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  1. aloha1906

    Subwoofer Volume Control Does Nothing

    I am getting accustomed to it. Had to work hard to catch the difference in sound but it popped when listening to certain songs while it was unnoticeable with others. Just as @DCGOO stated above.
  2. aloha1906

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    I understand pricing can change. A price increase due to improvements is reasonable - in my own opinion. A price decrease that is perceived to be a response associated with a faulty item is something different, again, my own opinion. Some owners went the MCU2 route due to failure or poor...
  3. aloha1906

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    The service in Sept was ~$250 and it was useless. However, now I am kinda hot because I just learned Model S/X MCU upgrade is reduced to $1,500 for vehicles built prior to March 2018. I just had mine completed on the 5 days ago... Infotainment Upgrade
  4. aloha1906

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    I was successful in requesting a credit for my previous SC visit. A credit was applied to my MCU2 upgrade. I feel that was fair. I brought in for MCU1 service in Sept and ended up requesting an MCU2 upgrade with the FM/XM module in Dec.
  5. aloha1906

    MCU Upgraders - Heads up

    @Tonez I went searching because my ears are kinda miffed at the moment. I been exploring and playing with immersive sound which seems to have replace Dolby. Search this thread, "MCU2 Upgrade Audio EQ Balancing - Coming From MCU1". It was enlightening, however not sure if this the thread...
  6. aloha1906

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    What will the recall mean for: - Owners that paid for repeat service visits - Owners that paid for daughterboard replacement - Owners that paid for MCU2 upgrade/replacement
  7. aloha1906

    Supercharger - Madison, CA (I-95 NB and SB Rest Areas)

    Drove by today. Tesla would not let me route to the SB SuC. It said it was out f service. I did see 1 vehicle pulling up, but otherwise empty. Decided not to take the chance and pushed to the 2 stall Milford CT location.
  8. aloha1906

    Extended warranty

    As an ‘17 MX owner with ~1500 before I hit the 50k mark, I decided to take the $5k and invest it. I can never be confident that all big ticket items are repaired. However if something comes up I believe it is cheaper to pay than rely on insurance. BTW, the aluminum shavings in the A/C unit is...
  9. aloha1906

    Firmware 2020.8.1 Incoming...

    Oh what a pleasant surprise...
  10. aloha1906

    Upset with service costs, is this normal

    As someone who is debating the merits of the extended warranty versus putting the money in the bank, can you share a bit more information that breaks down the costs of: control arm work, new tires/wheels/alignment, and any misc fees? I think I am reading $7100 for the control arms only which...
  11. aloha1906

    MCU Yellow Border - Fixed!

    +1 for UV service I just had the service done on a 2017 MX on Monday. It was expected to be a 2-4hr svc but they had to run it a second time to clear all of the yellow. Impressive job. I did not get the usual emailed service receipt.
  12. aloha1906

    Wtf: X drivers and poor SC ettiquette.

    I also noticed a different offset with the rear camera. It was very obvious to me going between a 2016 MX 90 ap 1 and a 2017 MX 100 ap2.5. I have never seen this mentioned elsewhere.
  13. aloha1906


    And.... we have Spötify. It just took a few updates.
  14. aloha1906

    FS: New Signature Matte Black High Powered Wall Connector - Matte Black

    For sale: a brand new, autographed special edition Tesla Wall Connector / Charger. Just received and it's available immediately. Sealed in box. Generation 2, Matte Black Charger, 24ft cable, 80 Amps These are not available for purchase from Tesla. $500 OBO Can be picked up from Rockville, MD...
  15. aloha1906

    New Update 2019.32.11.1 is moving fast

    Just noticed a new update on ev-fw and it has jumped in numbers. Anyone have it and have details?
  16. aloha1906

    V10 on the Model X

    My “What’s updated” screen was blank. I have the current version of the app - I have the new vent option. I disabled “Summon” so I don’t see all that fancy stuff.
  17. aloha1906

    V10 on the Model X

    Kinda frustrating. Sept 2017 build/ MCU2 1 + AP2.5 + FSD. Updated to 2019.32.11 and so far I don’t see any changes/new features. Rebooted a few times to no avail. I’ll just wait for the magic to happen eventually.
  18. aloha1906

    C’mon Folks! Be nice to fellow EV owners

    Appreciate the responses. I visit this location when in town. Just as many Tesla owner scream murder when an ICE vehicle parks in a dual use Tesla charging/short-term parking spot when there are tons of parking spots available, it seems unfair to tie up general charging spots when 2 floors...
  19. aloha1906

    After Model X, what should be our next car?

    If I had to, Honda Odyssey. There is no SUV that compares. My humbled opinion. Although the Porsche Cayenne e-hybrid was a nagging curiosity. I could not justify it. Again that is if I wanted space for 3 carseats and wanted to enjoy driving.
  20. aloha1906

    C’mon Folks! Be nice to fellow EV owners

    8 good stalls on top level of Southbay parking garage and you decide to to squat in 2 of the 4 EV charger spots. I don’t understand.
  21. aloha1906

    Supercharger - Braintree, MA

    Pfffttt. I ain’t paying more than I have ta.
  22. aloha1906

    Supercharger - Braintree, MA

    Omg so happy to finally have another option than Dedham or Southbay.
  23. aloha1906

    Deep Sleep - Model X

    In all seriousness I am shocked no one asked how you managed to get through to service let alone speak to a tech and live to tell the tale. Did you use the chat window from the website? I have given up calling Tesla.
  24. aloha1906

    Taptes leather seat covers

    Some vehicles get a little more action than others (e.g., car seats, equipment, clothes with studded embellishments, etc). I could go on and on. My last vehicle of 10yrs with leather seats held up ok, was not as nice as the X. So personally I'll spend a few dollars to keep the seats nice while...
  25. aloha1906

    Taptes leather seat covers

    Looks good. May purchase a set this week. Pricey, but built to spec. That means something for me.
  26. aloha1906

    Gun ownership overflow

    My comment “keep it classy” is a request for us all to engage in meaningful dialogue without disparaging others. I enjoy reading the posts and learning from others regardless of whether I personally agree or disagree.
  27. aloha1906

    Gun ownership overflow

    Not cool. There are various reasons one may have to carry/store a firearm. Let's keep it classy here.
  28. aloha1906

    WTB: Model X - AP1

    Just saw this today.... 2016 Tesla Model X 90D Sport Utility 4D - Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles - Brentwood, California - Marketplace | Facebook
  29. aloha1906

    Maui Jim’s detected a yellow border on my Model X screen!

    Can confirm. As far back Oct '18 local SC suggested waiting but logged in complaint so that it would be covered under warranty depending on individual warranty situations.
  30. aloha1906

    WTB Powerwall

    Ugh. I put a request in but will likely have to go another route. Sigh.
  31. aloha1906

    WTB Powerwall

    Thank you for that. I will need to take advantage of the credit since the referral program ends on Feb 28.
  32. aloha1906

    WTB Powerwall

    I have a referral available. Send a pm with your offer.
  33. aloha1906

    Maui Jim’s detected a yellow border on my Model X screen!

    Eventually you will see the yellow border regardless of wearing your Maui Jim’s. I speak from experience. You will have to decide when to have the replacement done.
  34. aloha1906

    AM Radio on ‘17 MX (photo)

    I remember being told there is no AM service. I found manual entries and threads referencing no AM capability. However this this happened last week on my 2017 MX roadtripping to Boston. Don’t know why or how. Any explanation. I hope the photo was added properly.
  35. aloha1906

    Dashcam memory stick keeps going bad?

    My Sandisk has that problem and I have to reformat every few days. Annoying. I plan to grab a newer highspeed one in hopes of solving that issue.
  36. aloha1906

    Why are my feet cold?

    2017 MX 7 seater here. Noticed the cold feet issue recently when some visitors were in town. Started to pay closer attention and fiddled with heat settings. Noticed a considerable improvement after setting air to recirculating. Seems that the cold air did not heat fast enough (just...
  37. aloha1906

    Tire Wear experiences?

    Adding a datapoint. I have the OEM ContiSilent on 20”. Staggered setup from factory. Replacing all tires with another set of OEM ContiSilent at 24,800. Could possibly squeeze another 5k but I am not rolling the dice with snow season. I keep my suspension at normal and lower above 65mph.
  38. aloha1906

    v9 Dash Cam Inconsistent Recording

    Interesting that you only have to format the TeslaCam partition. Please try the manual start/stop and share any success. If the issue is coding, that will be very nice.
  39. aloha1906

    v9 Dash Cam Inconsistent Recording

    After doing some additional research, ArsTechnica pointed this out and said the fix was to manually stop recording (see How To Set Up The Dashcam In A Tesla Running Firmware v9.0 | CleanTechnica). Sorry for the long link and possible repost. I don’t see this posted anywhere. I will try this and...
  40. aloha1906

    v9 Dash Cam Inconsistent Recording

    Currently on 42.2. Using an 8gb SanDisk Cruzer, TeslaCam has worked. However, at about 1gb of usage, I get the grey camera with the x. Only way to resolve is reformatting the drive. This has occurred 3x now. So far as I can tell, there is no corruption when checking from a computer and the...
  41. aloha1906

    Early Access Program

    I think the concern over beta software is valid. Out of curiosity, does early access mean that early release software updates are definite? What about basic logging of data and videos? I saw somewhere that one volunteers to be monitored - location, video, unknown vehicle information. I don't...
  42. aloha1906

    «Safe» to buy new Model X?

    Owner of Sept 2017 build. Great vehicle. Minor hiccups at initial delivery resolved next day. Been very happy over the last 22k miles. Only svc appts for a tire replacement and 12.5k service.
  43. aloha1906

    Model 3 repairs in Rockville Maryland area

    Give this place a call. About 5-10m from Rockville SC. I see a long line of all models in for body work. Service King - Gaithersburg 8221 Snouffer School Road Gaithersburg, MD 20879 (240) 631-0123 Safe travels.
  44. aloha1906

    BRAND NEW Model X 22" Forged Turbine Wheels (INCLUDING Tires, TPMS, Installation, Shipping!) 4 SALE

    I have the same offer as the OP. Please PM if interested. We can make arrangements for payment and shipping directly to a SC of choice.
  45. aloha1906

    Floor Mats for New 7 Seat Config

    Finally available....
  46. aloha1906

    Floor Mats for New 7 Seat Config

    Bump on this thread... Anyone find a supplier for the middle row? Still waiting. 8(... New year, old problem.
  47. aloha1906

    MD - EVSE Rebate Program 2.0

    Just an update from a recent application. I submitted my completed application 12/1/17. Received confirmation that it is processed for payment on 12/8/17. Very prompt service on their part.

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