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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Uhm... you're 7 months away from 2 years into ownership. I don't know where that's "almost 2 years".
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    Tesla - Post Tax Credit

    What would you prefer they do? Never adjust prices because hey Relisimo bought at a certain price and by God, that means it's set in stone? They adjust prices based on demand. The whole beauty of Tesla pricing is that you got the SAME DEAL as anyone else who bought on the same day as you...
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    Would you still have bought your model 3 if it never had autopilot?

    Now that I know how awesome driving this car is, I would in a heartbeat. The thing is though, if autopilot didn't exist I would've never bothered looking at a Tesla and trying one. It was definitely what first got my attention and oh I so love it on my daily commute. Better than I ever thought...
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    Long Range, Rear Wheel Drive Owners - Step in Please

    You guys are making me jealous =(. May 2018 built RWD. Your range at 80% charge. - 226 Your range at 90% charge. - 254 Your range at 100% charge. - haven't done in a while And also did you ever get the bump from 310 miles to 325. - Yes
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    Issue with my backup camera after update

    I might be making it up but to me it seems to happen more when my USB drive has a lot of sentry/dashcam footage. After I delete the videos it seems to work super fast. If I take out the USB completely it seems to show the backup camera instantly every time. I don't think it depends on...
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    Shortcut to sport mode needed?

    Personally I never bother with chill mode. You can fine tune how fast you want to go just fine in regular. Switching back and forth seems like you're just asking for trouble (think you're in chill, slam the go pedal and realize you're actually in regular when you plow into someone).
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    You think that because your battery is fine =). I've read dozens of similar threads. PLENTY of us do precisely what you do - plug in as soon as we get home. Some charge to 90%, some to 80%. Most of us baby our batteries. Mine has lost 13% of capacity in a year and a half. Pretty much all of it...
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    Did you know - The hold brake is pressure sensitive.

    You can assure all you want but you're absolutely wrong. I've tested this tons of times. It takes MUCH more pressure to engage hold if you're facing downhill compared to a flat surface. It takes MUCH less pressure to engage it if you're facing uphill compared to a flat surface. It's not even...
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    What’s coming next in V11?

    Throw a patch kit and a 12V air compressor in the trunk... If you don't go with tires with foam in them you can throw in a can of slime as a last resort sort of thing too (can mess up TPMS).
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Likely because you're somewhat clueless =) The rated range doesn't depend on your driving style, doesn't depend on the weather outside, doesn't depend on your horoscope or anything else that is unique to you. It is a very straightforward calc of energy stored divided by fixed energy per mile...
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    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    Yep, would most likely go for a performance model this time though
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    SentryCam files jump to end

    Yeah same issue but like you said, if I use VLC, there is no problem... so for me it's not a problem, I just use VLC...
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    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    You haven't had to renew yet I'm guessing. It would be $20 if it was a gas car. For those filthy EVs GA has a lovely upcharge of about $300 per year for renewals.
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    Sentry mode while parked at home?

    Mine did that when I first told it to not be enabled at home. It fixed itself next time I drove home. I think you just need to leave and come back for it to realize where it is.
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    Is anyone else mad?? How to get Tesla to listen?

    You do realize they're trying to do all they can just to survive, right? They ran out of people who wanted to buy the car at the prices we paid so they're trying to play with prices to encourage additional sales. They literally can NOT afford to be giving us refunds. Who the hell does that when...
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    Autopilot and Summon after Feb 28th Purchase

    Fairly decent I imagine. It doesn't appear that the new AP software suite exists yet, nobody seems to have it. It'd be pretty easy for them to track everyone who took delivery after Feb 28th and bought AP when the software is finished.
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    buy FSD now?

    I went ahead and bought at $2k. I don't see it getting any cheaper since they have to do a hardware update. At MOST I stand to lose $2k. On the other hand, we've seen plenty of times where prices for options went up but somehow nobody seems to remember that lately. They've increased prices on...
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    Lost 6 miles of range to vampire drain in 12 hours - is this normal??

    I lose about 10-12 miles per night. The car is in the garage with a fairly strong Wi-Fi signal. I remember months ago it'd be about 3-4 miles but in the last 2-3 months I expect about 10 mile loss per night. Up until last week I've never had a chance to leave the car untouched for more than...
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    Can't use AP when wife is in car

    Are these phantom braking incidents consistent or random? Meaning if you're driving under the same overpass in the same weather, will it always break in the same spot or not so much? Thanks!
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    FSD features to start rolling out in August...

    I don't think it's intended to have that feature at future point either...
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    FSD features to start rolling out in August...

    Precisely the problem thinking. Yes machines will kill humans... no system is perfect. The goal is to make machines that kill WAY LESS humans than humans that kill humans. By your brilliant logic if we go from 40,000 deaths a year where humans kill humans now to 1,000 deaths a year where...
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    FSD features to start rolling out in August...

    That's just plain silly... you think they'll just flip a switch at some point and BOOM your car is immediately FSD? Surely they'll slowly be adding functionality over a period of time (I'm guessing years). If I were to guess I'd say they'll start with the car being able to see speed limit signs...

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