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    Hit and run

    Sentry mode was on, but the usb stick was out of space since about 2 days earlier I didn't get any alerts on my phone though, and my wife tells me just the "normal" "X incidents occurred" showed up when she went into the car. I was expecting incidents like this to trigger push notifications and...
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    Hit and run

    Our car turned 1 year about a month ago. My wife parked on the street on front of our daughter school last Friday night. When they came back from class, the car looked like this. Anyone in the Bay Area/Palo Alto with experience with getting these fixed ? I’m assuming this is few hundred...
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    20.4.2 has it. Just installed it. Ran into the car when I realized it had it. Played for so long my wife thought I had gone grocery shopping.
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    Hahaha. Don’t you just love discovering your car has features that other companies would have you pay a lot extra for ? I had similar experience the other day when I realized for example the car had adaptive headlights. I had been wondering when my driveway had started being lid up so well. Then...
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    Finally!!!! Tesla installing BioWeapon Defense Mode for non PUP owners

    Has anyone had them installed yet ?
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    Biodefense Order Tracker - For Non-PUP Old-Timers

    Ordered Jan 17th for Palo Alto installation. Order number 3706xx. Nothing yet.
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    Finally!!!! Tesla installing BioWeapon Defense Mode for non PUP owners

    Ordered it. I have been trying to buy this for months. Even during the wildfires when musk tweeted the “help as much as we can”. Got all sorts of excuses why they refused to install the filter itself, including it wouldn’t fit , there was no housing for it and it would burn out the motors and...
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    Would you still buy an X?

    In a heart beat.
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    Next generation Model X

    If there are no kids in the picture go with the 3. If there are kids (especially younger ones) -- go for the X. All the little things in the X are just mind blowing and will put a smile on your face everyday. Checkout the various "kids and model x" threads. The 3 will most definitely also make...
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    Is Model X good for 2 young kids?

    Did you wind up purchasing the X? I have a 5 year old, 2year old and a 1month old in a 7seat 75D. The killer feature? Closing the doors with a click of a button! Unloading all the kids, sometimes sleeping, screaming, running around.. Its really easy, and getting them in is actually pretty fun...
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    Loaner Tesla has no autopilot enabled

    The worst thing about the loaners.. you have to close the doors yourself. All of them. Even the kids doors. Who does that? Really? That is so old school.
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    Loaner Tesla has no autopilot enabled

    I had a loaner this week for 48 hours while my X was in for service. Had the same. S 75D, without autopilot. Was really weird driving it. Not even traffic aware cruise control. I barely knew how to drive it The loaner was via Enterprice and I guess they bought the cars? And bought the entry...
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    Supercharging Nightmare Begins

    I treat the urban supercharging stations like gas stations. And I think eventually it’ll be the same thing. Interestingly since I seek them out I have also brought my grocery, restaurant, amenities and other business to the surrounding area so I feel very good about it.
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    Supercharging Nightmare Begins

    I also live in the Bay Area. I’ve never had to wait in East Palo Alto and I charge there 2-3 times a week (mostly because it’s so convenient!)
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    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    I tried this one more time. The Palo Alto service center ordered the hepa filter and all for me, but then wound up not installing it and explained to me that there is a new internal engineering article forbidding this install on the grounds the motors that are in the vehicles will need to work...
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    Timeline of Features/Packages/Changes

    Typo alert. It was July 2018 the premium upgrades became standard. Not 2017.
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    Unwanted FWD opens, parked with fob away from car. Solutions?

    Happened to me couple of days ago on a milk run late at night. Was very uncomfortable ride home ! I’m fairly sure I must have somehow triggered it.
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    Tesla Model X 7-seater (2018), floor liners question

    I want to echo that. I also bought the full set of mats from Tesla. They look great and are all around awesome. I went for the 5seat mat for the trunk since we usually don’t use the 3rd row.
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    USA S/W 42.2 19e7e44 but no NoA

    I had a mobile ranger come and update my maps. It didn’t work. Had to use his mobile hotspot to get the package from his laptop to the car but after a while the download failed. After several tries he stopped trying and said the SD card might be damaged and therefore can’t update the maps. Have...
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    Elon is asking for what you'll like fixed

    Be able to see which maps version I have and a “check for update “ button (I still don’t have drive on nav ) A mobile notification when the FWD are open for more than X minutes and no one in the car (I forget to close them! Seriously. Getting that spoiled) Get notification if the windows are...
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    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    I’ve talked to a lot of different service people and mobile rangers over the past few weeks as they were fixing the passenger side window in the FWD (didn’t go up anymore). No one wants to sell me the part on the grounds it’s useless without a firmware upgrade, which they don’t do. The...
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    Unlock falcon wing doors if put in park

    Control -> vehicle -> Unlock On Park?
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    Frequent Tire Punctures (4 in 7 months) Killing My Love For My Model X- Avg Every six weeks

    Before I knew anything about AP this was exactly what I thought it was supposed to do. Navigate around debris, squirrels on the road, stuff falling of trucks on front of me etc etc.
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    Is this normal ?

    Thanks for confirming. Never noticed it before. Guess paranoia kicks in when I hear weird sounds unexpectedly
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    Is this normal ?

    I just heard a clunking noise while backing up from the grocery store. I don’t remember this thing floating less than an inch above the tire. While driving the suspension controls had an image of tires falling off the car while driving I felt like I was scraping the road ...
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    All the sensors and Falcon doors still hit the wall :)

    Mine has hit the side mirror of the car parked next to me.. Got a light panic attack and am watching the door more carefully now. Before that, we'd open the door whenever and not give it a second though, garage, tight parking, under trees whatever. Hat has also closed on my back handful of...
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    2018 Model X Build Quality

    WOW. I also refused delivery for same reason (plus a ton of other smaller ones), but this one looks way worse than mine. Other then the major disappointment and very weird resistance by the delivery team to accept our rejection, Tesla did put us up in a S P85D loaner few days later which has...
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    Rejected delivery, now what?

    Got a call from Tesla today. They said the paperwork was accidentally processed and were working on a resolution with Wells Fargo. They also hadn't realized my down payment and all documents hadn't been ported over to the new reservation number so will be working on that also.
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    Rejected delivery, now what?

    Yes, I financed through Tesla.
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    Rejected delivery, now what?

    TLDR: 10days ago (June 3rd) we rejected delivery of our Model X (upgrade from Model 3 reservation). Yesterday I got snailmail from Wells Fargo (the Tesla lender) along with a courtesy call, with my loan account details and notification the first payment is due mid-July. Is that normal practice...

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