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    Service / Delivery Center - Alhambra, CA (1200 W Main St)

    This makes me so happy as someone who grew up in Alhambra. Definitely hoping they can fit a few public chargers in here :D Thanks for the constant updates on SGV Tesla activity @RubberToe
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    Supercharger - Cupertino, CA - Stevens Creek Blvd (LIVE 17 Nov 2020, 28 V3 stalls)

    hopefully by now these will all be v3 and those usually (always?) come with at least batteries if not solar too.
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    2020 Model 3 and differences from 2019

    rear door speakers were always activated- they're the only rear speakers activated in SR+
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    Charging Adapters for new Delivery....

    Dang I wish they would mandate CCS compatibility too. But doing that would cause howls of commie state california from politicians.
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    ABRP Battery Degradation Comparison Post / Poll

    scanmytesla (CANbus signals) shows my SR+ at 54.1kWh expected NEW and the buffer as 2.3kWh. It looks like the 54.1kWh includes the buffer but I need to dig deeper to confirm it.
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    Upgrade from SR to SR+

    I'm on the same boat as you but I think I'm keeping mine for the boring drive on the 5 up and down CA. I think it'll help my sanity driving 380 miles of mostly straight lanes. My other rationale is that when I'm reselling the car- having autopilot is probably something the next owner would...
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    New price adjustment to upgrade Sr to SR+

    Yeeesh. thanks for posting an update. I'm in the same boat as you except I am that first time owner running around. First time owning any car actually. Debating getting regular autopilot or just getting the full upgrade. Please keep us updated and thanks for the hard work wrangling with Tesla...
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    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    @vickh please keep us (me) updated since I'm in the same boat as you :)
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    Model 3 SR+ forced downgrade

    My car still thinks it's an SR+ with 240 miles. I'm on 2020.16.x, so the answer to your question- Tesla did NOT downgrade me from a firmware patch. Previous threads said the downgrades happened outside of firmware updates. When did you buy your car? I want to think that the reason I still have...
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    New price adjustment to upgrade Sr to SR+

    AP by itself is now 2k, anyone try asking what going to SR+ would be after the change?
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    Supercharger - Marin City, CA - Donahue Street (LIVE 3 Sep 2020, 16 urban stalls)

    Was there this weekend- Don't think I saw a transformer either...
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    Tesla model standard upgrade to standard plus

    Which is really awkward because an SR with autopilot is 38000 vs the new 37990 price of an SR+. I guess tesla could hand d1407 ten dollars and unlock your battery?
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    New price adjustment to upgrade Sr to SR+

    Oh crap! I might jump on this if it's true.
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    Tesla model standard upgrade to standard plus

    @RLEE just curious- when did you purchase your SR? did it come as an SR or was it SR+ for a few months?
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    Tesla model standard upgrade to standard plus

    I've never seen or heard of the SR+ upgrade shown online. I currently have the rear heated seats, autopilot, full FSD options available for upgrade.
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    Any rumors on adding to or upgrading the battery on a Model 3?

    Yeah... Tesla really locked down their hardware with the Model 3. The drive unit(s) will only work with its paired battery unless you flash a compatible firmware (which only Tesla can do). I was super impressed when I heard this since it means the car actually does authentication between...
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    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Dublin Boulevard (LIVE 29 Oct 2021, 10 V2 stalls)

    Hahaha I just went to get some groceries at Lucky in the plaza, also took some photos. I won't post them since they're just copies of yours. I JUST missed you!
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    Chargepoint 6.6kWh only reaching ~5.9kWh

    There's a page with a graph on chargepoint during an active session (and for previous session) that shows the live kW output to the car when charging. It should say 6kW for both. I don't know where you're seeing higher rate on the Bolt vs the 3. Either way- There's nothing wrong with your Model...
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    Chargepoint 6.6kWh only reaching ~5.9kWh

    It sounds like your chargepoint chargers are using 208V (the 200 is from voltage drop because real world) You can't set it to 32A because Chargepoint only supports up to 30A. Your car supports 32A at least but since the charger won't/can't pump more than 30A, the handshake agrees on 30A and so...
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    9kW "stator heater" ON when supercharging. Hypocritical waste?

    Are you really complaining about 7kW of power being used over 30 minutes? That's a dollar at 30 cents per kWh. I really take issue with your claim that they're "throwing away" power to accomplish faster charging. You're at a fast charger. What are you expecting? Slow charging? The entire service...
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    2020 Model 3 and differences from 2019

    What a nice guy. the micro-usb was never included. Well hey it's not as funny as my SR where the footwell lights light up for a split second before the car realizes "AHA he didn't pay for these. TURN EM OFF"
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    100 kWh Battery Coming Soon to Model 3?

    Bigger battery also means there's less need to deep cycle these batteries which should also help longevity. I'd also love to have a bigger battery so I can camp in my car while on fishing trips without worrying about consumption.
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    Upgrade SR to SR+

    Were you held to 220 miles before the unlock?
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    There's a strong suspicion that Tesla now accounts for temperature in the range calculation. I'm not sure how the weather is in Texas, but in norcal we've had a few colder days and I saw my range drop 4-10 miles on the colder days and the estimates going back up after warming the pack up on a...
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    MASTER THREAD: V 2019.40.1.1 170kW charging, Neural Net for Auto Wipers, Auto Lane Change quicker

    Super quick rundown- The map on your car will tell you the peak charging rate of each station. If it says 250kW then it's version 3 (or at least has them). You can tell it's V3 because there's a little "250kW" sign on top of these chargers (at least at Kettleman City.) There are some stations...
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    MASTER THREAD: V 2019.40.1.1 170kW charging, Neural Net for Auto Wipers, Auto Lane Change quicker

    Hey Waverider, congrats on the new car! When I bought my SR in April I had a weird firmware that no one else had as well, turned out it was because my car was one of the first HW3 cars and that required a different firmware from everyone else. It's likely you have all the latest and greatest...
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    Thanksgiving 2019 Supercharger lines?

    They even have Portable ones!
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    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA (LIVE 26 Nov 2019, 24 urban stalls)

    Wow! Now I wish I drove home for Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the updates @RubberToe, I'll definitely check it out when I come down. Hopefully they continue to build chargers in the SGV.
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    2020 Model 3 and differences from 2019

    Not a 2020 owner but I was shown that just by tapping the rear quarter panels you can hear that they added padding to the 2020 models. Apparently the early 2017 builds also has better padding.
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    Would you still have bought your model 3 if it never had autopilot?

    Same here! Still a great car.
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    What convinced you to buy?

    Was driving an 18 year old Corolla (Built at the now Tesla Factory actually!). Refused to buy another gas vehicle if I could afford an electric. All the other electric cars felt like compliance cars with garbage DCFC networks so I ordered the SR. My only regret was not splurging on one of the LR...
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    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA (LIVE 26 Nov 2019, 24 urban stalls)

    Hopefully they keep building chargers eastward into the San Gabriel Valley. I saw a decent amount of Teslas in Arcadia/Temple City last time I visited. Appreciate the updates RubberToe!
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    phone key Auto Unlock unreliable recently

    You can probably blame Android for that. There's basically no standard as to how manufacturers implement their Bluetooth stack and One Plus has always been... Interesting. Pixel's usually pretty good because Google employees are all using it and well... they write most of the Android code- but...
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    What Adapter comes with the M3

    Starting in April (maybe may?) of this year they stoped bundling the 14-50 adapter with the car. You can still order it for $35 from Tesla. I've had really good luck with the adapters being in stock in store- might want to just check that out. Another option is to get a j1772 EVSE.
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    Waiting for SR downgrade

    Woah! Did you have the SR+ sticker? I bought mine in April as well.
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    Warning for those charging using 120v

    My charging schedule (work only) means I get to 90% maybe once every two weeks and I'm still balanced. Only 4000 miles on the odometer though.
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    Reverse feed power from Tesla charge port

    AFAIK the only existing standard that does V2G is ChaDeMo. Tesla could probably do V2G since they have their own standard but there's not much reason for them to enable it. There'd be a pretty large equipment cost to do V2G (regardless of standard). What I suppose you could do is to tap into...
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    Shocked! Model 3 has no blind spot detection [Update: yes, it does]

    It's on the screen. Which isn't ideal, but it works pretty well.
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    Tesla model standard upgrade to standard plus

    I see. Thanks for the info. I park my car underground basically all the time so firmware updates are basically impossible for me... Time to try and find a friend's driveway with WiFi.
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    Tesla model standard upgrade to standard plus

    Have you gotten any firmware updates in the meantime? I'm still on 2019.16 Curious if you're on 24/28
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    Your Model 3 Standard Range (is being software limited)

    The federal tax was $3,750, which means your total was actually $33,750, and with upgrade: $38,250 vs the current $38,315. I suppose you can argue there's a few percent you save because you can get credit card cashback on the upgrade but it's basically a wash. Also of note since I see you're...
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    CCS for Model 3 in North America

    Even if you were able to use EA chargers for the sd -> sj trip it would have only helped from the sd->la leg since they have nothing along the 5 or the 1, unless you drive up the 99 in which case- bless the poor AC. I also never have any issues with the chargers along the 5- kettleman's huge and...
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    M3 SR+ or LR AWD

    I'd like to give an opposing opinion.. With the V3 chargers the LR pack is more than twice as fast from 0-50% compared to an SR pack. Personally I'd get an RWD LR if I were buying one today and the trim was still available. I had to make three supercharger stops when I drove from LA to SF a...
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    How does Tesla limit range in the SR?

    Oh wow they're doing upgrades already.. When I asked a few weeks back they had no idea how it would work. What's the cost for the upgrade?
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    Need 14-50 Adapter

    Charging efficiency is also abysmal on 110v. 240v of any amperage thrashes 110v, usually about 20% more efficient. IIRC it's ~70% efficient on 110v and 90% on 240v. Beyond just being faster you'll be saving 20% on your charging bill.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    :O When I asked back in April they told me that they ended the interest rate matching. I guess it's back? Maybe it was because my CU was giving me 1.7%...
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    V3 Supercharging Profiles for Model 3

    I'm well aware it won't be anywhere near the LR rates, which is why I said improvement. Ideally we'd see ~170kW for the SR packs.
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    Supercharger - Rancho Mirage CA (LIVE 18 Sep 2019, with SOLAR)

    Temperature is definitely a factor in charging speeds- There were forum members who tried out the new V3 charger at Fremont,CA and those who tried during the day (it was ~100F) got 200kW peak power while a member who went at 3am (~75F) reached 239kW. I think for V2 chargers that go up to 150kW...
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    V3 Supercharging Profiles for Model 3

    WOW 239kW! Seems like the power's limited by ambient temperature for V3. Really hoping the charging curves for the SR(+) will enable a similar improvement on V3. 150 miles in less than 15 minutes is nuts!
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    V3 Supercharging Profiles for Model 3

    Has anyone torn down the European Model 3s? If the onboard charger/controllers are the same then I'm pretty comfortable saying that a CCS adapter will come eventually. If it's different... I can see Tesla not wanting to open a can of worms that is offering a retrofit service for every single...

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