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    Model 3 suddenly lost EAP Features

    Mine lost autopilot and cruise control all day. I've never had that happen before. Next day all is well. Really weird.
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    Two reports of Teslas on AP hitting stopped vehicles in their lane on the freeway

    The increased cost has been associated on the expense to repair the vehicle if it were in an accident, mainly due to the aluminum panels and unique construction.
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    Driving Down I-5 - Seeking temporary solution for protection again rock chips

    I did the same thing you did. I was at the Harris Ranch SC on Saturday and was getting 75 miles per hour of range charging so I left to go to Kettleman City and got 450! I'm not sure what was going on at Harris Ranch, but the Kettleman City one is legit.
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    How do you access the Blue Ash Cincinnati OH SuperchargerTesla Lounge after hours?

    When I was at a large facility the door access code was on the screen win you highlight the Super charging location on your map next to the available stalls.
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    Model 3 Performance 0-60 time of 2.998 achieved by DragTimes with V2019.36.2.1 (1 ft rollout)

    If that's accurate, I usually add 0.3 seconds for rollout compensation, which would give something along the lines of 4.2 seconds, which is fairly impressive.
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    Free supercharging became enabled; but why?

    I have had free supercharging since I bought the car 19 months ago. No one knows why, including my Service Advisor. ....And they don't care....
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    Little black "piece" fell out of my charge port?

    There's a recall on it. If you go into Tesla for other service, they'll replace it.
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    Payback California rebate before 30 months of ownership?

    Thank you, that's very helpful to know. If i'm prorated, I'm OK with that. I'm not that far off.
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    Payback California rebate before 30 months of ownership?

    I've owned my LR RWD model 3 for 18 months and I want to buy an LR AWD model 3. My friend has offered to buy my car, but now I'm afraid I'll have to pay back the $2,500 rebate back to the state because I have owned it less than the required 30 months. Does California pro rate you, or do they...
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    I'm actually interested in purchasing that white on black stealth model 3. How do you they cost...

    I'm actually interested in purchasing that white on black stealth model 3. How do you they cost and how would I take delivery? Would I have to pick it up in New Jersey?
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    If anyone is looking for a P3-...

    Because it looks gooooooooooood.......
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    If anyone is looking for a P3-...

    I'm seriously looking for a white P3D- with 19" wheels and there was one on the used Tesla site and it's gone today. I would think the 19" wheels would enable it to go faster than the 20" variant in a straight line. I think someone actually proved that.
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    Traded in my 2018 LR RWD for AWD: Observations

    That's some next level shi*t.
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    Should I wait?

    Considering the model S has not had a refresh since its inception other than a face lift, I don't anticipate the 3 to be any better as far as release. The battery is so advance as it is, and they're in the middle of trying to be profitable that I do not anticipate any significant changes in the...
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    Traded in my 2018 LR RWD for AWD: Observations

    That's really interesting as they offered me $31,000 for my LR RWD with 12,000 miles and 19" wheels. I have no idea why it was so low. If they offered me $39,000 I would have already done the trade in that you just did, which was for the LR AWD or P3D. It's VIN is in the 13XXX, but not sure...
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    Car will only unlock or start when the app is up

    UPDATE: After re-downloading the app, re-establishing connection to my car, rebooting the car and sleeping on it, my car magically opened this morning without the app on and just using bluetooth connection. So weird considering my music would play.
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    Car will only unlock or start when the app is up

    So, I went on vacation for two weeks and came back to my car (with new 2019.28.31 software installed) and my car will not unlock or go into gear unless I have my app up and running. I've tried turning on and off my bluetooth on my phone but that doesn't seem to work. The car will lock when I...
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    Model 3 cracked glass

    I had this same crack in my Model 3 that I picked up 11 months ago. It happened about 4 months ago. They were originally going to bill me for it but asked them to look at the shape and they instantly concluded that it was a defect. If there is any sign of a chip on it they will reject it though.
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    Model 3 not recommended and also highest owner satisfaction from Consumer Reports

    I had the same crack and it was paid by Tesla for me. It's a stress crack and a known defect. My car is nearly a year old though.
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Rumblefish for irony....
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    What should be 80% SOC is only 68%

    I just noticed this problem today. I charged to 90%, which gives me a 280 mile and when I moved my car a few hundred feet out of the charging station it suddenly said 272 miles. I'm not sure what just happened there.
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    Software update - 2018.26.1

    I verified it with two separate calls to each of my parents and they have in deep fixed the echo issue!
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    Got my Jeda charging pad

    Mine arrives this week. I can't believe it's finally happening.
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    A REAL wireless charging pad for the Model 3

    Has anyone actually received their order yet? I got an indication my was being shipped, but I think there were people before me.
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    $2500 CA Rebate Experience?

    I finally got an e-mail that I'm being sent a check for the CA rebate after having been approved for 10 weeks. I was thinking it was a sham or they had no money, but it looks like it's coming to fruition. I was approved in 4 weeks after applying.

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