently own (and love) my MC Red S85 (single motor) with no pano roof, coils (no air suspension), premium sound, 19" Cyclone Wheels and I'm thinking of upgrading to a P85D. Regarding the options first: I too live in SoCal, but in the...
  8. DR TSLA

    P85D Pano or not, red or titanium?

    Thanks, Mr. X! I like the look of the red & gray. Particular thanks about the black headliner + no pano. :smile: - - - Updated - - - What rumors have you heard about new Autopilot hardware? If something new comes out I wouldn't want to miss it like I missed the autopilot hardware for my S85...
  9. DR TSLA

    P85D Pano or not, red or titanium?

    I'm seriously thinking about trading in my "old" S85 for a new P85D and I'm agonizing over a few options. I'm pretty sure I've decided against SAS (I have coils on my S85 and have had no problems with scraping or ride), but I can't decide if I should get the panoramic roof (I don't have it on...
  10. DR TSLA

    S85D HP Increase

    I'm really upset now that my less than 6 month old S85 is already obsolete. Not only do I not have the autopilot hardware (missed that by about 1 week!), but now I don't have a faster vehicle with all-wheel drive, which I could have had at a slightly higher price (including the extra $2500 to...
  11. DR TSLA

    Newish cars and 6.0

    Same exact delivery date here (9/19), and same situation, swapped stalks, no sensors or camera but was delivered with 6.0 (which works great for me, but since I never had another OS I can't compare)
  12. DR TSLA

    Water condensation in tail light trim?

    I just washed my new (1 month old) MS, and I too noticed condensation in the left backup light, but not the right. I don't recall seeing this on delivery. I think I'll wait and see if it goes away. From reading this thread,it looks like it happens to many of us after washing, and some people...
  13. DR TSLA

    How long to wait before OptiCoat / CQuartz?

    For any Tesla drivers in the Coachella Valley, I recently took delivery of my MC Red S85 and brought it to James at California Reflection after I had taken it on it's first road trip (Rancho Mirage to SF and back). He pointed out some paint imperfections and did "paint correction" prior to...
  14. DR TSLA

    Dome Lights suddenly turn on while driving

    It turns out you were right, pgiralt,the driver's side dome light doesn't "click" at all. I brought it to my Tesla Service Center and they will replace both front dome lights (although the passenger side light clicks on and off as it should). Thanks for the info. . .
  15. DR TSLA

    Dome Lights suddenly turn on while driving

    Thanks, I didn't know that! (Live and learn) If it happens today, I'll try pushing it in and see if that fixes the problem. . .
  16. DR TSLA

    Dome Lights suddenly turn on while driving

    What button are you referring to? These are the 2 little lights on either side of the rear view mirror, and there is no button to press. If you mean the software "button" on "controls", if I turn it off on or auto it doesn't affect the light staying on. Only putting it into park shuts it off...
  17. DR TSLA

    Dome Lights suddenly turn on while driving

    I just noticed in my new (almost 3 week old) S85 that wile driving, the driver side front "dome light" turns on and often stays on, sometimes goes off after a while. I have the dome lights set to "auto" but when I used the controls to shut them off, the light stayed on. This is very annoying...
  18. DR TSLA

    Newish cars and 6.0

    I took delivery on 9/17 and have the swapped stalks and 6.0. No camera or new sensor (as far as I can tell)
  19. DR TSLA

    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    Yes, I just had mine installed, and it fits fine (iPhone 6). The stand is big enough that the 6 plus should fit as well. I did notice a glitch though. If you plug in the phone before starting the car, it disconnects the bluetooth (at least it did the first time I tried) but if you connect it...
  20. DR TSLA

    Newbie Planning first road trip from Palm Springs area to San Francisco

    Thank you everyone for the advice. I only hope I can restrain myself to drive at the speed limit! I guess I'll just set the cruise control at 65 and try not to feel bad when people are screaming by me at 90 mph on the 5! (of course, they might slow down to look at my incredible vehicle!):smile:
  21. DR TSLA

    iPhone 6 Bluetooth Handsfree

    There is no button on the steering wheel, but if you plug in your phone to the USB port and say "Hey Siri" she responds and you can ask her to play whatever music is on your phone, thus a workaround for the lack of iPod integration.
  22. DR TSLA

    Newbie Planning first road trip from Palm Springs area to San Francisco

    I imagine there are quite a few of you Tesla owners who have driven from Palm Springs area to San Francisco (or vice versa). I am planning my first road trip on that route for next week (I've only had my MS 85 for 2 days). I used to drive a Leaf (traded it in for the MS) so I'm quite familiar...
  23. DR TSLA

    Hello from Rancho Mirage, CA

    :love:I just picked up my Tesla Red Model S85 at the Palm Springs (really Cathedral City) Tesla Store 2 days ago, and I can't get the grin off my face! I was told I was the first delivery at the Palm Springs Store, and we were all pretty excited!

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