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  1. ModelS8794

    WTB Model X with FSD with free unlimited super charging SC01.

    Yes, that's why I replied to this thread. My 2016 is SC01 (I am original owner)
  2. ModelS8794

    WTB Model X with FSD with free unlimited super charging SC01.

    I’m getting ready to put up my 2016 90D this week. It has autopilot 1.0, so i dunno if that’s what you’re looking for. DM me if it is.
  3. ModelS8794

    Question for Model X owners renting out using Turo

    Sounds like a bit of a hassle to me, the owner misunderstanding the site's policies or the site miscommunicating the policy to the owner and/or the renter. A recipe for an unpleasant post-rental experience, IMO. I listed my Model X (Philadelphia area) on Turo a week or two ago. I haven't...
  4. ModelS8794

    Range hit with a hitch-mounted cargo shelf?

    Thanks for the anecdotes! I dunno if weight or aerodynamics is the main culprit, but i suspect it's the latter (or else loading up weight inside the car would have the same range impact, which I don't think it does.) Hopefully some folks with a cargo box, rather than bikes, will also check in...
  5. ModelS8794

    Range hit with a hitch-mounted cargo shelf?

    I wonder if you or anyone else has taken a road trip w a hitch-mounted cargo tray like this one or this one along with a cargo bag. Hoping someone can report on the range or wh/m hit one can expect to see? I would expect nowhere near the hit a trailer would deliver, but if it's still pretty high...
  6. ModelS8794

    My 3600 Mile Model X Journey

    A wonderful trip report, thanks for sharing! I wonder if you kept track of, or noticed, how your total energy usage was compared to the 'rated' range of the car. When you used EVTripPlanner to look at your route, what settings did you use, and were those settings close enough to accurate that...
  7. ModelS8794

    Cracked Model X windshield

    huh? your policy says deductibles for damage to cars made by specific manufacturers can vary?
  8. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    You said earlier you purchased it for $115. Was that the sticker price or did that include delivery and sales tax. The tesla offer should have shown what % of the original Price their offer represents. How far off was my 55% guess? If you rely on the RVG next year, keep in mind that they will...
  9. ModelS8794

    Non-PUP Front Door Opening

    I do not have the PUP. To open the front driver and passenger door, I must press the door handle from the outside, or use the handle on the inside, or use the touchscreen. No other way to have the front door present itself; no functionality on the key to open the front doors afaik. Related: If...
  10. ModelS8794

    Model X May Deliveries

    The front hood was a bit off pre-delivery as I posted upthread. I emailed them the day before delivery, and they had it adjusted and looking great when I picked it up. They said if I still felt it was off they could remove the hood and do a more careful fitting but it would have taken extra time...
  11. ModelS8794

    Model X May Deliveries

    I received an active spoiler on my 90D (took delivery just a few days ago) and I also received the hardware equivalent to the full tow package even though I only ordered the accessory hitch. By Hardware I mean the car is reinforced in the rear with the necessary tow bar, hitch housing, and...
  12. ModelS8794

    Model X May Deliveries

    Thanks for all three who confirmed this is a spot to deal with. Handles and FWDs look good to me, we'll see once I get them open and closed a few times. That front spot on the hood was the only line looking a bit off to me. I haven't seen the interior yet. Contrary to some of what I see at...
  13. ModelS8794

    Model X May Deliveries

    Got the call, ready for delivery anytime this week! vin 50xx, Pearl White 7-seater. 90D, non-PUP. There are about a dozen Model X at the Devon, PA SC. My DS initially told me this morning the service dept. was waiting for some unnamed part(s) to be sent out from Fremont for all the Model X...
  14. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    My loan was 72% LTV. So My expectation is I will not ever be in a position where I'd find value in gap coverage. That said, one thing I will look at this week is whether I can find competitive rates for an auto policy with full-value coverage or new car replacement or whatever it's called. Not...
  15. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    I will guess Tesla will offer you $63k for it or 55% of your original cost (not counting tax rebates) You would likely sell it for low 70s private party right now. Overall the RVG is nice but expensive peace of mind. But unlikely to be ultimately useful. Let us know what they say!
  16. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Yes, I will have to have them generate a new MVPA to show a fully cash paid purchase with no lien holder. I haven't done that yet as my delivery is still two weeks away. I do not think I'll run into any problems with that. I started this all quite early, 3 weeks before delivery, because I am a...
  17. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    FYI, I have gone through the process with Alliant and with Lightstream and found the following: Alliant is very easy to work with, and approved an $80k loan for me which was 84% of the LTV as they only used $95,500 as the vehicle price. That was the base price for the 90D I ordered, I don't...
  18. ModelS8794

    Alliant Credit Union 1.49% for 72 months

    Not to sidetrack this thread too much, but what are you seeing for 2014 P85 asking prices that leads you to believe the values are so weak for non-auto-pilot cars? I sold my non-AP 2013 S85 about 6 months ago for 64% of original sticker price (this was month 35 for the car while the RVG...
  19. ModelS8794

    Model X May Deliveries

    Oooh, jealous... By chance, did you receive any communication when they first loaded your car up for transportation away from the West Coast? If so, what was that date, and did they specify truck or rail? I entered production April 5th but was in some extended delay (Musk and his sleeping bag...
  20. ModelS8794

    Alliant Credit Union 1.49% for 72 months

    FYI Alliant has a microsite with the Tesla financing promo and a link to an online application. I submitted directly there and received email with pre approval same day: Very easy to do, here's the site Tesla Car Loans from Alliant
  21. ModelS8794

    Operating Tesla with SIRI

    I-8 should have coverage no problem, if the car uses AT&T which I believe it does. ATT Coverage on I-8 by ModelS8794 posted May 9, 2016 at 4:39 PM
  22. ATT Coverage on I-8

    ATT Coverage on I-8

  23. ModelS8794

    Blind Holster for phone

    At around the time the design studio opened to the public, Tesla moved the holster out of the Standard Features list and into the PUP list.
  24. ModelS8794

    Model X in Cambridge??

    I got a phone call from Boston Tesla SC (dunno if Prudential Center or an outlying one) that they had a Model X available for test drives this weekend (with some empty spots available). Maybe give Kyle a call over there. I see that you have a reservation for a Model X but have yet to take one...
  25. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Gotcha, thanks much. At 5 years the EnergyFCU deal for 1.83% - .75% EV discount seems the way to go (though lots of folks seem to be looking for 100% financing which I don't think the EnergyFCU can do). I will see if Lightstream will top that by another .10 or if they punt on the .75% EV thing...
  26. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Apologies if I missed it upthread, but did you post any details on where you found 1.49% financing for 72 months? Would like to review that one, thanks!
  27. ModelS8794

    Falcon Wing Door Slowly Dropping

    It sounds like the FWDs raison d'être (making a fastback CUV into a viable 7-seater) is not of any value to you. I'd recommend the Model S, it seems like it'd fit your needs much better. tons and tons of storage, roof rack, and a really nice look to boot.
  28. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Haven't gotten the call for setting up delivery yet, so I am still waiting to set up financing. I'll post here when I do.
  29. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    I called and asked (I am out of state with no connections to their area) and was told no can do. I imagine you could drum up a place of worship in their area and tell them you're a member there... But anyway the EnergyFCU deal looks more appealing IMO...
  30. ModelS8794

    Any non premium pkg deliveries

    You are referring to the material on the dashboard, or the headliner? Did you have a chance to see/touch the non-PUP seats? I take delivery in 4-5 weeks but haven't heard a peep on the forums about non-PUP leather seat quality. That's my last little niggling area of doubt about the various...
  31. ModelS8794

    Model X Timeline - From Prototype to Production

    Ditto. "Just wanted to let you know your X is about to be painted! When it leaves the factory (hopefully next week) we will then have 3 – 4 weeks until it is here..."
  32. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Were you able to secure membership to this CU without being a local? Would like to know the right information to provide, but I don't live in FL anymore and never went to a FL college.
  33. ModelS8794

    Model X Cargo Carrier

    Thanks for this info, I was looking for the details on accessory hitch weight capacity a few months ago and hit a wall. Where did you read this info; was it anywhere on TMC or somewhere you could link to for me? Thanks! I only got the accessory hitch, and am in the no more changes zone now...
  34. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    This may help you: Can shopping for a loan have an effect on my credit?
  35. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Tesla does not offer loans in PA. With the Model S I paid cash and took a loan some months after taking delivery when I found a tempting rate (USAlliance, not so tempting rates today sadly). With the X, I don't know yet, same boat as you.
  36. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Kinda surprised this thread isn't seeing much life. Maybe I'm just in one of the few states where tesla does not offer its own lending program? Anyway, I would add one more interesting option, for those with excellent credit, Lghtstream.com offers loans that are actually unsecured. Rates are...
  37. ModelS8794

    Model X Financing questions

    Also interested in finding rates below 1.99% Best I've seen so far is 1) 1.99% out to 72 months at SB1 Credit Union (Philadelphia based co-op) 2) 0.79% out to 36 months at Western.org
  38. ModelS8794

    Selling Model X on Ebay - Procedures to Prevent Fraud

    Deposit through PayPal, and then Bank check drawn in person (I.e. You both go to buyers bank and they issue the check in your presence.) Alternatively, I did a sale recently where buyer got the bank check and took a picture with the bank officer holding the check. I then called his bank and...
  39. ModelS8794

    What to Expect When Placing Deposit?

    My recent experience putting a fresh deposit down Jan 9th (for a car I do not intend to buy but that's another story): my invitation to configure came about two weeks after I placed my deposit. The configuration displays the same basic info that it did when I configured my long-held initial X...
  40. ModelS8794

    "Meet Model X: Exclusive Viewing"

    I have an order finalized, and a second order not yet invited to configure. I do not have an order invited to configure but not yet completed. I received my invite at 5PM EST today (Saturday) Perhaps wait a day and see if an email invitation arrives. The invite I received looked just like...
  41. ModelS8794

    Delay in model X launch?

    You can't fold the rear seats down by accessing them through the trunk?
  42. ModelS8794

    How are your Ultra White Seats looking?

    If you or another owner spends some time in the seats with blue jeans I would like to hear opinions. I fear ink transfer on those beautiful seats more than I worry about food/drink stains.
  43. ModelS8794

    $215k OBO: 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Signature

    Seems extremely unwelcoming to put eBay listings for competing offerings into someone's TMC for sale thread. I had a very positive experience selling my vehicle on this site last month, but if I had seen this thread and the holier-than-thou reactions on display here I daresay I would have...
  44. ModelS8794

    Model X may qualify for 50% business write off.

    If one incorporates a new venture in the business of leasing vehicles to consumers, and then leases a purchased Model X to a consumer who happens to be the owner of the business, is the tax efficiency better than an individual simply buying the car?
  45. ModelS8794

    Five Xs at Devon Service Center

    I live about five minutes from the service center. Saw 2 sigs in the work area last week of December... Asked for a peek but got strict No Way from everybody I asked, so I haven't stopped by since. Anyway, I am finalized now so probably no difference but in the off chance any Devon Sig...
  46. ModelS8794

    Random Model X sightings

    That gorgeous grey was my order for six days and 23 hours... And then I confirmed on pearl white [emoji38]
  47. ModelS8794

    Random Model X sightings

    South Florida yesterday morning. Every shot makes me more bummed that sweet red is reserved for sigs only.
  48. ModelS8794

    Tow package vs accessory hitch option

    A class 1 hitch would actually still be enough to support that little uhaul sport trailer I linked to above - though you could only fill it w about 400 pounds of stuff instead of 1000 pounds of stuff. I guess for a use case like this, you are really just giving up the software package that...
  49. ModelS8794

    Standard Accessory Hitch Specs

    Any owners out there with the standard 1.25" accessory hitch? I would love to see pics of any stickers on the devices explaining the rating or weight limitations, or even better a screen shot of the owner's manual describing the capabilities and limitations of the accessory hitch option. Thanks!
  50. ModelS8794

    Tow package vs accessory hitch option

    If someone can explain to me in simple terms what the difference is between these two packages I would greatly appreciate it. Take to me like a kindergartener here, I am very confused by the towing terminology and have no experience with it at all. Tow hitch, tow mount, tow ball, tow rack...

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