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    What's your 90%?

    I am at 78,044 Miles on my April 2014 85. 90% is 227. I think it was 241 new. It really hasnt changed at all for the last 2 years (around 30k miles of driving). I am frequently driving below 5% rarely charge over 90. Everyday charging is 85%.
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    Rear-facing jump seats removal

    Exactly. There is a rail inside the hole you can set the nut into (flat parts top and bottom if I remember correctly) and you can then slide it over to the bolt hole.
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    Supercharger - Fremont, CA - 47400 Kato Rd (not completed, V3 test site Mar 2019)

    And a good spot to let people try out full autonomy capabilities in a semi controlled space. Ferry people to and from the factory to see the production and then back to the event.
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    Supercharger - Gustine, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    They are still wrapped in plastic today.
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    Supercharger - Gustine, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    Im passing through tomorrow morning, Ill stop by as well.
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    Taking first long distance drive.

    The car is pretty good at that, just follow its directions. You can also try evtripplanner.com . But there is no substitute for just getting out there and getting firsthand experience. You will get the hang of it in no time at all.
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    Supercharger - Folsom, CA - Palladio Parkway (LIVE 11 Aug 2016, 10 V2 + 20 V3 stalls)

    Tesla tried to sneak this one by me! Not on my watch! Looks like a 10 stall back in with great shops and food choices.
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    Example of my drive two day drive - divided 70 mph highway

    Id like to see the test repeated in warm weather as a comparison. Good data!
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    X: What's your 90%?

    Are these range mode on numbers? If X has range mode anyway.
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    Supercharger - Fresno, CA (6709 N Riverside, LIVE 10 Jan 2016, 10 V2 stalls)

    Good on you for going for it and not taking an ice.
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    How to protect the Falcon Wing doors from a moving garage door

    Interesting dilemma. I'm glad you have a work around. First world problem though. :biggrin:
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    Solar Powers My Model S

    Just a simple 3.8kWp setup for me. On EV rate. producing enough to cover 20k miles of driving a year though.
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    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Thats awesome. I just had a flashback. Completely forgot that I met Bonnie until I saw todays pics. Just after I took my first real road trip in the S, she was at the service center (I think driving a green S?), and coming back from an even longer trip than mine. Took the time to pleasantly...
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    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Amador Plaza (LIVE, 16 V2 stalls, expansion in progress May 2021)

    Picked up my car from service today, they are uncovered and I was told they go live today. This was at 3:30PM. So may be live now.
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    Car Seat Recommendations? Second Row, Front Facing.

    We have the diono as well as a recaro. My 2 year old likes the recaro better but it does take up more space (its wider) than the Dio. Cant go wrong either way, but if I could get only one I would take the Recaro.
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    What's your 90%?

    S85 at 40k miles 90% is 229. I've come to find the number isn't super accurate. It's based on the in/out behavior. I've taken it below 0 and come back in the morning with a 90% that's higher by the same amount I was below when I plugged in.
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    SF Area to ... Road Trip Advice

    The posts above as spot on. You just need a little experience with the car. Getting to know it and what are willing to do with the time you have will dictate your strategy. Sometime you will not feel like stopping and will stretch. In general just stop at the SC's and get that 20% buffer to make...
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    Lighter Shade of Blue?

    Think I saw it today at the factory while charging. bonus it had some choice bbs wheels. sorry for the potato through glass pic.
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    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    I can confirm that the Primm site is open, though two of the chargers weren't operating/online. Will post my verification pic once I'm off the road.
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    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    I will be driving through there tomorrow, will stop and see. So will definitely know by then.
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    Model S Owner Age

    37 here & 40.
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    Anybody driving 100 miles plus a day??

    One month in and 3700 Miles on Genevieve. My wife takes her 125 miles a day to Oakland and back in her commute.
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    Supercharger - Roseville

    Ill look through my pics again, but I did notice the right 4 spots say Tesla only. The left 3 say general 60 minute parking. So at least some of them wont be ICE'd. Is the transformer on the street in a box? or behind the enclosure?
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    Supercharger - Roseville

    Just drove by today and snapped a progress pic. Looks like just about good to go!

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