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  1. JATinNH

    Buying from New Hampshire

    Per a previous post (and NH DMV website) only the Bill Of Sale is needed to obtain temp NH tags. Was curious, since you paid the previous week prior to delivery, was this document not available to you online before the car arrived?
  2. JATinNH

    Buying from New Hampshire

    A Londonderry NH sales and service center appears to be in the works. Not sure the timetable. I pass by the lot every day and haven't seen any activity yet. Londonderry NH Sales/Service Center
  3. JATinNH

    Buying from New Hampshire

    Good to know that it's at least still an option if one is not up to the road trip down to NY/NJ. Thanks for posting.
  4. JATinNH

    Buying from New Hampshire

    Let us know how the process goes. Perhaps they will have some options for you.
  5. JATinNH

    Sequence of actions I should take for lane change on non-enhanced AP?

    I feel like I had a different experience when I had rented a new Model Y Performance with Basic Autopilot over the holidays. Either I'm remembering the sequence of events wrong, or I dreamt it. But I specifically remember driving on the highway with Autopilot engaged (TACC and Autosteer) and...
  6. JATinNH

    Buying from New Hampshire

    Was curious to hear from anyone living in New Hampshire who has recently purchased a Tesla and what delivery options were available. 4 years ago, I was able to have my Model 3 delivered straight to my home in NH. It was easy, convenient, and was done at no additional fee. It seems like things...
  7. JATinNH

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    Pass by almost every day. Haven’t seen any activity at all. This is the view today from the Technology Drive entrance. Feel bad for the person that draws the small straw and has to open that tractor trailer which looks like it’s been sitting there for 10 years. 😳
  8. JATinNH

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    The board member who was the most vocal about the lack of public charging actually seemed angry, claiming he’s tired of carmakers waiting for governments to supply public charging infrastructure instead of making the investment themselves. He may have a point …. about EVERY OTHER EV maker. But...
  9. JATinNH


    This was bugging me as well. Finally figured out last night that the notifications in the lower left of the screen such as for Homelink, seatbelt reminder, and phone controls actually stack on top of each other. So if you are on the phone and Homelink notification pops up and covers phone...
  10. JATinNH

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    Probably pointing out the obvious, but this foray into the upper Northeast should coincide nicely with the new production volume to come from Giga Texas which is supposed to supply the East as I recall. The wait was frustrating, but makes sense.
  11. JATinNH

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    This is really exciting. Continue to scratch my head at the line of questioning sometimes from these planning boards... it seems like an opportunity for board members to just blab about their personal opinions sometimes. The repeated questioning about the amount of parking seeming excessive...
  12. JATinNH

    How to get your money back on the tax you pay when ordering online?

    If you’ve indicated that you are a NH resident when you placed your order, you should not pay any sales tax as long as you have the car delivered to your home or if you decide to pick it up in a state that allows you to take delivery without paying tax (NY/NJ?). However, if decided to take...
  13. JATinNH

    First Trip-Keep Getting Errors at Night

    Not sure where you are in NH, but I wonder if it's in the same spot on I-93N that it happens to me every day. It's right around the interchange with 102. I'm usually set on AP at 70+ and something causes the highway speed limit on the display to drop to 55mph causing a braking invent. That...
  14. JATinNH

    Spokane store is officially open!

    Agree. In typical Tesla tradition, I’m guessing it looks more like our “new” store in Peabody MA... an old Sears Auto Center that didn’t get much more than a new paint job 😳
  15. JATinNH

    I-95 corridor superchargers: Good ones? Bad ones?

    Have made numerous roundtrips from NH down to NC (Charlotte) and have hit the following (listed from north to south): 1. Meriden CT (South of Hartford) on 84: In a Dunkin Donuts parking lot for a decent restroom break. Wendy's is next door with some other fast food places just down the street...
  16. JATinNH

    Supercharger - Burlington, MA

    Thanks for the updates. This location is definitely better (i.e. closer to amenities) than the previous, although that may increase ICE risk as others have noted. Was curious if you had any sense... regarding the infrastructure being installed for future level 2 chargers... is this for the...
  17. JATinNH

    Supercharger - Burlington, MA

    I read some of these comments from the people put in charge of decision making (i.e. planning board members) and just shake my head. Essentially, "I have reservations about this because charging technology may change in the next 3 to 5 years, so I'm not sure we should go forward with this...
  18. JATinNH

    Deep Blue Metallic Help

    @Eddie1218 - Can't believe I'm suggesting anything other than white seats (love them!) but, one thing to consider: the DBM Performance looks so good with the darker wheels and chrome delete, you may also appreciate the camouflage effect of having the black interior. As much as I love the white...
  19. JATinNH

    First long trip on first EV. Few issues to report

    That was my first thought. I've had a few occasions where my headlights (not referring to DRLs) came on on during the day (going through a tunnel or under an overpass) and they stayed on, they didn't automatically turn off. I confirmed I was still on the "Auto" setting each time. It only...
  20. JATinNH

    Supercharger experiences

    I’ve taken 4 multi-day multi-state road trips in my Model 3 and have only used the in-car route planner and, as mentioned previously, PlugShare to see other people’s comments/tips on a particular SC location. The biggest challenge is knowing what I’m going to find when I get there...e.g. how...
  21. JATinNH

    Supercharger locations - who picks these spots??

    Unfortunately, further up I-85 in South Hill is the SC located behind a sketchy restaurant, next to the smelly dumpsters in the back, a quarter of a mile away from a Travel Center on a 2 lane road with no sidewalks. Not sure what the thinking was on that one.
  22. JATinNH

    TACC following distance

    I noticed it has disappeared from the Controls menu as well. It used to be in CONTROLS>AUTOPILOT but is no longer there. Owner's manual still says its there. Of course the right scroll button is the shortcut, but you're not losing your mind. ;)
  23. JATinNH

    Supercharger - Woburn, MA

    Was there today and was pleasantly startled when I rounded the corner of the building where the Superchargers are to be installed and saw fences up and materials there! :) Until I realized it was probably just a staging area for roofing work the store is having done.:(
  24. JATinNH

    Model Y SF to Seattle, New To. Tesla

    Just a tip... make sure to activate your Notifications in the Tesla App to notify you that Charging has started or to give you a heads up in the event if it was interrupted.
  25. JATinNH

    Tesla App no longer showing charging notifications after MX 2020.32.2

    Not sure if you double checked “Notifications” in the App... I stopped getting “Charging Complete” notifications recently and found that setting inexplicably turned off in the App. Maybe due to an update? Not sure why it happened. Tesla App>Settings>Notifications>Select “Charging Complete”
  26. JATinNH

    Liberty Utilities files for Tesla battery pilot in NH

    Almost 2 months in, how’s it going with the batteries and the experience? As I sit here in the dark with the power out from a storm that just rolled through, I’m wishing I had them right about now.
  27. JATinNH

    Lane Changes Not Working Consistently

    Be sure to have some resistance on the steering wheel when you initiate the lane change. I’ve found my Model 3 is sensitive to that. Once I started paying attention to it, I had more successful lane changes.
  28. JATinNH

    Delivery to my door

    I'm in NH and when my M3 was delivered by truck, I was one of multiple stops that day for him in the NH/ME/VT region... so you may be right that they are on one truck. Mine did NOT come with temp tags nor any paperwork that I needed to register it. Delivery was on a Friday or Saturday and I...
  29. JATinNH

    Urgh...my new car

    Give it some time and give yourself some distance from all the expert opinions. Take plenty of relaxing drives to nowhere in particular. Buying a Tesla is like childbirth (I imagine).... the delivery can be excruciating, but you soon put it behind you. Doesn’t mean it will never disappoint you...
  30. JATinNH

    What's Normal Front Motor Sound for Model Y?

    I have a Dual Motor Model 3 (built 10/2018) and also have the high pitched whine, most pronounced at the 40mph-45mph range (until road noise starts to drown it out). There were several discussion threads on here that I read at the time of many others experiencing something similar, but I don’t...
  31. JATinNH

    Supercharger - Woburn, MA

    Wow. Five full pages of hoops and obstacles and hindrances. It’s amazing anything ever gets built or developed. I realize this is the game that has to be played, but it would be interesting to find out how many times Tesla throws up their hands and just moves on.
  32. JATinNH

    Model Y Test Drive - New England

    That appears to still be the case. I submitted an online request for a Model Y test drive to Tesla.com over the weekend and was initially encouraged to see the Peabody MA service center in the drop-down list. Got a call about a day later from someone who said Model Y test drives are only being...
  33. JATinNH

    NE Tesla Owners Socially Distanced Scenic Drive Meetup

    Definitely interested. Thx.
  34. JATinNH

    Shelter-in-Place Auto Insurance Payback

    Have Ameriprise through Costco (now called Connect/American Family Insurance)... they are issuing a refund check that represents 15% of 3 months of premiums. Of course, this was after I received a renewal notice that showed my next 6-month premium increasing by 18%. The insurance god giveth and...
  35. JATinNH

    Scenic Drives NH

    Tried this route last week... nice drive. Some beautiful spots along the way driving next to streams and rivers and a few waterfalls too. Thx.
  36. JATinNH

    I93 Breakdown Lane Travel

    My post wasn’t suggesting a joy ride... was just curious how the limits of Autopilot perform in this kind of scenario.
  37. JATinNH

    I93 Breakdown Lane Travel

    I often travel the I93 corridor in Northern Mass into NH and there's a section where the breakdown lanes are open during rush hour for travel... always wondered if anyone tried using Autopilot while traveling in that lane... was just curious how it handled all the confusing lane markings...
  38. JATinNH

    About white interior

    Mine still looking good after 1yr 5mos and 22K miles. I use warm soapy Dawn dish detergent and a white wash cloth and it does a great job of cleaning the jean transfer that gets on the seat during those months that I wear pants. Agree about the white dash strip reflecting right through the...
  39. JATinNH

    Excited and confused

    So, November... to clarify, does OP even need to use his MY mobile charger? Can’t he just plug into the one he uses for MX? I know he may want both plugged in at the same time... but if, not, aren’t they essentially interchangeable on a 240? Just curious. Thx.
  40. JATinNH

    Scenic Drives NH

    Anyone have any good ideas or resources to plan day or half day scenic drives in NH? Found a couple sites online but there may be some routes you’ve discovered. These days, it’s nice to get out of even just for a drive. I’ve just about carved a groove in the coastal route between Portsmouth down...
  41. JATinNH

    Tesla Branded Credit Card

    Was wondering how many would apply for and use a Tesla branded credit card that earned free Supercharging? What other perks would you like to see with the card?
  42. JATinNH

    Shopping cart hit and walk-caught on Sentry cam

    The one (and only) thing I miss about my 1994 Saturn... dent-resistant polymer side panels.
  43. JATinNH

    Music skips on bumps

    Thx for the suggestion, I know what you mean but no it doesn’t play a sound when I lay it down on the pad or pick it up. The interruption is not like what I hear when a text or email notification comes through, where it lowers the volume. This sounds more like a disconnection. Stays on the same...
  44. JATinNH

    Music skips on bumps

    I'm not 100% sure... I’ll pay more attention next time it happens to verify. Reminds of my first generation Sony Discman in the late 80s... I had to carry it around the house gently in the palm of my hand, being careful not to jar it at all.
  45. JATinNH

    Music skips on bumps

    I’ve noticed recently that when I hit some larger bumps in the road, my music will stop for a second and/or sound like it skips like an old CD. It has happened when I’m streaming Amazon Music through my iPhone XR to the car. In all instances my phone has been sitting on my M3 Nomad wireless...
  46. JATinNH

    2019 IRS Form 8911 Help

    I’m in the same boat. Been checking 2018 TT since 2/20 when they updated the form in 2019 TT and haven’t seen any update. Was really hoping to avoid having to do this manually outside of Turbo Tax.
  47. JATinNH

    Loud Clunking Sound at Cold Startup

    Same thing has been happening to me. It follows ... parking after driving in wet conditions... sitting overnight in unheated garage ... freezing temps outside. Not a technician, but sounded to me like brake pads get stuck/frozen/rusted to rotors and the clunk is then coming unstuck. Had tires...
  48. JATinNH

    Liberty Utilities files for Tesla battery pilot in NH

    I could be wrong, but I've seen some hints that they may be opening up for phase 2... I haven't called to confirm yet, but was first interested in hearing from anyone on here who participated in phase 1 and learn about their experience. Anyone willing to share their pros and cons? Thx in advance.
  49. JATinNH

    Nomad Wireless Charger

    I’ve had my Nomad for about 6 months and it has worked well with the splitters they provided. I did learn early on, though, that I had to take my phone out of its case for optimal charging. Might try that for troubleshooting.

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