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  1. joepruitt

    "Signature Reds" ordering D?

    Never plan on selling my sig red. The D would be nice for the extra mileage, but I love it too much to see it go...
  2. joepruitt

    Is ambient light buzzing resolved?

    I had my display replaced as well due to Bluetooth issues and its still buzzing for me. I have to keep it turned off which is a shame since its a nice feature...
  3. joepruitt

    Another MS in Seattle

    Congrats! I've had mine since last October and have loved every minute. Soon you will be wearing that "Tesla Grin"..
  4. joepruitt

    Alloy Gators Rim Protection (Pics and info)

    On question I haven't seen answered. Can these be re-installed when you replace tires or do you have to buy a new set and re-install when you change out your tires. With the dismal tread-life we are seeing on the 21's out there, I'm trying to figure the cost in if I have to replace these each...
  5. joepruitt

    pete8314's Key Fob Cover

    I'm in for 2. Would love a Sig-Red if possible. Next would be one black and one blue.
  6. joepruitt

    Is ambient light buzzing resolved?

    I'm a sig holder as well (Oct 2012) and still have the buzzing anywhere below 80% running the 4.3 firmware. My only solution is to turn it off. I've told support about it but they said they don't have a solution yet. Really nice feature that I wish I could use. -Joe
  7. joepruitt

    Model S bluetooth issues

    All, I've had the same problem with my iPhone 5 randomly stopping and/or disconnecting. Opened a case with service and they had an engineer doing some remote diagnostics on the car. Looks like to replace it will require getting a whole new touch screen but that's what they are planning on...
  8. joepruitt

    Spring 2013 Get Together in the Bellevue-Seattle-Redmond-Issaquah-Kirkland Area

    Really bummed I can't make it due to spring break with the kids. Have fun everyone! -Joe
  9. joepruitt

    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    Just got back from service where they replace my UMC. They looked at it right away and said it had to be replaced anyway because it was an early model and I heard something about a tech note on the 14-50 adapter. For those early sig owners out there, it might not be a bad thing to call your...
  10. joepruitt

    40kwh Model S canceled

    Big bonuses for all 40 and 60kw customers out there!
  11. joepruitt

    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    Not sure what it was using volt-wise and I can't check it now. Service did say they would replace the cable so they are covering it with the warranty. I'm more concerned with it happening again. I was an early owner so hopefully service can tell me more about the problem when I take it in on...
  12. joepruitt

    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    I plugged in the ModelS today and the power ring turned red. Looked at the Universal wall connector and it was red. I tried unplugging it and replugging it in and no better. I then took the NEMA 14-50 adapter off from the cable and this is what I found. I've got a 50-amp dedicated line from...
  13. joepruitt

    Tesla Shop:All-Weather Model S Trunk Set

    Just got my trunk set delivered yesterday. It took about 4 days to get here from ordering BTW. Looks like it's not WeatherTech but manufactured by "MacNeil Automotive Products. Ltd. I'm a little disappointed with the quality and the fit of the two mats. Both the trunk and well mats don't...
  14. joepruitt

    license plate frame

    Seattle had some a week or so ago and got one for my Sig-red. -Joe
  15. joepruitt

    Seattle Owners: Heading up Snoqualmie Pass

    I picked up a pair of chains for the Pirellis at the Seattle service center on Wednesday, they had several in stock. I'm still not ready to take my sig-red up on the snow, even with the snow tires. too much crud that will get in the car with with the boots/etc. As for skiing, I'll likely be...
  16. joepruitt

    Front License Plate Solutions

    Francis, I do have my plates but am running with just the rears on. If/when I get pulled over, I'll look at installing it. For now, I'm going to see how it goes.
  17. joepruitt

    Front License Plate Solutions

    Francis, did you really screw into the lower fender below the grill? That's almost worse than the nose cone. I got a skene but was planning on screwing it up in on the underside of the nose-cone so it wouldn't be visible if I wanted it to be removed.
  18. joepruitt

    Phone App: Model S iPhone/Android mobile phone app

    Search for "Tesla Model S" and it comes up. -Joe
  19. joepruitt

    Key fob cracking on top

    Is anyone else having a problem with the key fob cracking on the center button? The top is cracking around the circular button below it. I've had the car for 3 months now and wouldn't think the fob would have problems so soon. I called customer experience and they said that the service...
  20. joepruitt

    Anti-Theft Device - documents for insurance

    The mobile iPhone/Android app does have a "find my car" feature. There's a tab in the UI where a map comes up and shows the car as it does on the navigation in the car. If the car is moving, details about the speed along with a real-time update of the car moving is shown. It's pretty slick.
  21. joepruitt

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    Mine just came in!
  22. joepruitt

    Service Scheduling Problems?

    Seattle service has been stellar. I've had several issues with my sig-85 and they have picked up my car in the morning at my work and returned it to me in the afternoon. Of the three times I've had it in, I haven't had to miss more work than the time it took me to drive it in/out of the garage...
  23. joepruitt

    Bluetooth Dropping A2DP with iPhone 5

    I'm having the same issue and my service center guys told me it's been reported by others and that it may get fixed with the next software update coming in a week or so. We'll see...
  24. joepruitt

    Anyone get Bluetooth to work with an iPad?

    I've got a v2 iPad and when I sync it via bluetooth to my Model-S it only recognizes it as a phone and not music? Seeing how it's a music player and not a phone, that looks kind of backwards to me. Has anyone got their iPad sync'd for music playback yet? If so, did you have to do anything...
  25. joepruitt

    Audio: Slacker Radio - Premium or Basic

    The account Tesla setup for me was a "Radio Plus", not "Premium".
  26. joepruitt

    Wanted: Electrician recommendations for Sammamish

    brianman, I just went with at 50A Nema 14-50 plug and it's charging fast enough for me. Did you already order the HPWC? Unless you are driving 200+ miles a day and need to do a full charge every night, isn't the HPWC overkill? I'm going 40 or so miles a day from Sammamish into Seattle and...
  27. joepruitt

    Northwest Tesla Owners Club Get Together at Issaquah WA on Saturday 10/27

    I just took delivery of my Model-S (Sig #497) last Thursday. The kids have soccer on Saturday but I'll do my best to stop by during the meetup. -Joe (Sammamish)

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