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    California "Tesla" License plates set

    Are you nuts? Only a moron would pay that kind of money for two pieces of metal!
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    Heating option for the Frunk!

    Zextraterrestrial, Unless I misunderstand you, I think you need to grow up with a comment like that? How old are you? 13?
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    Grammar Misteaks, Spelling Misteaks, and Bad Puns :)

    Please, the word is "Anyway" not "anyways" and "their" is spelled "there". Good luck with Noodles. If it was me, I would just park in front of the ICE vehicles, after charging, so the violators could not get out!
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    Grammar Misteaks, Spelling Misteaks, and Bad Puns :)

    Rumors is spelled "rumours"!
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    Heating option for the Frunk!

    Except Tesla level luxury ICE cars have an engine up front!
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    Superchargers in Canada! Not happening! At least not yet.

    Rumor is spelled "rumour"! I got the info from Tesla themselves. - - - Updated - - - Unfortunately, we will have to wait for them in Canada.
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    Supercharger locations

    And none for Canada! At least not for a while. They keep saying the Detroit-Montreal corridor will have them but nothing yet. Originally they were supposed to be installed this month, then i heard end of Winter. Now I'm hearing End of 3rd Quarter. Yeah right! My guess is we won't see them...
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    Superchargers in Canada! Not happening! At least not yet.

    Still waiting and waiting. Originally, they were supposed to be built by this February. Then I heard end of winter. Now I'm hearing end of 3rd quarter. Next we will hear 2015 as a logical date. With the Europe and China projects moving ahead very rapidly, Canada has unfortunately taken a...
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    Elon in Oslo

    There will never be on option for AWD on the Model S. Get that through your heads people!
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    CBS This Morning Show

    Can't view this in Toronto. Please make it available here if you can! Thank you.
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    Montreal Store

    The Tesla Model S is basically an Apple Macbook Pro on wheels so any Apple store should suffice! LOL!
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    Grammar Misteaks, Spelling Misteaks, and Bad Puns :)

    The word is "anyway' BTW. No such word as "anyways"!
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    Canadian Superchargers

    3rd or 4th quarter now is it? i was told that they would be installed originally by February, then early spring. With Tesla's interests clearly setting up Norway, Europe and China, I don't believe we will EVER see a Supercharger in Canada, at least not for a long long time. Canada appears...
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    CBC National News TV Feature on Tesla and Road Trip Capability Coming soon...

    What are you talkng about and what planet are you from? CBC has the highest ratings by far than GLOBAL and CTV combined! Anybody who watches news in Canada watches CBC NATIONAL!
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    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Tentsla Is there a way to keep the hatchback open without draining the battery?
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    TESLA Model F

    How about a Model XXX? LOL!
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    A sneaky suspicion

    Fantastic idea!
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    Tesla Model S with Distronic Plus (Adaptaive Cruise Control) like Mercedes.

    It will probably be a OTA software update.
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    Chicago Auto Show - February 8-17

    Toronto is actually the largest.
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    No Winter tires available for my soon to be delivered Model S.

    I ordered it with the standard 19 inch wheels. Comes with the No season Michelin tires. - - - Updated - - - I travel quite often to snow belt cold regions such as Ottawa and Quebec so I really do need the good winter tires. - - - Updated - - - The Hakkas and Michelins Ice X are not...
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    No Winter tires available for my soon to be delivered Model S.

    I am appalled that I cannot find any suitable Winter tires for my Model S which I pick up Monday. It comes with "No Season" Michelin Primacy tires and being Winter, it should have Winter tires already on it. I am not really pleased with Tesla for not equipping it with Winter tires. I can get...
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    Brake dust

    The grey rims look like brake dust all the time. Are you sure you don't have the dark grey rims? LOL?
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    Chicago Auto Show - February 8-17

    Detroit and Geneva you mean!
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    Rumor: Ontario O.P.P. Police turned down by Tesla

    The service centre in Toronto!
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    Un-Boxing HPWC & Internals Walk-through.

    It amazes me why people try to make videos but fail to realize the distraction going on beside them. Kudos for making the damn thing but please, in future, DON'T have little kids heard in the background! Very distracting. If you're going to do a video, please do it right. Little kids screaming...
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    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    I guess he has given up on the videos eh?
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Isn't it too cold in Calgary to drive? LOL? I thought it was too cold in Calgary to drive a car? LOL!
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    Alloy gators

    What are alloy Gators?
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    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    When we we see more videos Bjorn?
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    Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model S-Same travel comparaison with different driving speed

    Great, but please make sure to either use a tripod inside or mount your camera with a suction cup to avoid amateurish shaky cam video. Looks like you did anyway so fantastic! Just be sure to do the same for the inside shots and it would look professional. Also, do not have the camera on auto...
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    Pulled over driving Model S

    I would assume a red Model S would be a police magnet. If you get pulled over, just say to the policeman "Hello Ossifer, your eyes look a little glazed, have you been eating too many donuts?" HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!
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    Rumor: Ontario O.P.P. Police turned down by Tesla

    I've heard that the OPP in Ontario had ordered about 100, or at least wanted to order, about 100 Tesla Model S cars for their for their patrol car fleet but Tesla turned them down instead. Apparently Tesla is worried about "Image" as they don't want their cars to be know as Police or taxi cars...
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    Changing out Black seats for another colour seats after delivery

    What colour did you have? Would they be available?
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    How about "No Gas?"
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    Nitrogen for tires?

    It is a scam. What do you think is already in the tires before you add Nitrogen? It's not a vacuum like space. There's already air in it and nitrogen can't force the air out!
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    Audio: Sound System Quality?

    Anything Hyundai cannot have anything comparable to a Rolls Royce! Unbelievable to think that! Even mentioning Hyundai and KIA crap on this page should be banned!
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    Seat :: Drivers Side :: Premium Grey Leather :: Brand New - No Longer Available

    If you can somehow have two of these, I would be interested to pay $3,000.00 for two. Let me know.
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    What's going to be at the 2014 NAIAS Tesla exhibit?

    Tesla says they will NOT develop an AWD version for the Model S. There is no point. It's fantastic as it is. Also, the AWD in the Model X will have far less space available in the frunk as the motor will be in that cubby hole, like you see in the S. The S and rear wheel drive X will have the...
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    Removing the rear seat completely

    I wonder if it is possible to completely remove the rear seat in order to make my Tesla more like a mini van in back, for storage. Thank you to the responders who have answered my other thread about changing out the seats for different colour ones. I bought mine solely as a means to carry gear...
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    Changing out Black seats for another colour seats after delivery

    I wonder if it is possible to physically change out the black seats for, say, beige or grey. I don't like the black seats.
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    P85 is in my opinion, a total waste of money compared to the regular 85 kw version!

    P85 model S as opposed to the regular 85kw model in my opinion, is a waste of money! Hello, I am appalled at the number of P85 owners compared to the regular MODEL. You pay $15,000.00 more just to get about one and a half seconds faster in the 0-60 mph range? No one will ever know the...
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    P85 is in my opinion, a total waste of money compared to the regular 85 kw version!

    Why on earth do people buy the P85 version instead of the much cheaper Regular 85? I bought the regular one and it is fast enough as it blows anything off the street as is. Paying an extra $15,000 for this feature with Alcatraz, whatever, headliner, seat lining with suede etc is a waste. IMHO...
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    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Hi, You have the wrong logo for the Canucks! It is the Whale "C" which is used today. The Rink with a stick in it, although mistakingly used with the 3rd jersey, is a carry over from bad design days o the 70's!
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    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    I just wish he would do away with the Mickey Mouse Tom Tom on the dash with its hideous cable going to the cigarette lighter. An external GPS unit is NOT needed at all! Besides, the hideous cable is hideous. On my ICE car, I connected the cord directly behind the dash to the battery to get...
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    Heating option for the Frunk!

    I was hoping Tesla would offer some sort of heating option for the Frunk for those of us who have to carry temperature sensitive baggage. I'm sure it could be a retrofit.

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