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    22" Model X Turbines - new

    I wouldn’t believe 3500 is a going rate and that’s from my own personal experience of selling them. I personally sold them below value at the time because I needed money. But these new offers are just insulting
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    Referral Signature Matte Black HPWC Delivery Date

    still waiting on mine. Emailed the referral program with no reply (pretty typical for them to not answer though)
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    Recommend electrician in Westport, CT

    anyone here use an electrician in the westport, CT area that they would recommend. Roughly what was the cost of installation? (just ballpark with understanding that distance would affect the final number).
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    New Model X 22” Turbine Wheel and Tires!! $4000

    Price drop to $3250. First to confirm details for purchase will get them. Referral link shall be sent once payment is made.
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    New Model X 22” Turbine Wheel and Tires!! $4000

    Yes they are. Have not been actively advertising since have been too busy. Let me know if interested
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    New Model X 22” Turbine Wheel and Tires!! $4000

    Price reduced to $3750
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    New Model X 22” Turbine Wheel and Tires!! $4000

    I am selling a set of brand new set of Model X 22” Turbine Wheel and Tires that I received as a referral award. Would love to keep these but I need to come up with some money for a down payment on a house and this would help immensely with that You will receive the Wheels, Tires, and TPMS. I...
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    Warm yourself while driving Tesla.

    Anyone just have a 12V heating blanket if it’s only you driving the car? Sounds much more efficient than trying to heat the whole cabin
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    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    I had contacted my OA and then the SC. The lights were ordered and took a firmware push to get them working. I ignored the comment from from the service advisor implying that they did me a favor since they normally wouldn’t do this (even though obviously Tesla screwed up). They made it seem...
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    Demo Car Purchase

    I agree with above. Make sure the discount is a real discount. They do a lot of “adjustments” and make it seem like a great deal but ultimately you only save 3-4K (which may not be a great deal since its the 13.5k adjustment that lured you there in the first place)
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    Buying Model X, Need some Advice please.

    its not necessarily the heating that is the issue. its all the other factors in the extreme cold such as increased wind drag, tires with increased drag coefficient, battery inefficiency until it is properly warmed up and yes heating the cabin will use up more heat. If you have an X, you will...
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    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    Scheduled to have my adaptive headlights installed tomorrow. Hoping it goes well without a hitch. Supposed to get a loaner MS but I prefer my MX
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    Want to buy Tesla Solar Roof token

    Where did you send in your question for the referral program? I have emailed about 3 times and have heard nothing back from them. A bit annoying.
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    For Sale: Tesla Model S OEM All-Season Mats

    For sale is the following: (sorry didn't wipe them off prior to taking the pics) Use for ~4 months for the summer only prior to selling my MS for a MX. Have never seen any winter/salt conditions. Looking for $190 shipped.
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    WTB: Model S all weather interior set

    Roughly what area of NJ are you located? I have a set of barely use Tesla all season mats for my MS for sale (just never got around to posting it for sale and have been sitting in my closet). Was only in use for the summer <4 months prior to my trading for MX (so no winter usage at all). Can...
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    Any double strollers that fit in Model X frunk?

    Thanks for the picture! I was thinking of getting around to it. As a tip, the other side of the stroller has a handle which is nice to be able to grab it and pull from the frunk/trunk easily
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    Buzzing static noise

    at my recent service, I was told possibly a firmware could fix the issue but honestly, I doubt it. I was told because there is a more powerful CPU, the fans have to work extra hard to keep it cool :rolleyes: I don’t think much effort was put into identifying the source of the noise when it was...
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    Any double strollers that fit in Model X frunk?

    Found a double stroller that actually fits in the Frunk!! Was skeptical that one existed but after taking the in-store model out to the car to test, I was pleasantly surprised. Now I can keep my 3rd row up and still have all the trunk space behind it for other things! It’s not the most high...
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    Buzzing static noise

    I’ll have to see if it’s all the speakers in my car. For now it just seems its the front speakers behind the steering wheel (I had crammed my head as far in as possible to see if I could locate the exact location but unfortunately my head is bigger than a newborns head. It still seems like a...
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    Constant buzzing from the dash

    Does anyone with a new AP2.5 version Model X have any sort of buzzing (as if a small fan is hitting a wire or something) emanating from the front dash area? My car has had this noise since delivery and I am being told it is normal for all AP2.5s to have this noise. All other tesla’s I have been...
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    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    My own experience on this matter: was told my car doesn’t have the lights and it wasn’t configured to have it. I was told that I would need to speak with my OA regarding what features should have been standard. This is a late August 2017 build with the new AP2.5 (even has the bundled air...
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    Buzzing static noise

    I have the same issue with my AP2.5 X. Just thought it was me. Disappointed that tesla isn’t just saying they will work on a fix but I guess I’ll complain about it. Not to derail this but does your car make an extra motor whine with speeds between 23-29mph? I get that from standstill the motor...
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    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    Got the new update of 2017.42 a88c8d5 and now with 100% success with homelink. Will be so happy if this sticks
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    Just got new update: 2017.42 a88c8d5

    Got the new update. So far homelink is working but will see how long this lasts
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    My Model S 75D Experience 2 Weeks In

    Welcome to the Tesla world. I had purchased a 75D back in april and had similar experiences. Here are my 2 cents: 1 - Having purchased a second Tesla, I would say that the delivery experience shown in some online videos is nowhere close to what I have experienced nor some of my friends who...
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    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    Twice in the past 2 weeks I’ve had to reprogram because of this issue. Hopefully a fix comes soon
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    Radio silence after putting deposit for Inventory car

    rjdoc74 gets the award for worst experience I have found the OAs are there just to get your deposit and slightly nudge you afterwards to ensure delivery. But the communications drops off precipitously and is a little upsetting given the amount of money you end up putting down. Then again, my...
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    Model X Pricing and Incentives

    I would check the VIN to see just how early of a build it is. Compared to a brand new with more stuff standard, its not quite the 12K discount but more like 6K (depending on color of the exterior). Tesla likes to claim higher discounts than actually exist by separating everything out like...
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    Time running out for Model X 2017 *massive* business-use tax deduction

    My understanding is if you claim 100% business deduction you lose ability to claim the federal rebate. If 50% business then you can claim 3750. Others can chime in if that’s wrong.
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    Time running out for Model X 2017 *massive* business-use tax deduction

    The best thing to do is pick up the car on December 31st and then you can claim 100%. For the rest of the years as long as you stay above 50% you won’t have to pay recapture on the vehicle. The first year deduction however would be huge if taken for 100%.
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    To PUP or not to PUP. . .

    I agree with above. The self presenting handles are annoying enough whenever I walk by the S, but the self presenting door seemed more annoying for the same reasons except didn’t think of it hitting my kids. I chose to avoid this package though wish they left the cold weather package separate or...
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    To PUP or not to PUP. . .

    challenge accepted: Imagine walking up to your car after picking up a nice fast food meal from McDonalds. One hand with the jumbo sized soda, other hand with the bag. Door opens and you sit in. Press on brake and your door closes. You drive away. But thats a lot of money for such a...
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    Model X excessive data usage?

    Tesla OAs are a bit deceptive with their "discounts". Over the past 2months there were two price adjustments of 3500 and 3000. Combine with a referral discount and you have 8500 discount. They even will show you the retail price as higher to trick you into believing the inventory car is a...
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    Should i take this inventory car?

    thats the question. Tesla is pretty good about springing things on us. But there could be no positive incentive or they could be giving a free model 3 with every model X.... your guess is as good as mine. Nothing in the rumors to suggest much of anything though from what I have seen
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    Took delivery today, no Slacker account?!

    Not all delivery experts are really "experts". Another defect of mine was a non-working charging cable. They definitely didn't teach me how to get the auto fold down mirrors to work. The slacker issue bothered me because I went out of state for my delivery and the drive back wasn't fun...
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    Custom Orders for S/X show 3 month wait for delivery now...is a big change coming soon?

    if you look at the inventory online, its drying up. Tesla's website itself has even less showing up on their site. More signs pointing to some type of update (i.e. 85kwh battery) or something else. Seems too soon given the 2 price changes they have made to decrease the price by 6500 in...
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    Stick With Custom Order 75 or Pick Inventory model?

    Software changes shouldn't be charged that upgrade fee since there were no hardware changes. I think you can add the software stuff (EAP/FSD) for no fee prior to delivery (at least thats what my OA told me)
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    Took delivery today, no Slacker account?!

    This happened to me. I was told during delivery that the account would update after 24hrs and I would have access automatically. This was not true at all (the whole delivery was rushed TBH and a bunch of mistakes). I had to email tesla and they sent me log in information. Took about 1-2 days...
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    Should i take this inventory car?

    The advantage of picking up inventory right now is the 0.99% financing The disadvantage of picking up the inventory car right now is that if there is a major change for Q4 then you will regret being rushed into the inventory car. But if there is no pricing difference then I can't see a huge...
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    Buying Model S, Need Suggestions

    For your tradein you will get low balled. You will be better off if you get a trade in price from VROOM or carmax. They will match either price. There are a few cars with higher adjustments but in the 3000 range. None that meet your specifications for colors
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    Opinions on 6-seat + 2nd row console config?

    Yeah I have checked out their videos and most people on youtube. Unfortunately very few video reviews on having the car seats in the 3rd row (including like tesla). The nerdy engineer has one also but it seems most people have 2 kids so for them its not an issue. Bjorn had a review with large...
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    Opinions on 6-seat + 2nd row console config?

    anyone with small children who can tell me how well the 6 seater is with a car seat in the back? i'm having a hard time dedicing between the 6 seater and the 7 seater. I test drove a 6 seater with the console and the console made it very hard to get in and out of the 3rd row. Haven't seen...
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    Falcon Wing Door sensor reliability?

    Are any of these cars in the higher 60,000 for VINs?
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    Extension Cord w/ 110v outlet

    Insulation matters if you are gonna use it in extremely cold weather. Cords become stiff and are hard to wrap up. If you live in a warm climate doesn't matter at all. The longer the wire the lower the gauge number. Anything lower than 10/3 would be expensive with minimal benefit regardless of length
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    Extension Cord w/ 110v outlet

    Get yourself a minimum of 12guage cord (one that is temperature shielded for the cold) and you should get 3-4 miles per hour. Not super fast but it'll help in a crunch no matter where you are.
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    EAP Worth It?

    Is it worth it? YES. Is it worth 5K? Nope not in its current state and without FSD I would say it's not at all worth the price. Also, I've had it on the highway veer off a little too close to the divider.

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