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    cheap 20 inch tires on performance

    yes, the 245/35/20 tire diameter is still okay within 26.8", so it shouldn't cause any issues. I personally plan to get 245/35/20 when I need tire replacement.
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    Odd tire wear on M3 Performance

    most AWD cars rear biased, especially performance oriented cars. with that said, I am still very surprised to see that you wore out the tires with only 7k miles. have you been driving the car hard?
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    cheap 20 inch tires on performance

    Unless you need it for winter season, getting all-season defeats the purpose of getting the performance. Here are 2 tires I would consider for cheaper alternatives to MP4S. Both tires have decent review on tirerack.com. Max Performance - Continental Extreme Contact Sports Ultra Summer...
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    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    My previous car is BMW F80 M3 comp pkg. It depends on what you drive now, the LR w/o acceleration boost is already very fast for many people. I did the comparison briefly and chose the M3P. The difference of the $6K gets you -20" uberturbine wheels (the design is okay, the color looks nice...
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    TRADE your 2021 M3P 20” Uberturbines with my 20” Sportwheels Satin Black Powdercoat

    Are these the OEM 20" for model 3? I think your tire size are too big for model 3.
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    New Tires - Don't want to go back with OEM

    If you don't drive in snow, go with summer tires. It generally outperforms all-season in dry and wet. The summer tires are softer and have a much shorter life compared though, so be prepared to buy tires more often if you want the better performance.
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    M3P hesitates with new rims in 1/4 mile run

    For M3P square setup, Apex recommends 265/40/18 tires to replace stock 235/35/20. The tire diameters for those 2 sizes are very close. Tesla Model 3 Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide
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    Hit a Pothole; Tesla Service Center does not have replacement tires

    Great choice on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. I was a little bummed out when I found out Tesla switched over to Pirelli PZ4. 4S is still the best performing tire in its class. I am surprised to hear the pothole is on the freeway. Glad to hear it's repair. Thanks for reporting it. You might be...
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    Hit a Pothole; Tesla Service Center does not have replacement tires

    Sorry to hear about your incident. It's never fun driving over a pothole, especially with a brand new car and brand new tire. Maybe consider getting Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (cheaper than Pirelli PZ4) or Falken Azenis FK510 (great value for the performance). If you don't mind sharing, where...
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    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    I have ~24 years of driving experience. For the same coverage, Telsa insurance quoted me over $9K for 6 months :eek:
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    1yr free supercharging for M3 or MY cancelled out referrals code?

    I have a referral code in place (1,000 miles expire on 6/30/2021) and 1 year of free supercharging. I took delivery of my car on 12/30/2020, and the free supercharging started 1/1/2021. I have only supercharged once on 1/3/2021. My loot box still says that I have 1,000 miles free miles. I...
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    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    For those of you that have Costco membership, definitely ask Connect for a quote. For those of you that are not Costco members, it might be worth it to consider signing up for Costco Executive membership ($120 annual fee) and get Connect auto insurance. Below is my coverage and premium. The...
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    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    The cars I have/had with Blind Spot Monitoring all have an on/off button. I am used to seeing the yellow warning light on the side mirror, so I just leave it on all the time. I think it's a good habit to always check the side mirror and blind spot before making a lane change. Having the...
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    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    I switched from AAA to Connect (Costco) a few months ago. I placed an order for Tesla M3P and got a quote from Connect. The premium for the M3P is cheaper than my 2017 BWM M3 Comp that I recently sold with exact same coverage and annual mileage.
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    Model 3 lease question.

    In your example, it's true that in 3 years that it's less out of pocket to lease. However, most people need a car more than 3 years, so the comparison shouldn't stop there. In my case, I don't think I need to lease a new M3P every 3 years, and the M3P in 6 years will most likely still be a...
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    My first Model 3 tire rotation experience at 28,000 Miles

    America's Tires recommend tire rotation every 5k miles. Once the customer and/or car is in their system, they should do the tire rotation and flat repair for free.
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    Model 3 lease question.

    I placed an order for M3P over the weekend. In my case, financing the car makes more sense. I look at this from a total cash out of pocket standpoint. If I were to finance 100% of the car purchase price over 5 years, the total payment will cover about 6.3 years of lease payments (10k...

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