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    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    Moderator comment - thread merged from "Navigate on autopilot aggressive breaking now." Navigate on autopilot has started aggressive breaking now. After the last up date.. m3 LR funny thing is the previous up date it had started break to passively, now it's gone the other way.. The breaking...
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    Navigation via charging station not working

    Since last update, seems when I swipe right to navigate home, it says need to charge to make it and show station which was 5 minutes away. I press continue and then it proceeds to navigate directly home without going via the Tesla charger station.. tried a couple times didn't work. So just drove...
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    Spotify Playlist - tracks missing

    Pritty much half my play list missing from certain point. Driving me nuts. Going to try and create a new playlist and move all tracks across and see what happens. Driving me crazy as with the latest slow down after the last update.
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    Theater arcade lagging after update [netflix, youtube etc]

    Really bad problems with theater after software update. Really slow to open.. and YouTube netflix takes ages to open. Then when YouTube opens it just freezes. Netflix also slow to open.
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    Spotify Playlist - tracks missing

    No all tracks are from spotify - updated 2 other playlists and the new tracks aren't being added. all very strange. Logged out and back in again - has no effect. going to create a new playlist and see if that shows up.
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    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    So far not a big fan of the updated UI - Same issue as most people - visualization screen way to big now, maps and music to small. Needs some improvements
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    Spotify Playlist - tracks missing

    I have 3 spotify playlists - 1 of of the play list only seems to be showing half of the tracks - anyone else had this problem - I have tried signing in and out of the account but still the same. All tracks show fine on the phone. no sure how to fix it anyone else seen this before or know how i...
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    Turn on wireless using voice command

    M3 - anyone know how to turn on the wireless using voice commands as it randomly turns wifi off. when driving and it hard to press the button while on the move. When i say "turn on wifi" it just opens the wifi settings but i then have to manually press the button on button. I stopped paying for...
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Tesla M3 LR UK 2020.44.10.1 Did the Birmingham to London run today and passed so many lorries - some very close. No Phantom braking the whole journey - big improvement from the previous version hopefully everyone else has seen the same.
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    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    I have had my model 3 for over a year.. I used to be brilliant.. with the odd phantom brake happening going under another motorway which would confuse it.. but they mostly had that sorted.. now it's dangerous if a car is behind you.... I used to be comfortable going to nav on autopilot and...
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    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    I just downloaded the latest version 2020.40.3 doing a motorway run tomorrow so will see... Hoping that at least it has gone back to the previous level which was once in a blue moon.. but an improvement on that would be nicer..... With current version they might as well turn off the requirement...
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    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    Moderation comment - thread renamed from "Phantom braking getting bad. (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]" Phantom breaking has got a lot worse after last 2 updates. It used to be a lot better. Now feels like it going to do it anytime you get close to a truck/lorry even when they are clearly in their lane...
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    Going to be interesting how they handle lights in the UK. The Birmingham expressway has 3 lanes separated by a lane then the same in opposite direction with signs over the road which are red or green .... If we had it now it would be trying to stop every second as it sees them as lights... LOL...
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    Model 3 front screeching sound.

    To confirm it was a stone. Tried going back and forward last night but the noise was just getting worse. This morning took it for another spin road the block. The whole world seemed to be watching me as it's so loud and the car is so quiet.. LOL. In the end took it to a car park and some quick...
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    Model 3 front screeching sound.

    Just got back home and went to reverse onto the drive and I have got a really loud screeching sound coming from the right front wheel. Rolled forward and the same sound but not as bad. Then back again really slow and same loud screech notice. It's only coming from the front right.. Just started...
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    What charging cables come with the UK RHD Tesla ?

    I collected my M3 beginning of November and it didn't come with a type 2 cable. To be honest I didn't realize I should get one until just reading this thread. The service centre didn't mention it either.. Anyone know if they have a delivery checklist proving I didn't get one. I collected from...
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    M3 getting a public ip address address from Spain!

    Any idea how often the IP addresses change? As I shouldn't have to tether the phone when I have data through the car to watch location specific content. Really liking the car, just sone little things.. lol Thanks
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    Tesla charger install

    Just something else i forgot to post when i got my car in September when getting the charger installed there was a burning egg smell coming from where the junction box was installed when the car was charging, noticed it within the first 20 mins, so called the installers back, they replaced some...
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    Tesla Model 3, another charger recommendations

    I want to get another charger installed at my Mum's house for when i visit - I currently have the official Tesla charger at home. I would like to get a different charger for my Mum's so i can use the grant Can anyone give some advise on charger good/bad etc etc Also looking at a cable to...
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    M3 getting a public ip address address from Spain!

    The other half was doing a bit of shopping, i decided to wait in the car and watch some youtube video... Most of the video where from spain on the front page. I used the browser to check the public ip address i was receiving and it was based in spain... LOL anyone else getting ip addresses from...
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    I have been hit with a fine from there within the first 2 weeks of getting my M3 in September grrrrr so i should have posted something on here earlier.. totally forgot
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    UK Model 3 Christmas update - what should i get in the UK

    So we shouldn't even see the option to turn on the visualization in the navigation menu ? Thanks
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    UK Model 3 Christmas update - what should i get in the UK

    I have FSD and Smart Summon looks the same to me - The app still just shows forward and back ? should i see something different ? Thanks for the info
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    UK Model 3 Christmas update - what should i get in the UK

    I have Model 3 AWD Long range collected end of september I completed the update last night and went for a quick test I have the following Phone update - texting etc etc which needs to be enabled via the Bluetooth icon Twitch New games Voice commands - doesn't seem to be working - not doing...

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