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  1. J

    Yoke replacement

    I don’t understand the “ Yoke fear” It took me just a few hours to get used to it in my plaid car Learning to use the first IPhone with no tactile keyboard was far more difficult Don’t worry about the Yoke. It’s different for sure but I like having a clear view without half the steering wheel...
  2. J

    Plaid Horsepower and Torque

    I just took delivery of my Plaid Model S. I've only put 150 miles on it and have yet to floor it but it seems very quick. I've seen several video's of Model S plaid cars racing super bikes, Lambo's, Ferrari's and Hellcats etc. There is a recent video of the Model S easily beating a heavily...
  3. J

    Yoke Steering

    The Yoke is not hard to get used to. Just have to go back to hand over hand for tight turns which are usually at low speeds anyway Controls on yoke instead of stalk feels a bit different at first but it’s easy to get used to For me this was less of a transition than it was when I bought my...
  4. J

    Yoke Steering

    I’ve had my Plaid Model S for just three days and only about 150 miles. I’ve driven into and out of multiple parking lots and garages as well as some highway driving. Driving with the yoke and no stalks is not difficult for me. I have already adapted to the different methods of executing tight...
  5. J

    Alert warning: "Vehicle may not restart. Service is required" Code BMS_a035. "Electrical ...."

    I have a 2018 M3P with 12,500 miles on it. About 3 weeks ago I brought it in for service to replace the 12V battery and charge port door. Service at Norwell, MA was terrific and the car has been operating fine... until today. I just got a notice on my screen that " your Tesla may not restart/...
  6. J

    DFW Model S Deliveries

    Not sure the geographic area you are in makes much difference. I also ordered a Plaid Plus on battery day. Then I ordered a Plaid car on the day it was announced. Eventually, Tesla refunded my $1,000 deposit on the Plaid Plus My Plaid order is a white car with white interior , 21 inch wheels ...
  7. J

    Tall Model S owners - 6'5" (195cm)

    6’5” should be no problem in a model S. I have two tall friends ,one 6’4” and the other 6’7” and they both fit comfortably in the drivers seat within the standard seat adjustment range.
  8. J

    Model S purchase

    I own a Model S Performance and I have driven a Model S without the performance option. I regular around town driving you won't notice a difference. If you plant your foot on the go pedal from a dead stop there is a huge difference. Also, highway passing is much easier with the Performance...
  9. J

    Model S Plaid "Manage" order goes to white screen..

    Just checked on my Roadster reservation to see what the status is. The roadster 2020 reservation DID NOT say prepare for delivery. Not sure any of this is meaningful.
  10. J

    Model S Plaid "Manage" order goes to white screen..

    My reservation opens up just fine. However, it says “ prepare for delivery” I haven’t looked at the reservation page for about 60 days so this note may have been there for a while but I don’t remember seeing it before.
  11. J

    2021 Model 3 Perf vs 2021 Model S LR Plus

    If you can swing the extra bucks definitely buy the Performance model It’s an absolute beast
  12. J

    2021 Model 3 Perf vs 2021 Model S LR Plus

    I own a 2018 Model 3 Performance and a 2019 Model S Performance (Raven spec). Both cars are fantastic but they are very different. Will you be the only person driving the Tesla? My wife prefers the Model 3P. It's smaller dimensions make it easier to park and it just feels more nimble. I prefer...
  13. J

    Model S Plaid

    I ordered mine last night. White on white with 21" wheels and FSD software. I currently own a 2019 Raven Performance Model S. I suspect they will offer an updated body and interior for all Model S cars in about 12 months. The reason I think this is the case is that if the Plaid Model S was going...
  14. J

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    I posted earlier and I should have mentioned that my car is a June 2019 Raven Performance Model S. I'll look more carefully next time but I think most of the power increase in 2020.12.5 comes from the rear motor. I'm pretty sure the rear motor and inverter are unchanged in the Raven Performance...
  15. J

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    I have a 2019 Performance Model S and I just installed 2020.12.5. I put my car in Ludicrous plus mode and drove around until the battery temperature reached 50C. While I was driving around waiting for the battery to warm up I put the suspension in the Low setting. Once the battery was warmed up...
  16. J

    Help me decide if my 2020 Model S has a Range Problem

    I own a 2019 Performance Model S with 21" wheels. I live in south Florida so the weather is almost always 60-90 degrees F. My experience is that driving around town with a mix of 30-40% highway driving my car consumes approximately 290-310 Wh/mile which extrapolates to a range of about 330...
  17. J

    First Quarter Mile times on 2019.36.1

    Were you able to record the front, rear and total motor power on the Ludicrous plus display? What was your best quarter mile time before the 36.1 update?
  18. J

    P100DL max power with 36.1?

    I thought the additional power promised in the 36.1 release only applied to Raven Model S and X and Model 3 cars. I may be wrong on this. I have a Raven Performance model S but sadly, still waiting for 36.1 to download.
  19. J

    First Quarter Mile times on 2019.36.1

    I haven't received the 2019.36.1 build yet on my 2019 Raven Performance S. What was your SOC when you made this quarter mile run? Can you feel the difference in power? Elon stated an additional 50 HP but other reports indicated a 3% increase for Model S and X which would be more like 20 HP? A...
  20. J

    Raven Performance Model Questions

    I think Elon said that the Plaid Model S will be available sometime in late summer early fall 2020 in the USA. Not sure what the delay will be for a right hand drive UK car. I suspect the Plaid Model S will also have a refreshed exterior and interior. No inside information here ... just seems...
  21. J

    Raven Performance Model Questions

    I have a Raven Performance Model S and you have made a brilliant choice to buy one. The Performance model is just ridiculously quick. The difference in price is partially offset by the higher residual value and the slightly lower range is not an issue if you plan your longest trips correctly. I...
  22. J

    P100D and P85D CAN bus data compared for 0-60

    Hi Ben.... did you run your P100D in normal Ludicrous mode (not L+). Love to see the difference is amps pulled and total KW between having L+ enabled vs "normal ludicrous."
  23. J

    Max power in KW

    I just received the update this morning. I tried a few launches with 75% SOC and battery fully heated to 50 degrees C. Best I got was 558 KW. I put my P100D on a 100% SOC setting for overnight and I plan to try a few launches tomorrow.
  24. J

    Help: 90D ordered for MC Red on 12/19. Now thinking about White. Suggestions?

    About one month ago I took delivery of my new red P100D with the white interior, 21" silver turbine wheels and carbon fiber trim. It is just awesome looking and I get many compliments on the white interior. I also love the pearl white exterior but I don't think I would order it with the white...
  25. J

    P100D Owners - Feedback Please

    I took delivery of my red P100D with the new white interior 3 weeks ago. I traded in a red P85DL. The P100D seems a bit quieter and it is definitely much quicker at all speeds that I have driven the car (max 90mph so far). to answer your questions 1. No discernible noise from cooling pump 2. I...
  26. J

    New Ultrasonics

    So....the natural next question is "have you tried it anyway?" Yes.... I did try and there is not much to report. Only the cruise control works and that does not incorporate distance control or automatic braking. The P100D is quite a bit quicker than my P85DL was and the new white interior is...
  27. J

    New Ultrasonics

    I took delivery of my P100D with AP2 hardware on 11/21. As far as I can tell the only feature working is speed control. Tesla rep told me not to try any autopilot features until new software arrives next month
  28. J

    Ordered my MS60 today, debating if I should get the wall charger

    I think you should buy the wall charger. Five reasons 1. Much higher charge speed if you can have a 240V 60 or 80 amp circuit installed 2. It looks great 3. Sooner or later you will forget to put the charging cable back in your car and then you are out of luck if you need to charge anywhere...
  29. J

    Anyone have a delivery estimate for a P100D?

    My red P100D with the new white interior, carbon fiber accents , 21" silver turbine wheels, full EAP (AP2 hardware) and all options except rear facing seats and spoiler is on a truck and should be in south Florida today or Monday. I am scheduled to take delivery on Wednesday 11/16. I traded in...
  30. J

    What do we want to know from the first person to get AP2.0?

    I have on order a red P100D with white interior and all the AP2 hardware (I bought the options for full self driving). It is on a truck on the way to south Florida and I am scheduled to pick it up on November 16th. I think it will be the first AP2 Model S delivered in Dania Beach. It may also be...

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