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    2013 MS battery failure

    It's been many months since I logged on to this site but a recent experience made me look for similar owners. I've got a 2019 Model S with ~45K miles. Several long road trips to Toronto. Ten days ago stopped in Millen, GA for my first charge stop of the day. When charging was complete and...
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    Model S driver's window does not auto open/close

    2019 Model S and after downloading 2021.4.3, I noticed that the driver's side window no longer went down or up with a hard click on the switch - auto open/close. I rebooted the main display and power cycled the car, off-on. No luck. So I scheduled a service appointment and two days later I tried...
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    Very Stiff Steering Wheel Issue

    I had this happened twice with my 2016 MS 90D about 2 years ago. The first time I got the roadside assist folks on the phone and they had me cold reset the car. Power it off with the touch screen and sit patiently for 3-5 minutes for everything to really power off. If you squirm too much in the...
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    Cruise control false positive, "taps" the brake

    I had the opportunity to check the car with 2019.8.5 software and am happy to report that the cruise control now works as smoothly as it did on my older 2016 Model S with 2018 vintage software. It no longer "taps the brake" in response to cars passing, or being passed, in adjacent lanes. I also...
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    Cruise control false positive, "taps" the brake

    My car is 4 weeks old and uses the Tesla vision system. The speed limit sign recognition works flawlessly. My issue is the random braking when using cruise control - not a function of auto steer. One of the Tesla support discussion threads indicates that 2019.8.5 solved the problem. I have not...
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    Cruise control false positive, "taps" the brake

    Thanks for all the comments so far. Especially Brian's ReX on the computer code necessary to make any of this work. I truly appreciate what's required. I also leave my travel distance set at 3 and only set it to 1 to see if it affected the false positive occurrences. However, I did drive a 2016...
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    Cruise control false positive, "taps" the brake

    Just completed 1,200 mile round trip on interstates (95 and 16) and excellent secondary roads in FL, GA and SC. My car is new, as in 3 weeks and 1,200 miles, Model S, 100D. My previous car was a 2016 Model S 90D that I drove for 34,000 miles and 3 years. When using cruise control and auto steer...
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    Gen 2 Mobile Connector adaptors for sale

    I just traded my 2016 Model S for a new one and have two Gen 1 mobile charger adaptors that are now surplus. Available to the best offer in the next 2 weeks, or they go in the trash. They are NEMA 14-50 and 14-30. The latter is a common electric dryer plug. Anyone in the Ft. Lauderdale - Palm...
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    Power steering failure/recovery

    Sammyfan711, one thing to note when powering off. I've been told that in order for everything to be really powered down, the car needs to be OFF for about 5 minutes. I also discovered, the hard way, that once you press the power off button, if you squirm in the seat or wiggle the steering wheel...
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    Model 3 Performance Battery Degradation One Month (Story)

    I found this thread very informative. So I thought I'd share my experience on this subject. I have a mid year 2016 MS 90D, live in Florida and have done several 1,200+ mile road trips. I typically charge to 80% when at home doing short trips and recharge when it drops to about 15%-20%. After 2 ½...
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    Power steering failure/recovery

    Definitely a greater issue than I had. I have had no recurrence of the problem since my last post in November of 2017 and have driven about 4,000 miles since. So I’ve chalked that one up to “fixed”. I suggest that you enter an escalated problem request on the support web site to try and get some...
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    Power steering failure/recovery

    UPDATE: So, after contacting the local service shop and filling in an executive escalation submission, I became new best friends with one of the local service techs. The initial suggestion was that the next time the power steering failed, I should contact the service team who would arrange to...
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    Power steering failure/recovery

    So, here it is 5 weeks after the first power steering failure and it happened again. Same conditions. After being parked/asleep, car wakes up, everything appears normal, no error messages, but no power steering. Power the car off, wait at least a minute, power the car on, everything is fine and...
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    Power steering failure/recovery

    Update: Tesla service was unable to reproduce the problem, so they pro-actively replaced the entire steering rack. Apparently the rack is not just a rack-and-pinion steering box with electrical assist, but also has control electronics as part of the assembly. I've had the car back for less than...
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    Power steering failure/recovery

    Thanks for the suggestion re the ground lug. I will follow up with the service shop. Despite the flooding 2 months ago and the recent hurricane, I did not take the car out into any flooded streets. Especially after reading a member's experience in Houston when his car was in ~20" of water. I'll...
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    Power steering failure/recovery

    Model S 90D with current software. After a 3/4 mile drive to a local grocery store, when I tried to back the car out of its parking space, I was unable to move the steering wheel. Using a great deal of force, and moving very slowly, I was able to move the car to a relatively safe parking space...
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    Canadian speed limit signs

    I just completed a Florida to Toronto and back road trip and noticed this bug as soon as I changed miles to kilometers and fahrenheit to celsius. Reported to Tesla help desk but no response for 3 weeks.

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