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  1. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Bancroft, ON

    Progress pictures sent to me by a friend who lives in Bancroft.
  2. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Walker, MI

    Just tested the ChargePoint station with my CHAdeMO connector and it works just fine in the mid 40s KW. It could be a fallback for the SC, but this is not yet a heavily traveled SC route. As the owner of a 2016 LEAF as well, this opens up the ability of legacy short-range EVs to drive across...
  3. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Kansas City, MO

    FWIW, this is a pretty decent location for spending some time. In addition to the Hy-Vee Market Grille, a Caribou Coffee at the Hy-Vee gas station, there's a Panera and Panda Express in walking distance a bit further west.
  4. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Bethany, MO

    I stopped by to check out he Eagleville L2s and they work just fine. I also added them to PlugShare including some pics. They're part of the KCP&L CleanCharge Network which for many stations is no longer free. These are fee-based for $0.15/kWh plus tax which was set by the PUC (not KCP&L)...
  5. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Muskegon MI

    No, it was a darker color like grey. But I like yours better. I'm rather partial to red. :-) Hope to see you around starting later summer. Has anyone looked into organizing a West Michigan Tesla Club? Might be fun to have ride-to-eat and National Drive Electric Week events. -Karl
  6. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Muskegon MI

    ... as well as the Tesla SC map: Find Us | Tesla Can anyone local verify?
  7. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Muskegon MI

    I stopped by yesterday and it doesn't look like there was more progress from the last pics. The fencing around the transformers was not up yet. Also, I saw a Model 3 downtown Muskegon and I gave a thumbs up if it was one of you. :) -Karl
  8. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Muskegon MI

    I have found the same thing and want to pay it forward. We hope to build a place in downtown Muskegon and I want to put at least a NEMA 14-50 for visitors.
  9. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Muskegon MI

    Any updated pictures? The site still doesn't show on Tesla's SC map page. -Karl
  10. KCMOP85D

    Missouri Supercharger routes

    We had a recent discussion in the KC Tesla FB group (Log into Facebook | Facebook) about the KC to Omaha route. A member with a 90D was getting warnings from the car that he wasn't going to make it to Council Bluffs with a full charge starting from Overland Park, KS (SW KC area). He ended up...
  11. KCMOP85D

    Moving to Michigan

    We used to live in West Michigan (Muskegon area) and want to come back and retire there. The public charging infrastructure seems to be a bit lacking (at least compared to my current "home" of Kansas City), so I would love to get involved in making that a bit better once I get there. Don't...
  12. KCMOP85D

    Kansas City, MO area Hotel with EV charging

    If you don't need/want to be downtown or the Plaza, there's a Holiday Inn near the airport with a free ChargePoint Level 2 set of chargers. Holiday Inn Kansas City Airport | KCMO, MO | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare The downside is that there's nothing much nearby in walking distance.
  13. KCMOP85D

    National Drive Electric Week events (Columbus, Ohio and others)

    Here's the first Kansas City area event (we hope to organize more during that week). As listed on NDEW page and, if so inclined, the associated Facebook event. -Karl
  14. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Miner, MO

    There are several CHAdeMOs listed at Nissan dealers in Memphis.
  15. KCMOP85D

    Superchargers - West Des Moines, IA

    That's awesome! I'd come up from Kansas City for an event like that and I'm sure I could get a few folks from our KC Tesla community to come with me. -Karl
  16. KCMOP85D

    Michigan Tesla meetup on May 28th.

    Someday I'll join you for this event. We used to live in West Michigan near Muskegon and we are planning to retire in that area. An M22 run would be a great Tesla event. Enjoy!
  17. KCMOP85D

    Springfield, Missouri & 417 Area Code- growing number of Teslas

    Skotty, Here's the KC area Facebook club page: Log into Facebook | Facebook "Active" is a relative term. I've been a member since June 2015 and I have yet to meet any members other than one that I met the day I picked up my car when she was picking up hers. I'm hoping there will be a few...
  18. KCMOP85D

    Council Bluffs, IA, to Independence, MO SupC, Part II, CHAdeMO

    John, which STL CHAdeMO stations did you find the most useful? We pass through the I-70 corridor from KC on the way to Pittsburgh, PA occasionally. Last time through, we got 100% at Columbia, MO (ate at the Holiday Inn...they give discounts to Tesla drivers!), only snagged a few kWh at St...
  19. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Terre Haute, IN

    Thanks for the excellent pictures and the news. I see a cone on supercharge.info as well. If I can mentally extrapolate, perhaps they will continue on I-74 and hopefully start on I-80 through Iowa.
  20. KCMOP85D

    Question about Blink chargers on PA turnpike

    Why do I not see these listed on PlugShare? Do I have some filters set wrong or were they simply not added? Specifically, I would like to bridge the gap between Somerset SC and Allentown SC. Karl
  21. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - St. Charles, MO

    It seems to be flaky again based on recent PlugShare comments (see below). Can one of you locals swing by and check it out and call in if it's really the case? My experience in November is that it ramped up in amps, then died, then ramped up again, then died, and finally settled on a very poor...
  22. KCMOP85D

    Council Bluffs, IA, to Independence, MO SupC, Part II, CHAdeMO

    Glad to hear that the St. Joe's L3 is working. Did you log it in PlugShare? I drove there from KC in my LEAF only to find it wasn't working. I ended up at the Nissan dealer while we spent time at the Pony Express museum (our original plan anyway). I used my CHAdeMO adapter for the trip...
  23. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Dayton, OH

    As former Michigan residents, going into Meijer was a trip down memory lane at this SC.
  24. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - St. Charles, MO

    Just a follow up: it was working normally again yesterday.
  25. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - St. Charles, MO

    I had trouble with this SC not keeping a steady charging level on Nov. 25 around 12:30 AM. It would ramp up the amps then hit a peak and drop back down to nearly zero and start over again. I tried 1A, 2A, and 3A stalls. I called Tesla service and they said they would follow up, but presumed...
  26. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Columbia, MO

    Just another satisfied customer with the Holiday Inn Columbia East location: We stopped in last night for a charge while on route from St. Louis home to KC. The staff was very pleasant, offered to let us have complimentary coffee or tea (even offered to brew a fresh pot), and reminded us that...
  27. KCMOP85D

    Ann Arbor grand opening

    I drove 130 miles from Kansas City, MO to the Columbia, MO Supercharger ribbon cutting. It was a fun event, especially with all the Tesla owners and the tech talk. I'd say it's worth your time. Here are some snapshots from the Columbia event: Photos by Karl Bloss - Google Photos Karl
  28. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Columbia, MO

    Well, snap... wrong link, sorry. Fixed above and here it is again (I hope): Photos by Karl Bloss - Google Photos
  29. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Columbia, MO

    My snapshots from the event on Google Pictures: Photos by Karl Bloss - Google Photos
  30. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Columbia, MO

    Sweet! Thanks for the info. I'm coming out for the Sunday 2 PM event from KC and I would be stretching my range to go the Columbia and back without a charge. Hope to see some of you there. Looks like the supercharge.info map has been updated. -Karl (Red P85D)
  31. KCMOP85D

    Missouri Supercharger routes

    Again check the Columbia Supercharger thread (http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/46982-Supercharger-Columbia-MO/page11). The permit has been files and the Holiday Inn site will likely be providing updates on progress. It shouldn't be long now. Karl
  32. KCMOP85D

    Missouri / Fort Leonard Wood

    If you spend any time in Rolla, there are two stations listed there on PlugShare, the first of which looks more promising. Missouri University of Science and Technology | Rolla, MO | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare Fairground Auto Plaza | Rolla, MO | Electric Car Charging Station |...
  33. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Council Bluffs, IA

    Congrats on the purchase! I just got mine a few weeks back myself and I'm also in the KC area (Northlands). Check out the KC area enthusiasts on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/411206715688428/ It should be straight-forward to Council Bluffs with the 70D range. See Superchargers...
  34. KCMOP85D

    2nd annual Kansas City area Tesla Enthusiast's Club Brunch June 7, 2015

    Rats, can't make it. Looking forward to other KC events. Karl PS: My "S" is being delivered June 16. Woohoo!
  35. KCMOP85D

    Supercharger - Columbia, MO

    ...as well as the Nissan dealer with good PlugShare feedback (Joe Machens Nissan | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare), although it will be slower and only during business hours. That might be enough to alleviate fears to make it to Independence or STL. Karl
  36. KCMOP85D

    Kansas City CHAdeMO experience

    As a LEAF owner in the KC area (MS on order and slated for delivery end of June), I can say the new ChaDeMo stations are working for the most part, but there are still growing pains. Some of them have parking spots that are not painted, some worked for a while but then apparently have infant...

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