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  1. Nichen

    Model S on Top Gear?

    I would say that people are pretty stupid in general and I really do believe That most people don't understand the difference between the battery tech from The 90s from today. When it comes to cars. The only thing we should do is to promote Free test rides.
  2. Nichen


    Thanks BlueShift, sorry but I was so worried that it was the end for the website. Thank you for putting it up again.
  3. Nichen


    It's not working for me either.
  4. Nichen


    so good to hear :)
  5. Nichen


    What the hell has happened to the website? Is it gone forever??
  6. Nichen

    He's bored with his Tesla...

    Beware of Jalopnik, they are generally anti-EV.
  7. Nichen

    Shut up with the stupid pointless race videos and the general anti Tesla campaign.

    You know Rluner....I don't think we need to worry. the Oilcompanies might actually be pretty happy with the flood of different EVs coming to market. It means cheaper gas. And it's just a question of time when we don't even have educate people how to start using electric cars. When the 200-mile...
  8. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Houston, we got 300 Supercharger-stations live!!! :D Totally awesome.
  9. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Ladies and Gentlemen....the Sundsvall Supercharger in Sweden should now be operational. :D :D :D
  10. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Sundsvalls Supercharger-station is now under construction. It's up north in Sweden.
  11. Nichen

    Model S or BMW 740LDXdrive

    Dude....Model S.
  12. Nichen

    A most unfortunate event :-(

    GG you are one of my favourite persons on this forum and I am not kidding in any way. You truly seem like a great person and therefore I am extra pleased to hear that you are all ok!!
  13. Nichen

    Random Model S sightings

    Looks like Mrs. MikeL is driving a Nissan Leaf?
  14. Nichen

    Tesla Gigafactory Announcement

    Ah ok, that explains it. Thanks for the information :)
  15. Nichen

    Tesla Gigafactory Announcement

    lol look at the guy in the right corner of the podium. Was it just me, or was there something strange about his looks? Maybe he was having a bad day or something.....
  16. Nichen

    supercharge.info not responding!

    The website has been down a couple of hours now...why?
  17. Nichen

    2002 Honda Insight 138K miles 61city/70+highway mpg! - $8950 (Buffalo, N.Y.)

    Those cars are really really nice. And I've heard people getting 95+ MPG on them. Truly amazing cars. And built in aluminium...so no rust :D :D If I was in the US I would have been very interested.
  18. Nichen

    random chitchat

    Fear the wrath of Bubble Boy!!!! :O
  19. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    If I was to work with customer service on Tesla I would make people satisfied and thank them for pinpointing errors. I guys I am one of those rare guys now a days who understand the true meaning of being service-minded. I would definately say thank you to you airj1012. :)
  20. Nichen

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

    I'm so sad to hear he is no longer among us. What a great soul and actor. He was definately one of my favourites. Truly heartbraking that he is no longer among us.
  21. Nichen

    Model R (Retro)

    Now THAT is a beauty. I just love those old rare models. And the Tucker is extremely rare. If I would own one today I guess I could buy like 40 Model S cars or more lol.
  22. Nichen

    Massively ICE'd

    Give them tickets! Simple as that.
  23. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    lol! Yeah sometimes you just gotta make a statement :)
  24. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    This is me at the newly built Supercharger-station outside Arboga, in Sweden. I found 3 Teslas charging there, only norwegian plates. Very nice spot to charge, we had a nice bite at Dinners about 30 meters away from the chargers. Maybe I should work as a walking banner for Tesla? lol
  25. Nichen

    Rip vin p01653

    So sorry about this. But hey, you weren't injured that's what counts in the long run. And about the county's responsibility...I think you should sue them. Investigate and look at the number of accidents that has occured at that curve. If that doesn't work...push the Insurance company a little...
  26. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I wanna see some pictures of the swedish Tesla-charger openings!!!
  27. Nichen

    From Orange to Chrome

    Dude...you know what you got? You have a T-1000 Tesla. Personally I love it, it is friggin cool with chrome.
  28. Nichen

    Banned from Parking Garage?

    This is outrageous, how can he ban you like that!??! Sue him for discrimination! I have never heard of such a thing before.
  29. Nichen

    100 Model S cars in Sweden

    Pretty soon you will be able to go across Europe (western Europe) using only Superchargers...are you kidding me? This is almost too ****ing awesome.
  30. Nichen

    100 Model S cars in Sweden

    I just heard we now have 100 Tesla Model S cars in Sweden! It's going really fast now! Last I checked there were like maybe 2-3 dozen cars but 100 cars is a decent number! Hooray!!!
  31. Nichen

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    Sorry to hear that Botbldr45. The Roadster-owners are so important for Tesla Motors. You guys made it all happen so Tesla should definately give more credit to you. I really hope it's a good surprise.
  32. Nichen

    Elio Motors

    Has anyone considered buying this car? It is supposed to seat 2 adults and get 84 MPG on the highway. And it starts at 6800 $!
  33. Nichen

    My 1 year, 30,000 Mile Review, done on one of my Famous Road Trip videos @[email protected]

    I love the video! For each day I am getting more and more eager to get an electric car, like the Model E. I have a pretty remarkable car at the moment...and Audi A2 1.2 TDI built in a aluminium frame. There are only about 6500 left of the 1.2 TDIs left in the whole world. It's from 2001 and I...
  34. Nichen

    CNN Money - "Tesla's US Sales May be Cooling Off"

    Of course there are seasonal changes in demand/orders, just like with any other car. Summer "tend" to be a time for vacations and relaxation. Spring is the ultimate "buy a car" season. I bet the orders will go crazy again in autumn/winter. So far the demand seems pretty steady if you ask me even...
  35. Nichen

    "Kingsman" - first movie appearance for Tesla Model S ?

    Yeah it seems like a lame movie unfortunately. It's pretty sad to see hollywood-directors making the same movies over and over again....I wanna see something new. When Matrix came in 1999 it was something new. When Saw came in 2004 it was something new. When Ironman came in 2008 it was....sort...
  36. Nichen

    Model S Celebrities

    Isn't she the woman from JAG?
  37. Nichen

    Tesla Spec Commercial... the Saddest Nozzle

    Best Tesla Ad so far guys, fantastic work! But I did feel sorry for Nozzie in the beginning.......
  38. Nichen

    Positive Tesla coverage on CBC National News (Canada)

    That was sooo nice! And so nice to see you in person! A great clip and it was really cool to see what Chris Paine is up to. I would say I'm a bit like Paine himself...I adore electric cars, I use an electric bicycle daily....I love renewable energy and I also make short youtube-clips lol
  39. Nichen

    Is buying a Tesla "good" for the environment?

    The biggest positive thing about electric cars is that they don't pollute the cities. That is a HUGE benefit if you ask me. People seem to forget that pretty often!!
  40. Nichen

    Audi A2 1.2 TDI 3L (The MOST economic car of them all)

    Yeah dude this car will go from 0 - 60 mph in 14.9 seconds (LMAO) but that's not the reason I bought it. The reason is the 85 MPG figure and the opportunity to use biodiesel. The price for RME (biodiesel) is about 12:74 kr compared to diesel which sits at 14:57 kr in sweden right now. The...
  41. Nichen

    Random Model S sightings

    Hey guys I saw my second Model S at Skutberget camping on the 17th of April in Karlstad, Värmland in Sweden. It was getting juiced up at the camping. Värmland is neighbouring the border to Norway. It was a beautiful silver Model S with norwegian plates. On friday the 18th I see my 3rd ever Model...
  42. Nichen

    Vandalized twice - Bigotry is alive and well on San Francisco Peninsula

    These animals doing this are plain evil. If I saw someone attack another Tesla Model S, I would kick his ass. That's how passionate I am with the Model S.
  43. Nichen

    Delivery of my P85+

    lol Hybris it's truly fascinating how grown adults can sound like 5 year old kids on christmas eve....this car must be truly amazing! I don't dare to take it for a test-drive....because I know I will HAVE to get one if I do, no matter what :) Enjoy you car dude :)
  44. Nichen

    Tesla Frunk Surprise

    Hahaha that was friggin awesome!!! :)
  45. Nichen

    Defending Tesla has ended a Friendship of mine

    Brett...when you're passionate about something...well then you're passionate about it. I would have done the same thing no doubt!!! It shows how much you care about the future and sustainable transportation. You did good.
  46. Nichen

    40 000+ VINs!

    Isn't it amazing?
  47. Nichen

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    Zap75 that was awesome!!! As a european I'm really curious about the roll-out just like everyone else. Maybe it's harder in Europe to get permission...or maybe it just take a little longer? I'm sure that if it was easier to get SCs up and running, Tesla should have deployed many more by this time.
  48. Nichen

    After over two years, my model S is finally going to arrive!

    Dude...you are a true inspiration for many! Including me! I REALLY REALLY wanna buy a Model S also....I'm thinking like....instead of buying a cabin or a caravan in the future...maybe I'll just put that money in a Model S instead.....
  49. Nichen

    Tesla Supercharger network

    If I was a landowner in Europe...I would almost PAY Tesla Motors to come and build a Supercharger on my property. I can't understand why there aren't more superchargers here. Supply-issues maybe?
  50. Nichen

    Delivery of my P85+

    Awesome!!! We need more Teslas in Sweden. I saw my first one at the public charger 1 week ago in central Sundsvall. Such a beautiful car! Stort grattis säger jag bara! :) :) :)

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