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  1. SmokeGlider


    Updated my MY from 2021.24.4 to 2021.32.5.
  2. SmokeGlider

    FSD subscription announced by Tesla

    I'm using the FSD subscription too. I like the traffic control notification and the green light chime. Having to acknowledge a green light tho is counterintuitive and IMHO, a bit of a hazard. NOA is OK but I drive in the Seattle metro area and AP/NOA is a little too conservative for this...
  3. SmokeGlider

    Calling all military/ veteran owners

    USAF, 1977 to 1985, air ops, fighters and bombers, Asia. Must've spooked the baddies bcuz stayed pretty quiet during my tours. 🤪 Tesla MYLR (sold my Jeep to buy my Tesla). Thank you all for your service.
  4. SmokeGlider

    Sales Advisor (SA) questions/ SA etiquette

    I ordered my MYLR in September of last year and took delivery in October. All my business has been through the Renton SC. I looked at all Tesla models before making my choice and the folks there, while super busy were also quite gracious. When I placed my order online, I couldn't find where...
  5. SmokeGlider

    Features we would like to see

    I dunno. Maybe actually getting FSD? That'd be kinda cool.
  6. SmokeGlider

    Tesla iOS App not working

    Nope. Works fine for me.
  7. SmokeGlider

    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    I was in the market for an M4 before I bought my MY. But I also looked at the X3M, the MB GLC AMG43, the Audi SQ5, the Alpha Stelvia Quadrifoglio and a couple of others. Yes, I know, price differences but that wasn't the point. To be fair I'm in love with the 2014-18 M6 GranCoupe (sexiest...
  8. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    I'd get a couple more bids. I live in the south sound and had a couple of extra 20 Amp circuits and receptacles installed in my garage, a couple of outdoor receptacles, and a circuit for my hot tub (with separate breaker box) and only paid about $600 for the lot of it. Permit and labor is the...
  9. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    That does seem high. Are they replacing the breaker box as well?
  10. SmokeGlider


    Make all the PNDR fonts, Battery level and other fonts really big. But make the speed font tiny. I don't want folks that I drive past able to see how fast I'm going.
  11. SmokeGlider

    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    This is actually the kind of engineering I expect would be behind Tesla's driver systems. They've done such a great job on the mechanicals and electronics, but treat the human interfaces like toys. I appreciate the humor to a degree, but when I'm out driving, I'm all business.
  12. SmokeGlider

    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    LOL, the trash talk is strong with a few here. :) And so many expert UI/UX designers! Elon will surely leap to adapt your brilliant, if a wee bit caustic summation of his team's work. If you wanted static design, glacial innovation, and value companies lacking in a sense of humor, perhaps...
  13. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Congratulations! Let us know how it goes. What are you picking up (long range, performance, color, wheels, options, etc)?
  14. SmokeGlider

    What a Biden presidency will mean for EVs, renewable energy and Tesla

    While I don't agree with you on many of your previous posts, I agree with you on this one. We have to find a way to get back to the table and to talk to each other, not down to or past each other. And we need to get back to the values of honor and truth. Character matters.
  15. SmokeGlider

    Is $10K too much?

    So, as far as FSD taxiing you to work everyday, you still have to either keep your hands firmly on the wheel or tug on the wheel every few seconds for FSD to know you're paying attention. It's not like set it on cruise missile mode and then go read a book or something. If it were that...
  16. SmokeGlider

    Is $10K too much?

    I see a lot of rationalization here. In its current incarnation, FSD doesn't add much in the way of useful functionality over Autopilot. So you're paying for its potential. And unless you're a regular road warrior with a long commute or do a lot of traveling, you're probably not going to use...
  17. SmokeGlider

    What a Biden presidency will mean for EVs, renewable energy and Tesla

    Now this here is what I would call a snarky post. That said, there are a bunch of us here in the states who are as hopeful as our friends in Australia.
  18. SmokeGlider

    Regenerative Braking after 40.8 update

    It’s a 2020, delivered in early October. I was only part way through the thread when I noticed folks were saying they had lost the setting. It was later that I found that only 2021 models were affected. Still, seems strange to eliminate the ability to tune regen, and to weaken it as well. It...
  19. SmokeGlider

    Regenerative Braking after 40.8 update

    I still have the option to set regen between standard and low. And I have the recent update (40.8). I did however also notice a reduction in the strength of regen after the update.
  20. SmokeGlider

    Pops/Bangs/Humming Noises

    Mine also does this. I reckon as long as I don't see the magic smoke, its all good. :rolleyes:
  21. SmokeGlider

    Double-Paned Windows--Likelihood of Retrofit to Existing 2021 Model Y?

    FOMO is real. If that's what drives you, you could be waiting forever as Tesla is always announcing another new thing.
  22. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    It shouldn't be an issue. I didn't have insurance for the car because I didn't have a VIN, so I uploaded proof for another car, just to show my policy and coverage. It was in that state for a week or so before I called about a VIN. Also, they didn't post the contract until after I scheduled...
  23. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    The order/delivery process is a little random tho I suppose no more so than ordering a car from any other manufacturer. My original delivery window was 7 to 11 weeks. I actually took delivery of the car within a month, but I also ordered a month before the end of the quarter. Tesla develops...
  24. SmokeGlider

    Why is insurance so high?!?

    I also have a Vette and insure thru State Farm. My MY was almost $200 a year higher than the Vette. When I asked why, my agent said that replacement costs for damaged parts are much higher on the Tesla than the Vette. The Tesla is loaded with specialized equipment, sensors and structural...
  25. SmokeGlider

    Delivery Trouble.

    You should be hearing something relatively soon, and you could always call your SA. Sadly, the ordering process and timing isn't well communicated or very predictable. When I ordered my car in September, the fulfillment timing was stated as 7 to 11 weeks, but I picked up the car in 4 weeks. I...
  26. SmokeGlider

    Delivery Trouble.

    Have you completed all the steps listed on your account? Setup you financing, insurance, etc.?
  27. SmokeGlider

    Supercharger - Lacey, WA

    Pulled up at 6:30, plugged in...nada. Still not lit. :(
  28. SmokeGlider

    Supercharger - Lacey, WA

    I'll drive by a little later tonight and give y'all a report.
  29. SmokeGlider

    Chasing a c6 zo6 in a rwd sr

    LOL, some folks like the visceral experience of driving a roarty dinosaur slurping ICE beast. Oh, and stirring a gearbox too. My Tesla is fun to drive, but it's nowhere near as fun as my Vette. :cool:
  30. SmokeGlider

    Supercharger - Lacey, WA

    I was just out there at 2:30. Still not powered up and no one working on it (that I could see).
  31. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    What kind of a coating did you put on your seats?
  32. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    I have the full set of MaxPider mats. They were kind of spendy but they fit well and look good. My wife as WeatherTech in her Ford. I don't like em. They're hard and they get slippery in the wet.
  33. SmokeGlider

    Back and forth between a 3 and Y

    I'd say get the MY. But here's why I say that; The M3 is a true compact sedan so getting in and out of the car is a little less convenient. It's also a little less roomy than the MY and has far less storage. It is sleeker and I think a better looking car, but the MY is more utilitarian...
  34. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    My experience was similar. Staff at Renton are personable and a pleasure to work with. I had no issues getting information or assistance. Picked up my MY last weekend. :)
  35. SmokeGlider

    Supercharger - Lacey, WA

    Great news! That location is super convenient (for me anyway :D )
  36. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Did you ever pick yours up?
  37. SmokeGlider

    I cannot believe Detroit (Chevy Bolt)

    I like the Bolt. I drove one for work and I appreciate its range and comfort and that it's a pure electric. The interior is sparse but it doesn't feel cheap, and I like that the UI is clear and intuitive. It's not a Tesla but that's not a cut. And to be fair, for the moment at least, the...
  38. SmokeGlider

    Service Notification "Your Vehicle is Ready for Pickup"

    Nice. Thanks for the pointer :)
  39. SmokeGlider

    Service Notification "Your Vehicle is Ready for Pickup"

    I took delivery of my MY on Saturday, found some issues and scheduled a maintenance appointment for two weeks out. I just got a notice from the SC that "My Vehicle Is Ready For Pickup". Trouble is, they don't have it. It's still in my driveway! Anyone else get messages like this? I checked...
  40. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Picked mine up yesterday. SA was great, gave me all the time I needed and super friendly. Did a cursory check at the SC and drove it home. Such a nice ride. I do have a number of issues that need to be addressed tho: - Frunk has a small dent that looks like it was closed on something. Unlatches...
  41. SmokeGlider

    Frunk delivered dented

    Mine has a similar issue. Looks like the frunk was closed with something hard next to the latch. There’s a reverse dimple in the sheet metal and the frunk lip has a curve in it. I have an appointment scheduled for two weeks out.
  42. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Wow, that looks good. So just a clear matt wrap?
  43. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Just got a phone call from my SA, I'm picking my car up in Renton tomorrow. They're busy as hell right now being end of quarter. Told me they were doing 50 deliveries a day, and he's been working 10-13 hour days for the last 9. So for those of you waiting, I reckon the wait is almost over...
  44. SmokeGlider

    I may have the best/funniest production flaw ever

    First off, great job on the pain correction. At first I though I was looking at a photo of the ceiling of your garage. Second thing, I kinda think I'd keep it. It's kind of a special signature that no one else can say they have. And you could always say it Elon's handprint. Who's gonna know...
  45. SmokeGlider

    Want your delivery as soon as possible? Some tips...

    I also completed steps 1 and 2 in rapid fashion, got estimated delivery texts shortly after and a vin on 9/25. Now just in the queue waiting for a delivery notice. According to the last delivery text, today is the outside edge of the envelope so fingers crossed. I ordered on 9/9.
  46. SmokeGlider

    October delivery Dates

    I ordered on 9/9, have a VIN in 57xxx range and got the text saying 3 to 8 days 8 days ago. SA says vehicle is still in production (as of a couple days ago). Said I would see it before end of month, but clearly that's not happening. I imagine some domestic deliveries will occur into October...
  47. SmokeGlider

    Cost of individual 19" Gemini wheels from Tesla?

    My bet is that there are folks in the forum interested in selling their Gemini's. You've been here for much longer than me, but have you searched around?
  48. SmokeGlider

    Cost of individual 19" Gemini wheels from Tesla?

    Are you thinking about replacing whatever you have with Gemini's, or are you wanting an extra set?
  49. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    So still no word on delivery. Sounds like the car might still be in production, and then it takes a few days for it to get prepped for delivery. I'm no longer hopeful for a Sept delivery. The bummer there is that I will probably miss out on EAP.
  50. SmokeGlider

    Washington State Waiting Room

    I've been thinking about the Inozetek Supergloss in Midnight Metallic Gold.

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