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    Open Letter - MX Disappointments (but I love the car!)

    i was having the same problem, milky with no improvement after several attempts with various cleaners. Called my local auto dealer and he suggested its was "water stain" and suggested Bio-Clean, a water stain remover. Bingo. It worked!
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    Charging Port door opens on its own

    This is a powerful forum. After I sent a message, see above, that my charge port was randomly opening, it quit. Thanks forum!
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    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    I received it as 2020.12.6 I am an early accesser! Or once was.
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    Charging Port door opens on its own

    During this time, I have been leaving my MX plugged in. Recently after a trip to the store, I drove into the garage and got out of the car. As I was closing the driver's door I heard the charging port door open. This has happened a few times. Toughts on why this is happening?
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    She's finally here!

    One of the most exciting things about owning a Tesla is the over the air improvements. Since I bought my MX last June, there have been significant improvements. Including smart summon, voice commands, increased range, recognition of stop signs and stop lights, and others. And, as they say, the...
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    351 Mile Range!

    No they did not.
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    351 Mile Range!

    It is both. I asked a TeslaRanger whether I could upgrade the hardware and he is trying to find out if this can be done.
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    Door not shutting when walk away

    My 2019MX quit auto presenting (opening!) the door as I walked up a few months after I acquired it in June. I called tech support and they sent a ranger who replaced what looked like a small mother board in the wall under the glove box. Took around 2 hours. He said they had had trouble with...
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    new owner asks questions about autopilot and full self driving quirks

    You can also respond to the vehicle's request by moving either of the wheels on the steering wheel.
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    Upgraded Software to 40.50.1 - Voice command not working

    Works intermittently. Some commands it responds "not available yet" works sometimes on "set temperature". Seem to work better if I vary my voice pitch. Dome light works both on and off. Glove compartment open does not recognize. Sometimes no response at all. Very Beta!!
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    new owner asks questions about autopilot and full self driving quirks

    Use the roller buttons on the steering wheel. A little movement of either of them will suffice to apprise the car of your presence.
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    To Charge or not while away

    I will be on a four day trip, flying. Will leave car in my garage. I have a Tesla Wall Charger. Question is, should I leave the charger plugged in while gone or not? Thanks for your responses.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Not so. My X registers cones without being in NAP. Also registers barrels as cones!
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    Autopilot and Used Tesla X

    Before Raven, MX will not allow hold mode and does not have new chip
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    Need help with TeslaCam

    Actually, I mean TeslCam file. and I am working with SentryView APP. the Regular Sentry mode works fine.
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    Need help with TeslaCam

    I am having the same problems After buying the Scandisk Expand, and formatting in FAT 32 and setting up SentryCam file, the car did not recognize the disk. I bought a second Scandisk Expand (miniature) and formatted it. The car recognized it and showed that it was recording. However, the phone...
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    2019.36.2.2 (USA)

    I had the Auto present doors fail and a Tesla Ranger came yesterday and replaced what looked like a mother board. Took about 3 hours. He said there was a;defect in that part that has since been corrected in the new parts. I also have the chimes in park. He said to make a bug report and maybe...
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    New HOLD mode for increased Re-gen

    Took a while, but I really like new hold mode. Contest with myself to ease up to stopped car just in time to stop. using no pedal.
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    New HOLD mode for increased Re-gen

    For Model X built after April, 2019. Raven only, in other words.
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    Actual Miles traveled vs Miles shown on Energy Icon

    I am interest in determining what the actual miles traveled as opposed to the miles traveled on the energy icon. So I calculated the miles per energy and energy per Tesla auto Page on the trip from which I returned this morning. The energy miles were 180 while the Tesla miles were 181! I was...
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    Here's How Tesla Managed To Increase Model 3 Range Rating

    My MX LR 100DW got a 3 mile range bump to 328 .
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    a new software update

    I have Long Range MX 100DW
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    a new software update

    Go to Tesla.com. The Model X now shows 328 miles of range.
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    Real lift gate height sensor

    I had the same problem, trunk lid not raising near, but outside the garage. Ranger fixed it by using tablet icon for Falcon Wings set to full height.
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    Chrome lug nut cap removal?

    I purchased mine from Tesla Store in Dallas at North Park.
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    Auto Lock Failed

    Has anyone had auto door unlock fail after using the Smart Summons? I read about this on another forum and I think that is what happened to me.
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    V10 update: 2019.32.12.2 - Release notes same as previous V10 versions

    12.2 just arrived in Louisiana!
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    New Orleans Service and Delivery Center

    Finally, so now maybe there will be a Supercharger in New Orleans.
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    New Orleans Service and Delivery Center

    trb7 Welcome to the forum. Keep driving by. A lot of us are ready for a Louisiana Tesla connection! I have a 2019 MX LR bot June. Mike Strong, Tesla Ranger, has already been to my home in Shreveport to help with a problem. Next we might even get a supercharger in NO!
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    Auto Pilot Raven 2019

    Great response!
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    Charging Raven Long Range on HPWC

    Same 34 miles on my Tesla Wall Charger.
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    Model X Cream Interior

    I just took delivery of an MX. cream interior, black floors ad floor mats.
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    MX finally delivered

    Also waiting for paperwork in Louisiana which has no dealer's license. Delivered June 3. I bought the MX 100D LR for my 87th birthday. Tesla is not just for the young, but the young at heart!!
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    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    MX 100D LR Raven delivered Sunday, 6/2 to my home in SHREVEPORT, LA, by truck. Ordered 4/22 Four problems. 1. Have to wait 7 to 10 days for registration documents because of state anti-Tesla regulations 2. Front passenger does not close when brake pedal pushed. Although friend’s MX does the...
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    Have to close the frunk twice.

    It takes me three times. You are pretty good!
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    Proof of Insurance Needed in TX Before Delivery?

    Is the car new or used? I looked at a used Tesla in Dallas and they wanted proof of insurance prior to delivery. No such requirement on my new MX.
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    closing passenger door

    I thought using the brake pedal closed all doors. However on my MX and a friends 2018 MX, the passenger door does not close with using the brake. All other doors close by using the brake pedal. Is this the way it is, or is my car failing in door closing. Your thoughts.
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    Time of delivery

    I ordered MX 100D on 4/22 and later was assured I would receive refresh. Delivery scheduled for 5/29 at home in SHREVEPORT, L a Car is now in Dallas for inspection and service. Was told I did not need to cancel and reorder. Hope that is correct.If not, May return and start over.
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    Model X Delivery Delays

    I ordered 4/22, vin 5/1, account shows completed x left factory indicated delivery here in Louisiana 5/29. We will see.
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    Sentry Mode to the rescue!

    Not long ago I was side swiped and the driver drove off. However, a bystander got a picture of the license plate and gave it to me. I handed it to the insurance company. Then had my car fixed and paid the $500 deductible. Later I received a check in the mail from the insurance company which had...
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    New 2019 MX with Enhanced Autopilot?

    I am buying a 2018 MX with EAP. What it the difference between that and FSD? Thank\s

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