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    Sold FS: Tesla Model S Winter Wheels and Tires

    OK - let me know if that falls through...
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    Sold FS: Tesla Model S Winter Wheels and Tires

    Why are you selling them?
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    2022 Roadster Roundup (for original Roadsters)

    Count me in for an East Coast roundup anywhere NY to DC…
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    Model S roof rack for sale

    Thanks - Tesla no longer sells them, according to the NJ shop. I've been searching for those Whispbars 1036384-SE-C, now under Yakima name, but cannot confirm the new Yakima model is the same one. And no phone number on Yakima site... BTW, I've had Volvo crossbars with Thule rack. was always...
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    ISO 2016 Model S Roof rack - Facelift sunroof

    Did you ever get one, Rocketman1859? I am looking for one for my 2017 Model S with sunroof...
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    Model S roof rack for sale

    Did these work? I thought it was impossible to have a rack on a 2017 Model S with Sunroof...(That's what Tesla told me - they used to retrofit, but no more ?!?)
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    Roadster Hand Brake cable replacement?

    Hi All, Has anyone replaced the Roadster 1.5 handbrake cable? My roadster is in for a full battery replacement (after 111k miles, hooray!) and they said the hand brake cable is frayed and rusted. They want to charge me over $430 to replace it. That seems very expensive for a part that should...
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    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    I have an original 70AMP HPC for my Roadster (#287). Is that what you need? I do not need it as I use a NEMA 14-50 now for the Roadster and my Model S.
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    Flag Mount

    Has anyone successfully mounted small or medium-sized flags on a roadster? What product did you use? I tried clamping to various spots and nothing seems to work well. Thanks!
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    Homelink on the Roadster

    Hi Anyone! For some reason my Homelink stopped working. It’s happened before and I have “retrained” my Tesla Roadster (#287) to learn learn the signal from my universal remote. Now, when I press the retrain (or add) button, the VDS simply says “System preparing - may take up to 25 seconds” and...
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    BSM Contactor failure - unable to charge...

    With mine (#287), I had the same problem (warning messages, again) all week, but this time it would not charge - red ring of death appeared. Luckily we had a sunny and windy dry day. I opened the trunk, sat it in the sunny wind for a few hours, then drove it at 90mph a bit to really dry it out...
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    "Trailing Arm" replacement

    I have a 10-sec video of it moving with the wheel but cannot upload it.
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    "Trailing Arm" replacement

    Has anyone had to work on the Roadster suspension, and needed a trailing arm? My independent mechanic showed me how the wheel shakes after being fully mounted and recommends I don't drive it before it is repaired. But we are having trouble finding the parts and tesla will take at least a few...
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    Custom Tesla Roadster 2-Piece Slotted Rotors, NEW batch for 2019

    I need a set. Mine are too rusty after 105k miles. Count me in, Dave. Thanks
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    Titanium undershield for Roadsters?

    Have any better under panels become available? Hi all, I have a 2008 Roadster (#287) and the under-panel is rattling like crazy. The holes where the screws go seem to be deteriorating. Are you aware of any products designed to strengthen and quiet that part? It seems like some basic...
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    Model S in Paris, France, or elsewhere in Europe

    I am a roadster owner in the USA, but transferring to Paris in August for three years, and ahve to leve the roadster behind. Would prefer a used Model S rather than an expensive three-year lease from Tesla Paris...
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    East Coast HPC chargers available

    Do we have a network of HPCs available for Roadster owners on the East Coast? I am taking a trip to Baltimore Wednesday, November 20, 2013 and need to charge while having dinner, specifically the closer to Bel Air, the better. Anyone who can lend a hand, please let me know a.s.a.p. Thanks...
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    Map of current, upcoming and suspected Tesla Superchargers

    [email protected] try this, too. I copied the note used by Keith and sent it to info and to NJZEV and a guy I know there from an Earth Day event a few years ago which I brought my Roadster to...
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    Aftermarket Wheel Sets now available

    Very nice. Can you send me the URL to the exact products you ordered, front and rear?
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    Highest milage on a Roadster?

    54k miles 2008, 1.5; battery replaced at 20k Commuting to NYC almost every day, scrapping it out with busses and potholes. Standard charge to about 162 miles now, range mode to 190 less than 10/year.
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    Options you would like to see in the Model X

    I made the following suggestions at the Grand Opening of a new store in NJ this past weekend: 1. Tow hitch of course 2. Biometrics vs. key (think Bloomberg keyboard fingerprint logon) to unlock and start, with key necessary for valet only 3. Charge adapter for same connection to Roadster or...
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    Zero Motorcycles

    thanks KBF. Good to hear positive info from an owner. How many miles do you have on it now? By the way, I just got a Brammo blast email today about the Empulse launch in LA on May 8th. We'll see if Zero will finally have some competition...
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    Zero Motorcycles

    Does anyone here have a electric motorcycle? I am thinking of buying the new Zero that goes 100 miles on a charge with max speed of 88 mph. Just did a test drive over the Brooklyn Bridge today. Very impressed! Any thoughts/recommendations/warnings?
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    1.5 Roadster Tire Thread

    Sorry for the slow reply here, but I can tell you I am very satisfied with the Continental Extremes on the front. But the better news is that on the rears I have Michelin Pilot Sport A/S plus from Costco! Great tire and great price. Not only have I raced them in the 1/4 mile and beat a few...
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    Phone App: Model S iPhone/Android mobile phone app

    Well, it's about time! Now can it be adapted for us Roadster owners, too???
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    Tesla Owners on LinkedIn

    Open to anyone worldwide offering their HPC to build a grass-roots network. (Just my personal focus is East Coast, but if it helps other regions, I think a single site is more efficient.) Thanks for pointing that out. I hope that openness is clear now...
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    Tesla Owners on LinkedIn

    I just started "Tesla Roadster Owners Group" on LinkedIn My main goal (since teslamotors cannot devote a resource to it) is to exchange regional locations of HPCs so we can do some road-tripping on the East Coast as easily as the West Coasters can! I will try and limit members to real owners...
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    ... at Raceway Park (Englishtown, NJ)

    I spoke to the guy, too, and will try and race mine (#287) down there this summer. Want to arrange a time head-to-head on the 1/4 mile? I am only 15 miles from there (Holmdel, NJ), so you could charge up at my place, just off exit 116 of the GSP by the Arts Center. I think they support RV...
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    Charging in New Haven CT (for trips between Boston and NYC)

    You can also stay at Foxwoods and use their NEMA 14-50 outlet that the staff uses for emergency vehicles (and Kenny Roger's RV, I suppose, too.) I was the first, and maybe only one, to use it for that purpose last summer, but the transportation group (that's who you ask for when planning this)...
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    Couldn't turn key past locked position

    I had rattles and squeaks in mine (#287), but the NY office took care of it, no charge. Great service there and lots of help. Ask for Will or Raphael.
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    "Official" recharge times

    I've been commuting in the Tesla every day for the whole summer. Today I tried drafting as much as possible on my 40 mile commute into NYC. At 65 mph (truck and bus speed) for most of the way, in "max range mode" which has noticeably different acceleration and regen braking, I was able to use...
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    "Official" recharge times

    Real World recharge times So in a real 350-mile road trip scenario (my NJ to Cape Cod trip next Friday) where I have to choose where to stop to recharge, let's assume: 1. I want to minimize total trip time 2. an HPC at the 100 mile mark, and 3. various NEMA 14-50's along the way (e.g. at...
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    East Coast discussions

    Anyone interested in starting a regional discussion for East Coast owners? Could cover topics like - local gatherings, sightings, destination road trips, charging for road trips, dealing with the NYC showroom, etc. Tesla Corporate tells me there are about 250 owners in the Northeast, a dozen...
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    Charging the Roadster

    Anyone on the East coast offering a charge? Very frustrating that this is so West Coast focused, but understandable. I will offer my HPC - Tesla owner #287, in Holmdel, NJ (GSP exit 114). Add me to the Google map if you can...
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    East Coast charging sites ChargeIt, Thanks for the links. I could not make the details of the RV sites work from their mapping tool. Do you know how to get that info? Herb, I just posted my phone number an email on the "opportunity charging" site you mentioned. Now any Tesla can...
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    Hopefully the Clarion Hotel (Hull, Mass), which I reached out to. The township also has a wind turbine, so I think they are eco-friendly and I sent the town manager an email, too, just trying to find a 50amp outlet. I saw a local EV owner who shares his outlet (30 miles from my hotel), but I...
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    thanks for all the tips and quick math! Cruise control and drafting, of course! Will let you know how it goes!
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    Thanks again for all your help, guys. A generous EV'er in Killingsworth, CT has a 50amp outlet almost exactly halfway along my journey. So I just have some final questions to decide go/no-go: I could use some "judicious use of my right foot" advice. As a novice, since I cannot control wind...
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    This is harder to coordinate than I thought. Although there are quite a few 50amp outlets available, that would take a four-to-six hour break to "fill up," but I need to be in Hingham MA at a reasonable hour. What I really need to stay on schedule is to use a Tesla home charger. Is any owner...
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    Great resource! I'll contact a few people along the way. This should make my trip much less stressful. THanks so much! Will be joining the NJ-EV soon and offering my home charger once the electrician does his magic... ;-)
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    Thx. How do I delete my phone# and email and replace with a more secure form of contact? Someone just advised me to do so before I get spammed to death!
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    Charging in Connecticut/Boston (and NY, NJ, and PA)

    NY <---> Boston places to charge and top off???? I am trying to drive NYC to Boston this Saturday (May 22nd) in my 2008 Roadster. Can anyone lend a hand (i.e. a home charger or 50AMP plug) to help me top off the battery around noon on Saturday in Connecticut? Or if you know someone else who...

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