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  1. acadapter

    Can MX 6-seater fit 55-inch or 65-inch tv (new in box) in the trunk?

    Did you lay it down or put it behind the front two seats or down the center. I'm thinking about picking up two 65" open boxes so won't have the boxes anyway. Just trying to just what's in the realm of the possible.
  2. acadapter

    Steering wheel buttons+scrollers not working

    This topic came up before but I finally dropped off for service on mine: Hitting the voice command buttons or steering wheel buttons (volume control, etc.) + insanely slow re-routing, etc. led me to push for my VCM/eMMC recall fix. When I initially reported it over a year ago, the SC tried to...
  3. acadapter

    Creaking/Squeaking control arm ball joint fix

    I just started hearing this on my DEC2016 MX, 64k mi. Ironically, I'm going in for my screen yellowing on the 18th, and the service center automatically added the "reseal front upper control arm ball joints" on the ticket at zero charge. This was added maybe a week or so before my appointment...
  4. acadapter

    EDR Report After Accident - Cable?

    @CollisionData --- Thoughts on whether EDR would have recorded?
  5. acadapter

    EDR Report After Accident - Cable?

    I unfortunately don't have a dashcam. The black box should provide some of the vehicle specific details. I don't think the report from traffic awareness is included though. Proof of a lane change by his vehicle would be beneficial. It's almost impossible to have the damage reflected on both...
  6. acadapter

    DIY wrap

    I got the largest roll of Avery's --- 5ft × 75ft and used 70 percent or so. This includes the extra cut out I made for the door, a pillar, and front bumper (which is the largest body piece length wise); all which I did over. Thickness will affect it but brand seems to determine overall...
  7. acadapter

    EDR Report After Accident - Cable?

    Anyone in the DMV area have access to the proprietary cable to pull the EDR report? Small fender bender where a car cut into my lane (me:center, other driver: right-lane). Curious to see what the report covers. Driver claims I "rear-ended" him but he of course leaves out the info that he...
  8. acadapter

    DIY vinyl wrap interior and exterior :)

    Sorry I'm just now seeing this. People do vinyl their wheels but that works best on flat face wheels only. Wheel Dip has drastically improved over the last two years with a multitude of colors, finishes (metallic, etc), and kits. I'd recommend that route or powder coating. Everything vinyl (or...
  9. acadapter

    DIY vinyl wrap interior and exterior :)

    I ordered everything from Metrorestyling.com. Great service, answered questions and free shipping came to me in 2 days (Michigan to Maryland). I actually ordered this and an entire roll of Matte Anthracite Metallic. Did my whole car:
  10. acadapter

    DIY wrap

    It's both. If you do a car it's always encouraged to order enough for spare/repairs. Basic colors have little variation but color flops, Chameleon, differ slightly roll to roll. In addition, overstretch will change color which is why Chrome's and the like can't really be stretched when applied...
  11. acadapter

    cracked rear light, bad plastic?

    I'm developing these too. Hopefully I can get mine replaced as well. Ironically, mine are the in exact same place as yours.
  12. acadapter

    DIY wrap

    There isn't a universal answer here, mainly due to differences in install and film brands. Personally my sensors are wrapped (and your cameras aren't covered anyway) but some folks have had their ultrasonic sensors be affected and subsequently uncovered them.
  13. acadapter

    DIY wrap

    I have Midnight Silver underneath. My FWD insides need work. I couldn't decide which bodyline to bring the wrap to and ended up not using knifeless tape --- no need to post those yet lol. Here is the inside of my door area and trunk.
  14. acadapter

    DIY vinyl wrap interior and exterior :)

    I would like to personally say thank you for your write-up. I was able to tackle these steps from beginning to end; very thorough. Here is how I came out:
  15. acadapter

    DIY wrap

    I will certainly share more photos. I videoed a bit early on, but that was during the struggle phase :) --- for a month, I watched CKWraps and FESPA World Wrap Masters for a month in my spare time. Check out both channels on YouTube. When I redo my trunk lid I will video that and share as well...
  16. acadapter

    DIY wrap

    Here's my X in Avery's Matte Anthracite Metallic. Just finished up; took 3 days off plus the weekend for some get away time. I've never touched anything like this before; I'm a computer guy lol. Still came out more than serviceable with plenty of vinyl to spare. Vinyl and reusable tools were...
  17. acadapter

    DIY wrap

    Here is some confidence for you. I had the same aspirations so I bought a full roll of Avery's Matte Anthracite Metallic, some tools and took 3 days off work. After living in my garage for what seemed like 5 days (including the weekend) here are the fruits of my labor. Is it perfect? Nope, but...
  18. acadapter

    Recent Issues with MCU/On-Screen Graphics

    Sorry, computer programmer mind --- 'launch' just means when opening that view. So when I touch the lightning bolt, or touch the release notes to open them. I agree; because almost every function has to do with memory which the diagnostics confirmed was having issues clearing information...
  19. acadapter

    Recent Issues with MCU/On-Screen Graphics

    Greetings fellow MX owners. I have a DEC2016 MX with 2.0AP hardware that is recently seeing odd on-screen behavior. I reached out to the service number the first week of May and was left in the dark for 3 weeks waiting for Mobile Service to reach out. After almost 10 calls, I was given the local...
  20. acadapter

    Still waiting for 2019.8.15

    AP2 here. 2019.8.4 was received Wednesday morning.
  21. acadapter

    Vendor Affordable Monoblock Forged! VS Forged Wheels

    Can you assist? I love these. 2016 Model X -- 20" --- I have 275/45/20 in the rear and 265/45/20 Scorpions that I just mounted to replace my OEMs or I would even consider moving up to 22". Shipped to 20774. You all put my wheels on my Genesis Coupe years ago when you were a forum vendor over...
  22. acadapter

    How much do you weight?

    I am certainly north of 220 --- I have a DEC2016 build date and have visited the service center for a "popping" noise when initially sitting down. My seat too had gotten uncomfortable for long drives (total 31K miles and counting). The tech sat in the passenger seat and listened. He said it...
  23. acadapter

    2017.50.2 3bd9f6d Is out, Easy Entry after belt unbuckle

    I also had the grey cam. Had to soft reset the dash to get it back.
  24. acadapter

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    Nice blue! Vinyl or liquid wrapped?
  25. acadapter

    17.24.30 HW2

    I've usually gotten updates rather fast but I am still stuck on 17.17.4. Guess I will keep on waiting.
  26. acadapter

    $35 paint job (Sonic Carbon alternative)

    Use Naptha.
  27. acadapter

    $35 paint job (Sonic Carbon alternative)

    Same thing --- Plasti-Dip with Matte Black then add this --- Plasti-Dip Glossifier. I am doing mine this weekend and have done previous wheels/items. One of the best options. If you want to spray from a handheld wagner gun, you can use HaloEfx. Amazon.com: Performix 11212 Plasti Dip Enhancer...
  28. acadapter

    This is what happens when Summon encounters an offset object

    The first day I used summon when the AP2 cars received the initial download was excellent. I went in and out of my garage at least 10 times each. There is a Polaris Slingshot to the right in my garage that is oddly shaped and it was handled perfectly. Of course, I went to show one of my friends...
  29. acadapter

    Terrible experience as first time tesla buyer

    I drove my inventory car for 4 months until I discovered it was speed limited... So the need to go 85mph certainly isn't a prerequisite (at least anywhere in the DMV area).
  30. acadapter

    AP2 Summons question

    I too have this problem when I use Summons without continuous press enabled. However, with continuous press (which disables the activate from the stalk and I believe the key fob options) it listens to me. Secondly, since you have an incline like I do, have you ever had summons drift or go in...
  31. acadapter

    MX LED Headlights, VERY disappointing

    Depends on who is doing the testing. I came from the design before the new Audi Q5 --- 2014 SQ5, one of the best headlights in the business. My MX is certainly on par. Previous postings have identified misaligned headlights as one of the culprits. I would target that fix first.
  32. acadapter

    See my tire inside, in a sad way

    Actually not scary at all. The tire we have wasn't available to the general public until the last few months. The repair guide is located here: http://continentaltire.custhelp.com/ci/fattach/get/8566/0/filename/ContiSilent+Repair Give that to your shop and everything should be fine.
  33. acadapter

    Alliant Credit Union 1.49% for 72 months

    Interesting --- When I applied through their Tesla specific division they told me up front which bureau they would pull from. In my situation they are all within 10 points of each other so it wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but this is the first I have heard of them (or any bank for an...
  34. acadapter

    Alliant Credit Union 1.49% for 72 months

    I received 1.74% at TechCU for 72/mo. Census FCU has 1.49% for 72/mo if any of you are fortunate enough to have an account there.
  35. acadapter

    Auto pilot feels like drunk driving

    What they can do with AP1 is a little limited not because of incentive but because of development. MobileEye and Tesla had a nasty split and they didn't stay on board to transition to TeslaVision (on the AP2.0 system). Even with Tesla holding the dev controls to the legacy AP1.0 system, there...
  36. acadapter

    Auto pilot feels like drunk driving

    I'd argue that the Beta AP2.0 hardware certainly wasn't $10k; traditionally early access to hardware actually does come with a decent price tag. I'd also argue that use of the beta is completely optional. You can drive your car everyday without ever using AP. If Tesla had to only rely on fleet...
  37. acadapter

    MX HW2 detects overpasses as a car and hard breaks

    Has anyone read the article that shows current AP2.0 cars are only using 1/8 cameras at this time? Tesla Autopilot is currently using only 1 out of 8 cameras of the new hardware suite, still very much in ‘beta’ The system can quite possibly be learning, but feedback may not be getting back to...
  38. acadapter

    Funds for Maryland Plug-In electric vehicles for fiscal year 2016 are depleted

    This proposed bill needs some work --- 1) If this is retroactive which so far the details suggest, I don't believe they can now change the requirements for the purchase price cap applicable to the previous program (through June 30th, 2017). 2) The section pertaining to efective date of...
  39. acadapter

    AP2 update 17.7.2 new Autopark and Local autosteer

    I do have a question --- For folks that say Autosteer took them completely out of lane or almost crashed... were you actually holding the wheel as you are supposed to? Seeing as though we are bombarded with disclaimer after disclaimer about this being a beta, I hold the wheel in a way where if...
  40. acadapter

    X: What's your 90%?

    75D - 213mi @ 90% (3,500 on the ODO)
  41. acadapter

    Model X sales versus other large luxury SUV's

    Great point. The charging station install costs far more than changing the hardware for a garage door opening (including the need to get a state certified permit, etc). Much more effort for the former.
  42. acadapter

    Model X and Tire Repair Kit

    If I may ask, how much did they charge you for the first replacement or was it a goodwill replacement?
  43. acadapter

    FWD meets sprinkler pipe

    I got out at work today and almost had a heart attack when it looked like my driver's side FWD wasn't going to stop for the sprinkler pipe. Sorry to hear about your door. Is there a quick way to stop the door while it's moving from the fob?
  44. acadapter

    FINALLY!!! Maintenance Plans and Extended Service Agreement

    So --- We are saving 7.5% and 7.9% off the list price for prepaying? That certainly isn't much incentive to say the least...
  45. acadapter

    ToughPro Mats and VINs Greater than F022381

    Not to hijack this thread, but these mats looks pretty damn good. Can you share more of where you had to Velcro? Sucks the delivery time is a month coming from China, but I can't see why I would go with the rubber over these. How hard are they to wash?
  46. acadapter

    ToughPro Mats and VINs Greater than F022381

    Can you share some pictures of the final product?
  47. acadapter

    Don't open your FWDs in NYC!

    I got a mug and an umbrella (not complaining). I WISH I would have gotten one of those nice jackets!

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