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    With 2 Powerwalls and plenty of solar, why am I using slight amt of grid power?

    Missing data points to answer your main question. 1. How do you have the Powerwall configure? Backup or consumption? 2. What is your peak demand kW?
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    Powerwall 2 backup option not working

    I can only think of two scenarios this would happen: 1. They installed a Gateway instead of a backup gateway which Tesla should be able to confirm which one is installed 2. The backup gateway is bad and needs to be replace Your install should also know which one is installed too.
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    Red Founders Series Powerwall 2 - For Sale

    I would love to buy it but there is no guarantee when it will ship since they are reducing power wall shipments to all vendors. Just for reference both of my local vendors for the power walls had there shipment significantly reduced. One of them from 38 order to only getting 5.
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    Founders Series Powerwall 2 for sale

    It is not that serious. You just gave us options. Nothing wrong with that. But if you want to start your own thread and tell us how much you selling for, that would be great.
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    Those with multiple Powerwalls

    Well I do. Hopefully they can charger more then 1.7 kW. My solar generates 13 - 15 kW an hour. I only consume around 6 - 7 kWr unless I am charging the car. Yes I use a lot of power.
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    Powerwall 2 - new installation teething issues?

    Ok with all of these issues, it makes me worry about the two I’m getting installed in a couple of weeks... For your guys that are having issues is it Worth it or should I start looking at sonnen again?
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    Founders Series Powerwall 2 for sale

    So did you sale it yet?
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    Over Charging for Powerwall install in Georgia

    Why are both of the certified installers in Georgia over charging for installation of the Powerwalls in Georgia. We need more certified installers. I have one of the simplest install and both installers want to overcharge to do the installation of the Powerwalls. 1200 for a Backup Gateway...
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    Powerwall 2: Installation

    If there isn’t anyone in Georgia that has a Powerwall 2 yet, does anyone know what the current wait time is for a Powerwall 2?
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    Powerwall 2: Installation

    Anyone in Atlanta, Georgia have a Powerwall 2 yet? I want to order one but trying to figure out how long is the wait.
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    Minor rear bumper damage

    I would get a quote from a non-Tesla body shop then have them do it. My wife damage mines and I went to a body shop that work on my other electric cars. No issues. Also I check on replacing the bumper and repainting it. It was around 600 plus 400 for the bumper from Tesla.
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    Service manual and wiring diagrams

    Doesn't seem to be. I guess we will have to wait until someone leaks it. When they do I will have my CC ready.
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    Service manual and wiring diagrams

    The manual seems to be pre-refresh. If anyone find the manual of the refresh please PM me. Thanks.
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    Tesla's Software To-Do List

    I agree.
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    External Amplifier adapter for Tesla

    I have pictures of the installation of you would like to see them.
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    External Amplifier adapter for Tesla

    Yup, I left the fronts alone because of the additional mids and highs speakers but the rears I sum those with the front speakers. The shop tap into the fronts at the AMP and the rears at the AMP behind the LCD screen. You can get to the wires below the LCD without removing it. I did not...
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    External Amplifier adapter for Tesla

    The rear at least when the shop and I testing them was missing some of the low frequency. But they are at the front but the front only has the low frequency. I can connect to the DSP and unsum the rears then check again.
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    External Amplifier adapter for Tesla

    Been off TMC for awhile... but if you have UHFS there isn't a clean full output. You will have to sum channels to get full range output. I have two AMPs and DSP installled with some channels sum together.
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    HPWC instructions different than NEC rules?

    Ok I think I understand your confusion. Yes you are correct you have to dial it back to match what the charger in the car is capable of handling. It doesn't handle 60amps (75AMP breaker) but 64 AMPS (80amps Breaker). The charger in the car can only handle output: 80A, 72A, 64A, 56A, 48A...
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    HPWC instructions different than NEC rules?

    I think he is confusing derailing with continuous load. When they are two different scenarios.
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    Model S P100D becomes world's fastest car from Dec update !

    I read you words carefully maybe you didn't read what you replied too. He stated that the contactor melted. It didn't melt because it got warm. It overheated. And Tesla do overheated, that's why it limits power when it overheated to let it cool down before some of the components fail. In...
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    Model S P100D becomes world's fastest car from Dec update !

    I have never driven a factory sports car that has shutdown because it overheated. So I don't know which ICE cars you are talking about. Doing what you described would only cause you to run out of gas in a very short timeframe. Stop trying to make like everything that happens on a Tesla also...
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    Vendor BLACK FRIDAY SALE @ RW Carbon

    Can you please report the coupon. Also do you have any pictures of the new spoiler on a Tesla? I would like to get one but not sure how it would look.
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    Vendor BLACK FRIDAY SALE @ RW Carbon

    I don't see a coupon code
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    Safe/Gun Vault anchor points in rear trunk

    Not sure which states you are referring too however having it the trunk would be legal in all states specially if you separate ammunition from the firearms. There are only a hand full of states were you have to do this to meet the legal requirements. Again the assumption is you do not have...
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    Chart of Wiring/Breaker/Conduit for Tesla Wall Connector

    If you are getting it inspected then What the electrician sugguest you to strip the Romex outer sheath would be a code violation. Most romex do not include markings on the inner cables. The marking are usually only on the outer sheath. Without the marking you are not allow to use the cable...
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    Vendor It’s Electric! The EcoHitch and Tesla Relationship

    Actually this is not true. These a lies that had been told over and over again from house Insurance to car insurance. Any reputable insurance company will pay out up to your liability limits. If this was not the case you would not see people add lift kits to their trucks, aftermarket AMPs...
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    Any one recommend an add on sub for std audio??

    I don't think there is enough room to make this work reliable. But I could be wrong.
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    Brand new Model S quality issues take months to resolve

    In Atlanta the wait time is a month.
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    Rocking Seats

    Yup. My S90D is going in for service for this exact issue on Monday. It is driving me crazy.
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    First month with the S and a little bummed.

    I would push this issue. Mines do not chatter
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    AnOutsider, can you please change my forum name from gjackson2434 to coolgj. Thank you

    AnOutsider, can you please change my forum name from gjackson2434 to coolgj. Thank you
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    Doug, can you please change my forum name from gjackson2434 to coolgj. Thank you

    Doug, can you please change my forum name from gjackson2434 to coolgj. Thank you
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    How to rename your name?

    I would like to change my name to match tesla forum but I cannot find anywhere in this forum to rename my account name. Is this possible?
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    3 weeks 3 service visits

    It is not normal for most cars to be in the shop. All of my previous cars include my current focus electric, hasn't had as many issues as some of the S. My Focus Electric is currently in the shop now for tires but hasn't seen a shop in 3 years. Both of my Mercedes only went to the shop for...
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    Model S Steering Wheel Sensors

    I really would like Tesla to explain how it works, because I drove with my BOTH hands on the steering wheel and still get the NAGS. It almost shut off on me twice. The only thing that seems to work is I have to rock the steering wheel back and forth a little. But this seems more dangerous to...
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    Wow that was fast...

    5/31 Order 6/4 Confirmed 6/4 VIN I was also told by my DS it should go into production the week of the 20th.
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    Never because they do not offer that service but if they did I'm sure that would check the entire car as they always do at least here.
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    Hmm.. I don't understand your comment. When I take my MB in for any type of service they check the entire car. One time I took it in for them to put air in my tire and they fix a oil seal.
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    Windshield Back Order

    Wow.. I'm on here a lot and trust me this is some of the nices answer then some of the other threads. I don't see any fanboy here. Just real honest answers.
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    Windshield Back Order

    I understand your pain, however it is not Tesla that has to give you a loaner it is your insurance. If this was a warranty claim I would understand, but it is not. The only fault Tesla has in this, is not allowing other vendors to make aftermarket parts. Allow might not be the right word but...
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    I doubt that. Will they change the language, sure.
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    That's your opinion and I respect it. However that all it is because there is only speculation on what his intent was. We don't know what is intent is, only he does. I took it as a warning, Something I should look for and pay attention too. Am I going to worry it could happen to me, nope...
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    Why do people here believe anyone including the OP has to prove anything to them? He does not owe us anything. Please stop badgering the guy. Let see what happens when all this is wrap up. Last note, Tesla does a lot of great things but they still do a lot of stupid things too.

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