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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    I'm 15k miles over. Have some minor parking lot damage to repair too. And the car is bricked in my driveway ("service required car will not start"). Will deal with that tomorrow. Already bought the replacement... CPO 2015 bmw m235xi. I'll miss the space and the power, but I missed the sound...
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    Has anyone that got a Q3 '16 2 year lease deal started negotiating the turn in?

    I'm about 5 months out. I'm a ton of miles over (~10k so far over) and really like my car... but I'm not paying anywhere near the residual value. Has anyone reached out to US Bank to see what they'll offer to not turn in the car?
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    70D Model S 2016 - Lease Assumption

    You need to put the miles allocated on the lease. (ie 36k miles allowed, currently 5k, $0.25/mi) Also is sales tax includes in the payment? Makes a difference (in Texas no sales tax on lease payments, you pay it when you originate the lease on the entire cap cost so xferring a lease into Texas...
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    Things I like about V8 software

    Autosteer is better (but I still rarely use it) I got more than 6 presets Voice control seems significantly better and uses the right side of the dash well
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    Front seat a bit uncomfortable

    Same issue... I think my shoulders are a bit broad as well. Feels like the Recaros in my old air cooled Porsche squeezing me and not providing the right support. In a prior car, I had to set the seat more upright in order to relieve this pressure. I've not yet found a place where I'm truly...
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    When I lived in Texas, I did a lease transfer to skip the sales tax (from NJ, not that it mattered). You could have your mom lease the car (assuming she qualifies, if you pick a different state like NJ, no sales tax on electric) and then transfer it to you through Tesla... although that...
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    Picked up my p90dl yesterday... =) This thread helped validate what I was seeing with my oa... No way I'd be in a Tesla without this deal.
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    NEMA 14-50 in the garage for $450 - is that fair?

    At my old house I had room in the breaker box (in the garage) and for about $20 in parts I put in my own outlet. In this house, I had to spend 5k to get a new panel, unfudge the previous owners wiring for the basement and run the line from the outside of the house, through the crawlspace into...
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Take a look at the cost between buying 15k miles/yr and 10k + paying the overage. On mine, I'm going to save 1500+ paying for the overage. But your line of thinking is why I recommend people lease vs buy electric vehicles. Think about it like an iPhone. If you could get some insurance against...
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    Lease Cap Cost Reduction Question in event of Car being totalled

    You do not get anything back. You want to put the least down on a lease and hedge your bet that a total won't happen (or get gap insurance).
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    Still Waiting for Elon's Blog Post on Autopilot Update...

    I saw almost in an accident today due to a right lane over taker. I was in the left, needing to get off in a mile, passing a motor home. I was going approximately 5 over, the motor home 5 under. The far right lane is an exit lane for my exit (red rocks and bandimere Speedway, so it's there in...
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    2013 Gray Model S 85 Pano @ $45K (76K miles)

    I can vouch for this car and the seller.
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Yes they feel low compared to other high line vehicles. The mf is for sure high.
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    Lease Residual and MF

    I can virtually guarantee you won't want to buy after the lease... Between new hardware and the model 3 I foresee high depreciation...
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    Supercharging to be uncoupled for new owners - lowering price of S/X

    As someone that could afford whatever... I don't want to afford or pay for things I don't value. I was specing out a lightly equipped 60d before the p90d sale... And would have been happy (and not bought) for the option of unlimited SC. The 60 cars, I feel, are marketed as mostly city cars, so...
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    I've been told to expect 3 weeks. It took them a couple days to find it (it was loaned to an owner that left it at the airport when they flew out!). Turn in inspection found a scuff in the bumper from a license plate. They're having it shipped here and we'll inspect it. If it's not acceptable...
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    It's a lease. As long as the prior damage is noted on the paperwork so when you turn it in there's no "you damaged now you owe" then I'd take the discount and not give two craps about the damage (remember you're just borrowing the car for two years and Tesla's on the hook for the long term...
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    Ordered 90D. 2yr Lease vs 3yr Lease or Loaning?

    Normally you want to put as little down as possible on a lease. Apparently you can ask for a lower down if you have good credit, but they still want you to have skin in the game
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    Thanks for the heads up on the miles. When I sign the paperwork I'll be sure to look at it.
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    You need to talk to the store. If you're just looking online you're gonna never get one.
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    Mine P90D Msrp: 129700 Discount: 27000 including referral 6k down, 24 months, 850/mo + tax Next gen, shiny paint, ludicrous, spoiler, high fidelity sound, autopilot A new build would be roughly double the payment.
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    Ya, those have 2-10k miles and are really well equipped. I'd have snagged one of those if CO would allow them to be registered as new. I do get a 6k tax rebate though =)
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    Got lucky and snagged a P90DL this morning with a 20pct discount. Here in CO you can't register a car a new with more than 1500 miles, so it's not quite as good a deal as some of the others, but the lease payment was almost exactly the same as the 60D I was going to order. No brainer! It...
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    Ordered 90D. 2yr Lease vs 3yr Lease or Loaning?

    Lease depreciating assets... Only car I've ever made money on was an air-cooled turbo Porsche.
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    Ordered 90D. 2yr Lease vs 3yr Lease or Loaning?

    Leasing is a good idea for two reasons. One you get the 7500 up front (to the leasing company). Two, these cars are shedding value quickly and you let Tesla roll the dice on the value of the car in 2-3 years when the model 3 is released and tech has changed a ton.
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    Leasing a Model S in Colorado

    The CO rebate paperwork you're looking at is for next year's rebate. This year's you have to take it yourself. It also drops to 5k next year and is 6k this year.
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    what would be super helpful would be to scrape the estimated lease payment. That gets us a ROM discount amount (and helps find those sweet lease deals where there's a large discount from MSRP). I'd also like a column for filtering on premium package (although I know over time the contents have...
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    Anyone who plans to lease should read this

    Unfortunately in colorado you can't title a car with over 1500 miles as new =(
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    So realistically, if I put a deposit today, when am I looking at an S in my driveway?

    I've been following the S for a long time and almost put a deposit down a couple years ago, but was concerned about where I'd be financially right now (started a new business 10/2010). Well things are going fine. So if I put down a deposit today... any guesses as to when I'd take delivery? I...

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