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    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    Does the pass work in both toll and HOV (free) modes? Also have a 2013 Model S which I just discovered has been incurring the 'photo enforcement fee' for YEARS even though I thought I was doing everything correctly. (Side note: when you log into the Good To Go site, note that the default...
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    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    Is your code available somewhere for viewing and/or contribution? Github or VSO?
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    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    Recently got a 12V battery warning on my 2013 Model S. My understanding is that this replacement is complimentary during the warranty period. As my car is out of warranty, I was charged for the replacement. With tax I was out the door for under $200.
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    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    It works. It's a step towards a cleaner, more modern interface (good) but it feels not quite done yet. There's still shadows and shading implying depth in many places (Controls and Settings pages), while some places (app selector and climate control) are starkly flat with no shading/shadows...
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    United States based Model S internet connection working in Canada now (Dec 2014)

    Interesting and great news if true for all vehicles. I visit Canada a few times a year and always feel a little uneasy without my data connection. Plus I like to be able to check charge status while away from the vehicle.
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    Checking/Spying on Your Kids

    Agree with Canuck that adults have a reasonable expectation of privacy, even when borrowing your vehicle. There's plenty of places grown adult children might go that they might prefer parents not be informed about: a counseling center, cancer treatment center, mental health clinic, substance...
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    Navigation - Adding multiple Work favorites

    Search for your desired location. When you see it on the map, click the "heart-plus" icon to save it as a favorite. You'll be prompted for a name, and then you'll be access it by name under "Recent" or "Favorites."
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    Added power consumption from charging?

    Most of my (nomal commute, non-spirited) driving I average about 300 Watt-hours per mile, maybe a tad over. Add in a little extra for non-locomotion energy usage (lights, climate control, vampire losses) and battery and charging inefficiency; call it 350 Watt-hours pulled from the wall per mile...
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    Wall Charger + NEMA 14-50 on single circuit?

    Now that the wall charger has dropped from $1,200 to $750, I am strongly considering getting one. Currently I have a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage, and I charge with my UMC. If I get the wall charger, I would mount it in the same area as the outlet. Is there a way I can keep the...
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    Autopilot requires Tech Package or not?

    Reading the site and watching the interview, the sense I get is this: The autopilot hardware is included standard (for free) in ALL cars starting 2 weeks ago. Autopilot is a Tesla brand name encompassing safety and convenience features. The autopilot safety features are enabled for everyone...
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    Firmware 6.0

    Supercharging is $2000 if ordered at time of purchase, or $2500 if ordered later - so $500 premium for a software only update. Dual Chargers are $1500 if ordered at time of purchase, or $3600 if ordered later - so $2100 premium for hardware updates. The Tech Package is $3,750 at time of...
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    Slacker coma after an AT&T dead zone.

    Had this happen after a trip to Canada where there is no connectivity for US-purchased vehicles. A simple reboot of the main screen fixed it - no need to fool around with logging out and restoring account.
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    Lost both keys to my MS, and the service was outstanding!

    I suspect the phone unlock features may not have been designed to function as a key replacement, but rather as a key backup. With my key fob today, I simply walk up to the car, the handles present, I get in and drive. It's entirely possible that using the phone will be functional, but much...
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    Valet Mode! (confirmed by Elon)

    2015 Corvettes include a valet feature that can be enabled with a PIN. When in valet mode: Accessory storage is locked Infotainment (media playback) is disabled Audio and video is recorded for later review by the owner See demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeO2dxH9tUI I'd like the...
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    My First Dent and Two Surprising Estimates

    Was also recommended Queen City by a coworker and my insurance for some body work on my BMW a few years back. They did an excellent job for a fair price.
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    Memorial Day SuperCharger utilization to be saturated?

    Was at Burlington, WA supercharger (between Seattle and Vancouver) on Monday afternoon. 10 stalls, completely empty when I arrived. Got 55 kW charging rate during my short pit stop. One other Model S pulled in just before I left.
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    Key Not Inside; Key Battery Needs Replacing

    The phone will work only as long as the car has connectivity to the internet. Which means if you're parked in a large underground parking structure where the car has no connectivity, you can't rely on the phone or even Tesla Service to unlock your car remotely. This applies even if your phone...
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    H&R Block now supports EV tax credit (updated)

    To update this thread, neither H&R Block At Home (software product installed on PC/Mac) nor H&R Block Online (online service) support IRS form 8936 for tax year 2013 (and will not). They suggested I go to an H&R Block office in person instead. TurboTax by Intuit lists availability of form 8936...
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    This is pretty specious reasoning and is still not borne out by the statistics. I like how NoMoGas put it in an earlier post:
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    Then we would have seen 20 Tesla's up in flames by now, instead of just 1. This sort of wild and rampant sensationalist speculation is what sells newspapers, but it's not the case here. Please don't add unnecessary speculation to this thread which is about a statistically provable anomaly.
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    Charging at work

    1. Does the company charge you? How much? My company charges $0.50 per hour to utilize the charging station, regardless of charging rate, or even whether electricity is flowing at all. 2. How many stations are there compared to the number of EVs? Are there too many stations or too few...
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    Do you recognize this type of plug?

    Looks like a 50A marine power outlet. You can get a short adapter cable here to convert to a normal NEMA 14-50 outlet: http://cordtec.com/products.asp?id=852
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    How Many Service Center Visits Have You Made?

    Three months in, I have visited the service center twice: 1) To take delivery of my Model S 2) To pick up a license plate frame that wasn't in stock at the time I picked up my vehicle
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    Supercharger tapering visualized

    Charging is on a per-cell basis, so the max charging rate of the the 60 kWh will always be ~70% of the max charging rate of the 85 kWh. If Tesla figures out how to apply a higher rate of charge to an individual cell, that would apply to both the 60 and 85 kWh models.
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    OVMS AT&T GoPhone SIM card installation guide

    Signs you are dealing with shady dealers who are using stolen or fraudulently-issued PIN codes for refills: - Prices below market rate or 'too good to be true' - PIN's are never issued to you - Seller demands your phone number to refill your account himself These sorts of services are...
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    Firmware 5.0 bug tracker proposal

    Is this a thread for feature requests or bugs or both? A bug is when the car's behavior differs from the manufacturer's design. Not every user may agree with or like the design, but if the car behaves according to the design, it's not a bug. Tesla has already proclaimed that the upside-down...
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    Slacker - love and hate

    Yup. Most likely explanation.
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    Slacker - love and hate

    I had the exact same thing happen to me this morning. At a certain point Slacker wouldn't load the next song, no matter what I did. I eventually ended up switching to terrestrial radio. On the drive home everything seemed to be fine again. It is annoying to have to deal with the occasional...
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    FW updates OTA vs WiFi?

    That part is still 100% true. Nothing about wifi updates changes the fact that you'll get software updates over the air via 3G. Part of buying a car that's updated after you buy it is understanding that updates are by definition change. You can't expect Tesla to tell you everything they're...
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    Badly needed changes to Navigation and Energy apps

    I average 375 Wh/mi on road trips when I have passengers and a bike rack. Without the bike rack I average about 315-325 Wh/mi. Both averages are for driving with all windows/roof closed, air conditioning on, and speeds around 70 MPH. If you're driving as described and only getting 360-375...
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    Supercharger Spacing

    The other way to think about it is that as both 85 and 60 kWh packs degrade over time, the 85 will always be able to make it, and the 60 will have to manage it more carefully. Elon has said pretty much from the start that Superchargers would be spaced about 150 miles apart, and it appears...
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    Supercharger - Burlington, WA

    Stopped by the Burlington Supercharger this evening and saw that 2 of the stations were cordoned off with yellow caution tape. Not operational for some reason? Picked up about 60 miles of charge in about 25 minutes. No one else around. Peak charging rate was about 165 MPH when starting at...
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    Overnight Charging Locations in Vancouver, BC?

    Almost. I have a 60 kWh MS and left the Eastside with a rated range of 210 miles. I calculated it would be a 145 mile trip and figured I would have plenty of range to spare. Unfortunately, I did not realize that high speeds cut down on range so drastically. I stayed at or above 70 MPH on...
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    pete8314's Key Fob Cover

    Very impressed with the pictures and I definitely need something like this. I'd like 2 if it's still possible to order/reserve.
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    Overnight Charging Locations in Vancouver, BC?

    I ventured up for my trip to Vancouver this week and experienced some teething pains learning to locate stations. I was in a bit of a tough spot because I arrived at my hotel nearly empty and couldn't afford a lot of roaming around. 570 Dunsmuir does exist, but I couldn't find any chargers at...
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    Adapting to a Glass Cockpit

    Thanks for the tips guys. I will check out customizing the information panels on the dash. As far as the energy usage meter goes, I don't think it's useless. But speed is information I NEED to know (particularly in a car without many audible cues as to how fast you're traveling), whereas...
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    Adapting to a Glass Cockpit

    Finally took delivery of my MS this weekend. Have been putting 100 miles a day on it, finding excuses to take it out for a drive to run an errand or even just for a leisure drive. I really do know what the Tesla Grin is now! The biggest change for me (aside from the instant acceleration) is...
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    Federal Tax Credit on Non-Registered/Titled Model S

    If you have questions about tax law, I would suggest consulting a tax professional. Anonymous advice on the internet may not be sufficient when 4-figure sums are at stake. That said, you can consult the IRS requirements and make up your own mind. From Internal Revenue Bulletin 2009-48:
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    Overnight Charging Locations in Vancouver, BC?

    Thanks again ElectricFarmBoy for collecting that info and also to those that PM'd me. For this particular trip I already have arrangements to stay at a hotel very near BC Place Stadium. We'll be in town for a sporting event and staying with a group so the location is fixed. Even with that...
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    Overnight Charging Locations in Vancouver, BC?

    Thanks ElectricFarmBoy! I appreciate you reaching out to others who might have additional information. With so many owners in the Seattle area, I expect that this type of trip will be fairly common, so any information about suitable charging spots we can collect here would be useful...
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    Overnight Charging Locations in Vancouver, BC?

    Will be taking delivery of my 60 kWh Model S next month and one of my very first road trips will be the 150-mile journey from Seattle to Vancouver for the weekend. I'm having trouble determining where best I can park and charge my car. Since I didn't get the dual charger option, I expect to...
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    How do payments work at time of delivery?

    Thanks everybody. If Tesla will accept a personal check a few days ahead of time, that's the most convenient. I also have USAA and they make the financing part of the equation pretty easy. I'll keep watching the site for payment info.
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    How do payments work at time of delivery?

    My delivery button just showed up for delivery between Jun 7 and Jun 21. I am expecting to pay about a third of the cost in cash, and financing the rest via my own bank. For a cash payment this large, what forms of payment will Tesla accept? Personal check? Cashier's check? Wire transfer...

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