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    Bike Rack with straps and hooks? Safe to attach?

    I have a bike rack with straps and hooks (it's branded Thule). I have an early 2016 Model S with the pano roof. Is it safe to hook the upper hooks on the glass at the top of the Model S liftback? Is there a best way to do that. (I'm aware of the Wispbar and trailer-hitch approaches, as well as...
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    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    It might make senses to turn on the relatively new Chill Mode too; it's a governor on max acceleration. I like it; it saves energy when using adaptive cruise control.
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    Model 3: My car is in the shop on day 2

    It makes sense to escalate a defective-upon-delivery issue. Even if the exec can't do anything about it directly, they need to know about such things.
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    Blog Autopilot Has Been Improving on AP1 Vehicles Too

    I agree AP1 is improving. Things I've noticed. (1) I live near US Route 1 in Northeast MA. Around here US1 is a two- and sometimes four- lane undivided highway. AP1 recently stopped limiting autosteer to speedlimit + 5 on Route 1. That's generally appropriate, but not in some places. Route 1...
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    The Rules of Model S Road Tripping

    Great stuff. Puts into words a lot of what I have learned in the last couple of years. For us northerners, a few things to keep in mind. (1) running in the cold (sub-freezing) costs plenty of range. Doug_G's estimate of 20% might not be quite enough. Preheating when plugged in helps. The range...
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    Elon Deletes Tesla and SpaceX Facebook Pages!

    Maybe Facebook should change their street address from "1 Hacker Way" to "50,000,000 Hacked Way" . Just sayin'
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    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    This is a significant downside to the instant low-speed torque available on DC electric motors. There was simply no way my old Honda Insight first-generation hybrid could have caused much damage by acclerating from a parking speed, commanded or uncommanded, intended or unintended. If there...
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    Why Tesla Will Fail

    Here's a point: in the 20th century, independent vehicle dealers were the solution to this problem of bad field service. Local dealers have these attributes Local business connections Profit incentives of their own, separate from the factory Answerability to local regulators These sorts of...
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    Tesla moments

    I pranked the guy doing my safety inspection by summoning the Model S out of the garage bay. It was mean. He freaked. He thought he hadn't set the brake or something. But it was still fun.
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    Still worth getting a Model 3 if Electricity costs more than Gas?

    Rate here in northeast Massachusetts: $0.251 / kWh 24x365. At that rate at $2.50 / gal for gas. the Model S costs a bit more to operate than my old first-generation 2000 Honda Insight hybrid. But that was a tiny underpowered two-seater, and the Model S is a car. Gas goes to $3.00, and the...
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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    I don't hate anything about it. Really. Even though I'd be a chump to admit I hated someting I spend so much money on. I love that it's comfortable and fairly quiet. I love that it gets over-the-air upgrades. I love the silly easter eggs. "ho ho ho." What could be better? Some relatively...
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    How to mount FasTrak transponder non-destructively

    Sure enough, this east coaster needs a front license plate EZ Pass transponder. But, some primitive EZPass locations (like the Newburgh NY bridge over the Hudson River) can't read transponders in that location. So always carry a handful of quarters in case you get stuck at a toll booth.
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    You can do this. Touch and hold your destination on the map. After a second or so you’ll get a pop up offering a Navigate Here option. I’ve found it’s helpful, for accuracy, to zoom the map in before doing this.
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    Charge port problem

    I too have the blinking-orange problem, where charging is limited to 16A x 235 v. It happens, for me, only when the temperature is -10C or below. The equipment seems to be free of ice or debris. A nuisance! The phone support agent suggested pushing hard on the connector. Didn’t help. Still...
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Here are ten suggestions I sent to Tesla service help at [email protected] 1) autopilot lane change safety When I request an automated lane change, the car executes it without, in my opinion, enough gap between the car that ends up behind me in the target lane. It's...
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    New "Chill / Normal" acceleration modes?

    Hmm. I don't have mine yet. I'm most interested in moderating the speed changes commanded by adaptive cruise control (when somebody vacates the lane ahead of the car, etc.) I hope it does that.
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    New "Chill / Normal" acceleration modes?

    I see it as an energy-, tire- and bearing- saving mode for everyday commuter use when adaptive cruise control is engaged. Maybe I'm timid. But maybe I'm into sustainability.
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    Blog Model 3: Is The Long Range Battery Worth It?

    I understand the batteries last longest if you charge to 70% capacity and discharge to 25% - 30% capacity. I have a commute like yours (80 miles in my case) so I charge my 90kWh battery each day to keep the longevity up. I might be able to get two round trips, but then I'd need to push the...
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    Tesla Service Experience Takes a Strange Turn

    This is a can't happen scenario. (I know it won't be popular to say so, but) These kinds of shenanigans are the reason why car companies used to be required to have locally owned dealerships: Customers can hold the local dealer responsible for employee misconduct in a way that is much harder...
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    Autosteer -- 1st gen hardware -- speed limitation removed?

    I drive my Model S, delivered July 2016, on some two lane roads here in Northeast MA. Those roads include US Highway 1 and bunches of others. Since I started using it on those roads, the speed at which autosteer may be engaged has been limited to the posted speed limit plus 5MPH. But...
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    After the M3 Reveal, Who Regrets Their Recent Model S Purchase?

    Ya know, buying an EV in 2017 is like buying a laptop computer in 2003 or so. You know a better (meaning cheaper and more capable) model will appear soon. That's because many parts of EV tech are on a plunging price curve. Tesla was smart for making their early models (Roadster, S, X) into...
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    Blog Autopilot Has Been Improving on AP1 Vehicles Too

    We have lots of compression-wave traffic jams on freeways here in New England too. I've found that setting the following-distance number to 6 or 7 makes the Model S handle them gracefully, and even help melt them by striving to keep steady speed. Traffic wave - Wikipedia
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    2017 New England Super Chargers

    The Lincoln NH supercharger is online; it's in Lincoln town at a mall called "Riverwalk." Don't be deceived by its name "Riverwalk At Loon Mountain" ... the ski resort is upstream a ways. North Conway is promised for "end of 2017" Same with Beverly and Lynnfield MA. Charge Free Or Die!
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    Crash of Tesla driven by Tesla employee?

    I was using my Model S to pick somebody up at Logan Airport in Boston yesterday (10-July-2017). A MA state trooper came up to me while I was loading luggage into the trunk. He asked me if I ever use autopilot, and I said yes. He then told me a Tesla crashed recently somewhere on US Route 3. He...
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    New England Group here on TMC? Still Alive?

    Yes, I wash my Model S at a car wash once in a while. It goes through just fine. Issues respecting winter weather I've discovered. Please notice that I use the term "driver assisance" for "autopilot." Clean snow and ice off the bumpers, or you'll baffle the sonar gizmos that help with driver...
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    New England Group here on TMC? Still Alive?

    Quite a few months I asked to join the New England Group; still haven't heard back. Is it still a thing?
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    Source-Aware Smart Charging

    Many months later .... Yes. It would be great if the scheduled charging feature in the car firmware could be made smarter. Here are my suggestions for that. allow the driver to enter a local time-of-use power tariff. look to the future when those time-of-use tariffs are available...
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    No charge with cold battery

    In MA, a few degrees north of you in MD, I hit the same problem. On a wicked cold morning, I found the car hadn't accepted any charge overnight (from my 240V x 40A home charger). The car and the charger were both clicking in the morning. Here's what I did: I disabled scheduled charging. So...
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Simple sound system request: An off switch in the model S sound system. Why? 1) I listen to lots of phone-based audio: podcasts and spoken word books (Audible.com). They spontaneously start playing again when somebody opens a back set door, even if I pause them when I arrive at my destination...
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    Winter charge failure: don't use scheduled charge when very cold.

    It was probably some kind of one-time bug. The car was clicking in the morning.
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    Winter charge failure: don't use scheduled charge when very cold.

    Last night was the coldest yet for my Model S. 5F/-16C. It failed to charge overnight from my home 240V charge station, leaving me unable to get to work this morning. Grumble. I scheduled my charge for after midnight as usual. When I plugged in to the charger yesterday evening, I got the...
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    Anyone refusing last software update - speed limit restriction?

    Here in my "thickly settled" part of northeastern Massachusetts USA, the custom has been, for decades, to drive at speedlimit + 9 (mph) on dry two lane roads. Everybody does it, including the police. If the roads are wet or icy, people slow down. Ditto if there are school buses around. The...
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    Any problems with All Glass Roof

    I've had my glass roof since June. It's good. I didn't have problems with heat buildup; the tinting is effective in summer. The ability to open the sunroof to cool the car in hot weather is handy. It's fine in cold weather too.
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    MIT Tesla/Vehicle Technology Research

    Here's a photo of the AgeLab junk in my trunk. They put it in the left-side cubby.
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    MIT Tesla/Vehicle Technology Research

    I'm participating in the MIT AgeLab study with my Model S. I don't mind the recording, especially since the experimenters at MIT have promised they'll expunge anything that turns out to be sensitive. They've had an Institutional Review Board check out their experimental protocol to make sure it...
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    Driver Assistance Features Unavailable message on the dashboard

    Check this out. It's Netflix's codec breaker film clip. Actually, well lit high contrast brick walls work fine with digital video. It's smoke, mist, low lighting, and large hard-to-discern moving objects that are tough. Netflix’s spooky 12-minute film noir only makes sense to engineers and...
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    Driver Assistance Features Unavailable message on the dashboard

    Just to clarify, he did say that driver assistance was an entirely separate subsystem from the main control subsystem that accepts input from stuff like the go pedal, stop pedal, and R N D stalk, and controls the motors. It's not like two processes running on the same computer. It's more like...
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    Driver Assistance Features Unavailable message on the dashboard

    TL;DR shut the car down completely for five minutes or more, and you'll get driver assistance back. I've had this happen, three times now. The second time it happened, I was a on a long trip, and it was going to be a nuisance not to have assistance. So I stopped on a freeway ramp. The...
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    MIT Tesla/Vehicle Technology Research

    I got my 90D instrumented by the AgeLab crew on Wednesday. It took them about four hours -- they say it takes five. There's a camera on the right dash obliquely pointing at the operator's face. There's another camera mounted on the right edge of the mic grille near the dome lights, pointing...
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    EZ Pass Difficulties

    Well, the toll gate on the eastbound I-84 bridge just east of Newburgh (named for Hamilton Fish) failed to read my license-mounted transponder, and they don't have license plate readers. It was quite a nuisance for me. They made me cross six lanes of traffic and go into the office. Maybe...
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    EZ Pass Difficulties

    Not so with the New York Bridge Authority. Their scanners can't read plate-mounted external transponders, and they don't have license plate readers. They do have turnstile gates. So you just get stuck until somebody comes over to take your money.
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    Supercharger energy economics?

    I've had my model S 90D for a month and a half now, and just took my first couple of Supercharger-powered trips. I juiced up at the West Springfield MA Supercharger, and then I used the Hookset NH Supercharger. Sweet. At ~400V x 300A it looks like my initial charge rate was 0.12 megawatts...

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