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  1. lakemirror

    Jumped 12V working fine. Replace anyway?

    Another vote for replacing. Too much chaos happens when the 12v goes south.
  2. lakemirror

    Has Anybody Installed An LED Light Bar In Their Lower Grille??

    And attracting love bugs.
  3. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - 7826 Sand Lake Road

    But the best part about this new SC....the Corona Cigar store right next to it.
  4. lakemirror

    Has you driven with falcon wing doors open and had an accident?

    I could see that mindset if you were the getaway car driver for a bank job, but you should put the car in park anyway when loading kids. And it just ain't that much effort. Just my $.02 :)
  5. lakemirror

    Model X owners - what other vehicles did you consider?

    This. Granted the market today is very different than when I bought my 2018 X (new, in 2019), but I didn't look at or even consider anything else. Don't think I would today, either. It was a vortex of opportunity and desire....the stock market was going my way and my girlfriend had just...
  6. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Arcadia, FL

    I've charged at this location several times this year on my way to beach weekends. I like chargers near supermarkets so I can spend the time shopping. The chargers themselves are fine, but I gotta say that the Winn Dixie at this spot is not a favorite (other than to go in and chuckle at the...
  7. lakemirror

    Tinting the Windshield in Florida

    I had my X done with xpel prime plus (ceramic with IR) 70% windshield and all rear glass, 20% front doors. I'm very pleased with it. No problems with night vision (I'm old). Vast improvement over factory tint in the Florida sun. Auto Paint Guard in Tampa did a great job, they did the full...
  8. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - Millenia Plaza Way

    Double avoid on Black Friday and Christmas season.
  9. lakemirror

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I just installed 2022.12.3.20 this morning. I had enabled the “safety score” a couple of weeks ago, got frustrated and disabled it. Turned it back on last week and was pulling down a 98 after about 250 miles. Lo and behold FSD beta appeared without having to do the scoring for 30 days. Anyone...
  10. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Venice, FL

    Notwithstanding the technical discussion above, my visit to the Venice charger was satisfying. Arrived with approx 15% SoC and charged to 80 at a pleasing rate while enjoying a black&blue burger, sweet potato fries and a Diet Coke at the co-located Brew Burger. Several stalls have shade trees...
  11. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Venice, FL

    I’ve read complaints elsewhere about the chargers at this site being slow. Has that been resolved?
  12. lakemirror

    How can we get a Supercharger in Palatka, FL (Putnam County)?

    Palatka would be a great spot for a supercharger, it's a crossroads in the middle of the state. Good luck with your quest. I have a house on the St Johns in San Mateo, just south of Palatka. Have you considered charging in Ocala? It would add about a half hour to your trip but would give...
  13. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Kissimmee, FL - Osceola Pkwy

    It's great to see Tesla continuing to build superchargers at locations other than interstate exits.
  14. lakemirror

    Autopilot on I4 (Orlando - Altamonte)

    Ongoing problem that has been happening to me for well over a year now. I turn off AP when driving through Orlando. Same with TACC. Massive pain (1st world problems).
  15. lakemirror

    FL Delivery - Registration

    I didn't get home delivery so can't answer your specific question, but I will say that it took two months to get my plates. The temp tag expired after 30 days, they fedexed a new one, it expired, they fedexed another, then the plates arrived. I have heard others having similar experiences. I...
  16. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Arcadia, FL

    I was excited to see some of the new supercharger sites on 75 between Tampa and Ft Myers, but this one is going to be a game changer for me on trips to Boca Grande from Polk County. Fantastic. It's amazing to see all of these new sites popping up in places other than interstate exits.
  17. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Gainesville, FL - NW 39th Ave

    Great! Looks a lot closer to I-75 than Archer Road.
  18. lakemirror

    So I screwed up and went to a touch auto wash

    I'm trying, but.....nope. Sorry.
  19. lakemirror

    Low speed rear-end collision last week....how long will it take to get parts?

    Update. It's now September and the car is still in the shop. They called a week ago and said I could pick it up but they're still waiting on one part...I could bring it back in when the part arrives. I'm out of the area for a while so the car still sits there.
  20. lakemirror

    Low speed rear-end collision last week....how long will it take to get parts?

    The insurance adjustor called yesterday, and said the body parts are shipped and scheduled for delivery next week. Once the shop receives them, they will begin to tear down the damaged parts on the car to assess any unseen damage. They estimate completion by the end of the 3rd week of July...
  21. lakemirror

    Low speed rear-end collision last week....how long will it take to get parts?

    That's ironic. My X has excellent body panel alignment, or at least it did. I have had several Tesla owners comment on that. I don't have the shudder, my display isn't turning yellow, and the Christmas dance has worked perfectly the last 4 times I've tried it. I guess I should knock on wood now.
  22. lakemirror

    Low speed rear-end collision last week....how long will it take to get parts?

    Just got the estimate of 11k. I was surprised.
  23. lakemirror

    Low speed rear-end collision last week....how long will it take to get parts?

    I've had my X P100D for over two years without putting a scratch on it, and then last week a pickup truck clipped the right rear corner while I was waiting for traffic to clear to pull out onto a highway. The car was technically drivable (maybe not legally) so I had it flatbedded to a Tesla...
  24. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Alachua, FL

    Any new info on this one? If it's anywhere near the pin on Tesla's map, I'm guessing the Raceway on 441 just off 75. Pure conjecture, there are no Wawa or Target locations nearby.
  25. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Venice, FL

    I'm really glad to see progress here. I frequently drive from Polk County to Boca Grande. I usually stop at the Sarasota SC for a full charge to give me enough juice to get to the island, drive around during my stay, and then get back to Sarasota if I need it for the trip home. This new site...
  26. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Davenport, FL

    I know the supercharger has been open for a few weeks now, but I stopped by for a quickie yesterday and thought I'd share the photo. Traffic in the area really bites the big one. I realized though that upon leaving you can get up onto 429 without dealing with the parking lot that is I-4, which...
  27. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    The document above shows 12 stalls. 3 cabinets.
  28. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    Google maps street view shows the Wawa under construction. Is it finished?
  29. lakemirror

    Buying Model X for the wife, just test drove a Model X Performance, need help

    This, in spades. I've had my X P100D for 20 months now and my back-of-neck-hair thrillometer still kicks in every time I give it the juice. And I love to give it all the juice it wants. Don't see that ever ending. So, personal preference.
  30. lakemirror

    Model X parts for sales

    A long way from Kissimmee
  31. lakemirror

    12 volt battery question

    Tesla service techs have told me on more than one occasion that it's best to leave the car plugged in. If leaving for an extended period, they said to set the charge level low and plug in. The 12v battery will stay charged if plugged in, but I believe that if not plugged in the 12v will not...
  32. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Palm Coast, FL

    I drove past the site yesterday, 10/17, and was going to stop and check for progress. But it was Biketoberfest. So no.
  33. lakemirror

    Unable to sign into app or Tesla account

    I am seeing the same thing.
  34. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Chaffee Road

    supercharge.info shows this location open now, but only 4 stalls.
  35. lakemirror

    Could onsite service get any worse?

    Everybody likes to go online to vent about their problems and talk about poor experiences. Not as many will go online to talk about good experiences. I'm sure the OP has reason to complain, not taking away from that. Ever heard anyone bitch about poor service at any other auto company? I...
  36. lakemirror

    Curb rash. Ouch.

    As promised, the after:
  37. lakemirror

    Curb rash. Ouch.

    Just a local guy. He laughed when I sent him the photo and told me he gets lots of calls from Tesla owners. Ha ha. He's scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (Thursday). I'll post an "after".
  38. lakemirror

    Curb rash. Ouch.

    17 months and not a scratch on my X, and then yesterday I got sloppy and cut a corner too sharply. Either that or the curb jumped out and bit my wheel. Rim Doctor appointment already set up. Don't you hate that first ding?
  39. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    Went by about 3pm today, all charging stations uncovered but not powered. Tried 2 of them myself, another Tesla tried a third to no avail.
  40. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    Wow! City of Lakeland Utilities was busy today. That wasn't there yesterday afternoon. Yay!
  41. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    Went by this afternoon, Aug 30. No meter yet. Everything else looks ready.
  42. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Davenport, FL

    This is awesome. It's at the Champion's Gate exit, and the traffic can get very heavy there at times. 12 v3 charging stalls? I'm happy to hear it.
  43. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    I agree. 7 stalls, all back-in. The westernmost stall has the charger on the side but it is still a back-in.
  44. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    Terra Largo? My son lives there. I go by the Wawa when I visit him.
  45. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    Construction started! Located on south side of the Wawa property.
  46. lakemirror

    Summary of Tampa to Spokane Trip - Success!

    I'm just itching to do a trip like this. Thanks very much for the details.
  47. lakemirror

    In Praise of Proactive Service

    Mine was no charge.
  48. lakemirror

    In Praise of Proactive Service

    The Tampa service center relocated a wiring harness when I got my HW3 upgrade, but no explanation what it was for. I've had great service experiences with Tesla, both in-shop and mobile. Maybe you should get a cat.
  49. lakemirror

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    I took some photos of this wawa in Lakeland in late March. They're already practicing their ICE technique. This probably isn't the side that the SCs will go on....but I just had to take the photo when I saw the truck.

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