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  1. rothman

    Independent repairers in Europe

    +1 Highly interested in the same 👍 There were quite some highly skilled tesla "repairers" in Ukraine with almost "endless" used parts from imported salvage US cars in/around Odessa but - besides questionable reliability and possible tax issues - I guess this is no more option with current war...
  2. rothman

    Limited Time: 100 kWh Battery Upgrade (S/X), Ludicrous+ Capable, 2 Year Warranty

    Any chance for a 057 EU partner in future? (which will do the actual installation or even apply your offered upgrades?) Esp. the Battery Service Plan sounds great as my warranty ends next year but yeah, shipping/import/installation costs will kill the deal 🤐
  3. rothman

    What’s S60D to S75D upgrade/uncork price today?

    Service Center's need Part No. to bill you their activity (even when no actual hardware is assigned) E.g. for AP1 unlock: 1055785-00-A MS Autopilot Activation - AP1 (this was found in the older model s upgrades & accessories brochure) The Battery Upgrade is also stated in the brochure but...
  4. rothman

    What’s S60D to S75D upgrade/uncork price today?

    Last official statement i got from TESLA Netherlands was in April when they forwarded me this Guess due to Corona this will rather be Q4 :rolleyes: However some people still have luck with their service centers it seems: Thread at official Tesla Forums Upgrade Battery from S60 to S75 - Page 4
  5. rothman

    Model X Trunk Foot Sensor from Hansshow

    Did you had any success with the hansshow one? I recently retrofit my model s with a power liftgate from cozero and now trying to add the foot sensor for it (just ~50EUR) Foot sensor for Power Liftgate – COzero International Sadly they don't have any real good manual for the same, so im...
  6. rothman

    Vendor Door Handle Replacement Parts/Rebuild Services

    The hall sensor is the one mounted in the handle with the magnetic stop sensor? > see attached picture Seems totally closed with glue, can't see how smth should get into there.... You mean simply disconnect the old 12V battery in the frunk for a minute? btw. I've recorded the exact behaviour -...
  7. rothman

    how to buy Tesla Toolbox ? and from where ? and which program

    Mhm you got your point in terms of security there but totally overstating it. Toolbox access ist not abt some total firmware replace like with custom rooms for mobile phones IMHO. Problem is some people will always fiddle with their cars and i think it would be way more safer if those could use...
  8. rothman

    how to buy Tesla Toolbox ? and from where ? and which program

    Did you try that yourself? Depending on the account status it seems you get the Toolbox Download offered after logging in to the Service site...
  9. rothman

    Tesla Service and Repair Information - just a start

    Someone knows for sure if this is still the case? Only saw a video where someone actually got Toolbox download links after logging into service account (most probably bodyshop access)
  10. rothman

    Tesla Toolbox Software

    My understanding was you can download it when you have an account with active subscription at Welcome | Tesla Service at least that's what @maxwelltech wrote with their FakraHSD Adapter on ebay
  11. rothman

    how to buy Tesla Toolbox ? and from where ? and which program

    Just in case someone is still searching for this... So with an active subscription on Welcome | Tesla Service (registration is even possible for private persons) you should be able to log in and download on Toolbox General Access accounts vary by region and provide a variety of subscriptions...
  12. rothman

    Vendor Door Handle Replacement Parts/Rebuild Services

    As posted above this handle is on lastest gen and has no obvious hardware defects
  13. rothman

    Vendor Door Handle Replacement Parts/Rebuild Services

    Mhm is there definitively no other way arround Tesla Sec? My experience after warranty with them in Germany has been "pretty bad" so far, not even able to unlock my full battery nor AP1 HW while some SeC in US even do it unasekd -_- sry getting OT here... So for retrofitting Gen3 handles there...
  14. rothman

    Vendor Door Handle Replacement Parts/Rebuild Services

    Same here - It seems there is not much which can be fixed on gen3, if the motor still works its maybe the sensor (1066379-00-A), but its not sold seperately by Tesla Gen 3 door handle - Replace sensor - if nothing works it could be the sep. controller unit (1069651-00-*) or the motor which is...
  15. rothman

    Gen 3 door handle - Replace sensor

    **edit** Seems Tesla itself sells the gen3 handle only as complete package (including sensor and motor) ASY- EXT HANDLE, LH, GEN3, NO GRIP, SVC 1100299-S0-A ASY- EXT HANDLE, RH, GEN3, NO GRIP, SVC 1100300-S0-A
  16. rothman

    Gen 3 door handle - Replace sensor

    Hey scot, just found your old thread when searching for the part no. 1066379-00-A Were you successfull on getting the part and fixing it in the end? On my car I've already fixed 2 old-gen handles but now even a 3rd one (which was already replaced with Gen3 when still within warranty) failed...
  17. rothman

    What’s S60D to S75D upgrade/uncork price today?

    Yep, if you got the right connectors, e.g. maxwell has some public datasheets with the layouts of their cables Product Literature – Maxwell Automotive Technologies Pre-2015: http://maxwellautotech.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/TDC-Sheet-Crimped.pdf and later...
  18. rothman

    What’s S60D to S75D upgrade/uncork price today?

    First line in the App Description via the given playstore link: * This app needs an adapter cable and a bluetooth OBD2 adapter to work * - availabe worldwide from Germany: diagnostic cable Archive - EMDS Adapter cables shipping from USA/Canada: OBDII Adapters for Tesla Vehicles | GPS Fleet...
  19. rothman

    Honolulu SC just completed my MCU2 Upgrade

    Great Post :cool: So even AP2 (not 2.5) HW is getting 3.0 HW upgrade for full Self-Driving?! Thought they won't retrofit AP2 HW with FSD since it's lacking the redundant wiring introduced with 2.5 - or maybe this is just some EU regulation thing :confused: Is DAB (or HD radio as it's called in...
  20. rothman

    Online chat with Tesla support?

    Seems they've permanently took down the live chat :(
  21. rothman

    Hello from Germany

    Nice to see so many German connections here :) It performs very well @Autobahn with Vmax arround 240/150 kph/mph:cool: >140kph costs a lot of battery ofc but most of other ecars only got locked Vmax so Tesla wins again ;) Renting a Tesla is not so easy over here, at least usual renters (at...
  22. rothman

    Hello from Germany

    Thx, its simply superior, tested other eCars like Zoe, eGolf, Ioniq but Tesla just beats them all, even a used one with this high mileage, its amazing ;)
  23. rothman

    60 -> 75 upgrade price drop

    desp. waiting for this since last year.... SEC unable to do this for me so far :confused:
  24. rothman

    Hello from Germany

    Thx Woodwinds, a german band with clarinet in Texas? sounds interesting indeed ;) Yeah that seems currently only possible with very "friendly" well-informed SEC employees (Upgrade Battery from S60 to S75 | Tesla)
  25. rothman

    Tesla Says Giga Berlin to Have Solar Roof

    Won't take that for granted, in germany we still have many without...
  26. rothman

    Hello from Germany

    Thx Johann ;) You mean if I bought shares yet? Sadly, no - actually was thinking abt buying some last year when it was ~200EUR but then took the money to buy the used model S :oops: Guten Abend roblab ;)
  27. rothman

    Hello from Germany

    *beautiful Yeah just non-native speaker making mistakes in intro-post - not even able to edit posts yet :D:confused:
  28. rothman

    Hello from Germany

    Greetings from beatiful Heidelberg in Germany (some may know). Driving a Tesla was a long dream for me but never really could afford one. So I finally bought a used Model S 60(75) 12/2016 with >140k miles (used as airport shuttle in spain) @ decent price tag last year :cool: Its a pretty basic...
  29. rothman

    what do you do for living?

    IT Admin for SAP business software, 35yo
  30. rothman

    What’s S60D to S75D upgrade/uncork price today?

    Hey guys, just my 1st post here so plz bear with me :) I bought a used 12/2016 Model S60 in private last year, it got locked AP1 Hardware and a 75kwH battery so i'm looking to unlock the battery to get the most out of it... Monitoring the official tesla forums it seems its still only possible...

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